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4-Uttar Parv

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20-Other Vrat-8

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20-Other Vrat-8
9-Bhavishya Puraan, 4-Uttar Parv-59-62, p 441-443

Somaashtamee Vrat
(Chap 59) Krishn said - "Now I am telling you another Vrat which gives one Shiv Lok. If there is Monday on any Ashtamee (8th day), then one should worship Chandrachood (Shiv) along with Umaa. For this worship take such an idol whose right part is of Shiv and left part is of Umaa. Bathe it with Panchaamrit, smear its right part with sandalwood paste mixed with camphor and offer white flowers; and smear its left part with Kumkum and offer red flowers. Offer Naivedya cooked in Ghee, and do Aaratee with 25 lighted lamps. Keep fast on that day and next day do Poojaa in the same way. Do Havan with sesame seeds and Ghee and feed Braahman, or a couple if possible.

Keep this fast for one year. In the end draw one triangle and one square. Establish Paarvatee Jee in triangle and Shiv in square, then do Poojaa again as before. Donate two cloths, white and yellow for making umbrella, a flag, a bell, a Dhoop pot, and lamp etc Poojaa materials to Braahman and feed him or them (if it is a couple). Give them clothes, jewelry and Dakshinaa and do Aaratee with 25 lamps. Whoever does this Vrat like this for on year, or five years he lives in Shiv Lok. Who does it for life long, he becomes like Vishnu. He never faces any calamity, sorrow, fever etc.

In the same way a Vrat is done on the Ashtamee (8th day) if there is Sunday on that day. The method is same as before.

Shree Vriksh Navamee Vrat
(Chap 60) Krishn said - "When Lakshmee appeared from sea at the time of Saagar Manthan, then everybody wanted to take her. Thus both Devtaa and Daitya started quarreling. At that time Lakshmee entered Bilva tree for some time. Vishnu got her after defeating all. Because Lakshmee stayed in Bilva tree that is why it is called Shree Vriksh also. In Bhaadrapad Maas, on the 9th day of Shukla Paksh Shree Vriksh Navamee Vrat should be done. In the morning, at the time of Sunrise one should worship Bilva tree with this Mantra. (
see the Mantra on p 442) Circle around it seven times and do Pranaam. Feed a Braahman and pray saying "Shree Devee Preeyataam". Later take food himself also uncooked, without oil and salt, yogurt, fruit, flowers etc in an earthen pot. This Vrat gives wealth

Dhwaj Navamee Vrat
(Chap 61) Krishn said - "After Durgaa had killed Mahishaasur Daitya fought several times with Devtaa remembering his killing. Bhagavatee also killed many Daitya assuming several forms. Mahishaasur had a son named Raktaasur. He did a lot of Tapasyaa and pleased Brahmaa Jee. Brahmaa Jee gave him the kingdom of three Lok. Now he gathered all his army and attacked Amaraavatee. Devtaa came to fight with him but soon ran away from the battlefield. They came to Karachhatraa Puree where Durgaa lives with nine Durgaa. Chaamundaa also lives there. The nine Durgaa are - Mahaalakshmee, Nandaa, Kshemkaree, Shivdootee, Mahaarundaa, Bhraamaree, Chandramangalaa, Revatee, and Harasiddhi. They prayed them and asked their help. Durgaa appeared before them carrying various weapons in her 20 hands. Daitya also came to fight, but soon she hit Raktaasur on the ground by his head and pierced his chest by her trident. A grand celebration was done for this occasion in Karachhatraa Puree. Whoever keeps fast on this day and celebrate it for Bhagavatee and offer Dhwajaa (flag) he surely wins.

In Paush Maas, on the 9th day of Shukla Paksh, after taking bath one should pluck flowers with his own hands and worship Devee riding on lion with those flowers. Establish various flags before her and worship her with Maalatee flower, Dhoop, Naivedya, various fruits, garland, cloth, yogurt, and various uncooked food reading this Mantra. ( see the Mantra on p 443) Feed Kanyaa (girls of 9 years of age or less). Either keep fast the whole day or take food once. Who does that he has no fear from water, fire, king, thief, enemy etc. Since Devee got victory on Navamee that is why this day is very dear to her."

Ulkaa Navamee Vrat
(Chap 62) Krishn said - "Now you listen to about Ulkaa Navamee. In Aashwin Maas, on the 9th day of Shukla Paksh one should take bath and worship first Pitri Devee, then Chaamundaa Devee. Devee is especially pleased with Shraddhaa. Wash the floor, smear it with cow dung and sit on an Aasan. Keep all the food in front of him. Then take a handful of straw and dry leaves and set fire to it. Then eat the food till that fire is blazed. As soon as the fire is put out, he should stop eating and do Aachaman. Thinking about Chaamundaa Devee get busy in his house work. Thus do this Vrat every month for the whole year. At the end, he should worship Kanyaa, feed her, and give her clothes, jewelry and Dakshinaa. Donate gold and cow to Braahman. Whoever does this Vrat like this he never has fear from enemy, fire, king, thief, Bhoot, Pret, Pishaach etc. Devee Chaamundaa always protect him. Who do this Vrat they become shining like Ulkaa.



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