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4-Uttar Parv

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22-Other Vrat-10

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22-Other Vrat-10
9-Bhavishya Puraan, 4-Uttar Parv-65-, p 447-

Taarak Dwaadashee Vrat
(Chap 65) Yudhishthir said - "Mahaaraaj, I have committed a great sin by killing Bheeshm, Drone etc great souls, please tell me some way so that I can be free from these sins." Krishn said - "In olden times, there lived a great king named Kushdhwaj in Vidarbh Desh. One day he went for hunting and he killed a Tapaswee Braahman thinking that he was hunting a deer. After dying he got terrible Raurav Narak. After suffering in Narak he got Sarp (snake) species. He committed sin as Sarp also, that is why he got lion species. Thus he was born in several low level species and continued to commit sins in those species too. But since he had Taarak Dwaadashee Vrat in some previous life, because of that he did not stay in these species for long time. In the end he was born as a human being and became the king of Vidarbh Desh. He again did Taarakaa Dwaadashee Vrat and because of that he went to Vishnu Lok.

In Maargsheersh Maas, on the 12th day of Shukla Paksh, this Vrat should be done. In the morning after taking bath do Tarpan etc and then continue to do Havan till Sunset. After Sunset, he should make Soorya Mandal along with stars with Gomaya. Make Dhruv star also with sandalwood paste. Take a copper pot, keep flowers, fruit, rice, incense, gold, and water in it, keep that pot on his head, sit on the floor on his feet and knees facing eastward and offer Arghya to that Mandal with "Sahastra Sheershaa.." Then feed Braahman. Do this for the whole year and feed Braahman with the following food in this order from Maargsheersh Maas - Khand, Sohaalak, sesame seed Laddoo, Pooaa made with jaggery, Laddoo, Khandveshtak, Sattoo, Pooree made with jaggery, Madhusheersh, Kheer, Ghritparn (Karanj) and Kasaar. After feeding him take food himself also quietly.

In the Udyaapan make the Mandal with silver and worship it. Give Laddoo, 12 pitchers, Dakshinaa and that Mandal to Braahman Whoever do this Vrat like this they go to Nakshatra Lok. They live there for billions of years and then go to Vishnu Lok. Satee, Paarvatee, Seetaa, Raagyee, Damayantee, Rukminee, Satyabhaamaa etc women have done it. This Vrat washes all Paap of many lives."

Aranya Dwaadashee Vrat
(Chap 66) Krishn said - "Now listen to Aranya Dwaadashee Vrat. Seetaa Jee did this Vrat by the order of Raam and satisfied Muni women with various kinds of food. In Maargsheersh Maas, on 11th day of Shukla Paksh, after taking bath, one should worship Bhagavaan Janaardan and keep fast. Wake up the whole night Next day after taking bath take Braahman in some garden and feed them with fruits etc. Later take Panchgavya and food himself also. Do this for one year with this method. In Shraavan, Kaartik, Maagh and Chaitra Maas, make Braahman, Muni and people who live in forest sit in a garden facing eastward or northward, and feed them with Mandak, Ghritpoor, Khandveshtak, vegetables, Pooree etc, Pooaa, Laddoo, Sohaalak etc, various fruits etc and give Dakshinaa. Give them the water mixed with camphor, cardamom, Kastooree. With the following 12 names - Vaasudev, Janaardan, Daamodar, Madhusoodan, Padmnaabh, Vishnu, Govardhan, Trivikram, Shreedhar, Hrisheekesh, Pundareekaaksh, and Varaah, feed 12 Braahman and give clothes and Dakshinaa to them saying "Vishnurmey Preeyataam". Then take food himself along with friends and relations also saying the same words. Whoever does this Vrat like this, he along with his family lives in Shwet Dweep near Bhagavaaan.  If any woman also does this Vrat she also gets the fruit."

Rohinee Chandra Vrat
(Chap 67) Yudhishthir asked - "Bhagavan, In rainy season (July and August) sky s covered with dense clouds. To who noble women should offer Arghya in these days? Which Vrat they should do in which days?" Krishn said - "In these days women should do Rohinee Chandra Vrat. In Shraavan Maas, on the 11th day of Krishn Paksh, take bath in the morning. Make 100 Indurikaa and five Laddoo of Urad Daal flour. Take them to a water body and make a Mandal with cow dung. Inside it draw Rohinee and Chandramaa and worship them by praying with the Mantra. (see the Mantra on p 449 ) Then she should offer Poojaa Material to a Braahman saying "Somo May Preeyataam" and "Devee Rohinee May Preeyataam". After that she should go inside water a bit and eat Indurikaa. Come out of the water, feed Braahman and give Dakshinaa. Whoever does this Vrat with this method she becomes wealthy, gets sons and grandsons and dies in Teerth. Then goes to Brahm Lok, then Vishnu Lok, and then goes to Shiv Lok."

A-Viyog Vrat
(Chap 68) Yudhishthir asked - "Mahaaraaj, What is the method of doing A-Viyog Vrat?" Krishn said - "In Bhaadrapad Maas, on the 12th day of Shukla Paksh, take bath, put on white clothes, make a Mandal from cow dung on a clean place. In that Mandal establish idols of Vishnu and Lakshmee, Shiv and Gauree, Brahmaa and Saavitree, and Soorya and Raagyee. Do worship all of them individually with separate name Mantra - in the beginning there should be "Om" and in the end there should be "Namah". After this feed Braahman, give donation to one's capacity, and take food himself also. Whoever does this Vrat he never gets separated from his friends and relatives, enjoys worldly pleasures for long time, then goes to Vishnu, Shiv, Brahmaa and Soorya Lok. In the end he attains Moksh. Whoever woman does this her all desires get fulfilled and goes to Vishnu Lok."



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