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4-Mlechchh Vansh

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4-Mlechchh Vansh
9-Bhavishya Puraan, 3-Pratisarg (1), p 278-281

Shaunak Jee asked - "Hey Muni, How did Pradyot do the Mlechchh Yagya?" Soot Jee said - "Once when Kshemak's son Pradyot was in Hastinaapur, Naarad Jee came there. Pradyot worshipped him. Naarad Jee said - "Killed by Mlechchh your father has gone to Yam Lok. He can only be free from there when you will do Mlechchh Yagya, that is why you do Mlechchh Yagya."

Hearing this Pradyot's eyes got red with anger. He immediately called Ved knower Braahman and began Mlechchh Yagya in Kuru Kshetra. He built a 16-Yojan (18 miles) 4-angle Vedee, did Aavaahan of all Devtaa and killed Mlechchh. Because of this Yagya, his father Kshemak went to Swarg Lok. Since then he got known as Mlechchh-hantaa (killer of Mlechchh). His son was known as Vedvaan.

Kali himself ruled in the form of Mlechchh. Later Kali, along with his wife, prayed Naaraayan. Pleased with his prayer, Naaraayan appeared before him. Kali said - "Hey Naath, Vedvaan's father Pradyot has destroyed my dwelling place and killed my dear Mlechchh." Bhagavaan said - "Kali, Because of several reasons, you are better than other Yug. I will fulfill your desire by assuming several forms. Adam named man and Havyavatee (Havvaa) named woman will produce many children who will increase the Mlechchh people." After saying this Hari got disappeared and Kali Yug got very happy. He stayed on Neelaachal Parvat for some time.

Vedvaan's Sunand named son died without a child. After this Aaryaavart Desh started deteriorating and Mlechchh got stronger. 88,000 Muni who lived in Naimish Aranya went to Himaalaya and got busy in talking about Vishnu in Badaree Kshetra."

Soot Jee further said - "Hey Muni, There were still 16,000 years remaining in Dwaapar Yug. Several kings were there during that period. Somewhere there were Shoodra, somewhere there were Varnsankar kings also. When 8,202 years remained in Dwaapar Yug, this land was started controlled by Mlechchh. Their first man was Aadam and first woman was Havyavatee (Havvaa). Both lived controlling their Indriyaan.

Hari arranged a beautiful large garden for them in the east side of Pradaan city. It was 4 Kos long. There was a Paap tree there. Kali Yug assumed the form of snake and came to Hauvvaa and fed her the bad fruit wrapped in Goolar (Udumbar) leaves. Thus Hauvvaa disobeyed Vishnu. This caused her to produce many sons who were called Mlechchh. Adam life span was for 970 years. He went to Swarg with his wife after his death. His eldest son was Shwet whose age has been told as 912 years. His son was Anuh who ruled for a little less than that of his father (Shwet) - 812 years.

Anuh's son was Kinas - ruled for 912 years
Kinas' son was Mahallal - 895 years
Mahallal's son was Maanagar
Maanagar's son was Virad - he inhabited a city on his name. he ruled for 160 years.
Virad's son was Hanook - who was a devotee of Vishnu. He did Havan of fruits and acquired Brahm Gyaan and he went to Swarg
     with his physical body. Although he followed all conduct of Dwij and worshipped Devtaa, still learned people called him
     Mlechchh. Muni tell that, Vishnu Bhakti, Agni worship, Ahinsaa, Tapasyaa and controlling of Indriyaan are Dharm of Mlechchh.
Hanook's son was Matochchhil - he ruled for 970 years
Matochchhil's son was Lomak - he ruled for 777 years and attained Swarg in the end.
Lomak's son was Nyooh - 

Nyooh (Noah) was a devotee of Vishnu. He ruled for 500 years. Once he had Darshan of Vishnu in dream. Vishnu said to him - "Vats, Listen, On the 7th day from today will be Pralaya. You board a boat with all your people and protect yourself. Then you will be a famous man. Hearing Bhagavaan he got built a strong boat which was 300 Haath (from tip of the middle finger to elbow) long and 50 Haath wide and 30 Haath deep. Nyooh had three sons - Seem, Sham, and Bhaavhigh and all the living beings were there. Meditating on Vishnu he boarded on that boat along with all of his descendents.

In the meantime, Indra called Samvartak clouds and rained heavily for 40 days continuously. The whole Bhaarat was filled with water. All four seas became one. Prithvi sank in that water except Himaalaya's Badaree Van area remained above he water. Those 88,000 Rishi and Muni stayed there only protected from this calamity. Nyooh also arrived there and got saved. All other beings of the world got destroyed. At that time Muni prayed Vsihnu's Maayaa. Devee got pleased and he stopped the increase of water. Himaalaya's Shishinaa named land got appeared after one year when the water got decreased. Nyooh came back to that land and started living there."

Note - It seems the description of Noah's Ark and the Mount Sinai.

Shaunak Jee asked - "Whatever is seen now after the Pralaya, please tell about it by seeing it through your Divine eyes." Soot Jee said - "Nyooh started living continuing his Bhakti for Vishnu. Pleased from his Bhakti, Vishnu extended his family. he spread Ved word through Mlechchh language and declared Braahmee language as the language with bad words.

Note - Braahmee language is considered the root of all scripts. Bhagavaan Himself inspitred Noah's mind, therefore he wrote his script from opposite side, from right to left, which is seen in Urdu, Arabic, Persian and Hebrew writing process.

He renamed his three sons Seem, Sham and Bhaav as Sim, Haam and Yaakoot. Yaakoot had seven sons - Jumra, Maajooj, Maadee, Yoonaan, Tuvalom, Sak, Teeraas. Various countries were named on their names. Nyooh's second son Haam (Sham) had four sons - Kush, Mishra, kooj, and Kanaan. They also inhibited countries on their names. Kush had six sons - Savaa, Habeel, Sarvat, Uragam, Savatikaa, Nimarooh. They also had children - Kalan, Sinaa, Rorak, Akwad, Baavun, and Rasanaadeshak etc."

After telling this, Soot Jee sat in Samaadhi. He woke up from his Samaadhi after 2,000 years. He again started telling - "Now I tell you about Nyooh's eldest son Sim's lineage. 

Nyooh's eldest son was Sim (500 yrs)
Sim's son was Arkansad (434 yrs)
Arkansad's son was Sinhal (460 yrs)
Sinhal's son was Ibra (460 yrs)
Ibra's son was Phalaj (240 yrs)
Phalaj's son was Raoo (237 yrs)
Raoo's son was Jooj (234 yrs)
Jooj's son was Nahoor (160 yrs)
Nahoor had three sons - Aviraam, Nahoor and Haaran

Thus I described Mlechchh kings just for name sake. They had bad conduct and spoke and wrote Mlechchh language by the Shaap of Saraswatee. They increased in number especially in Kali Yug. Somehow only Sanskrit language remained in Bhaarat Varsh.

Note - Before Sanskrit was used in the whole world. It is used in Bali Dweep, and in some parts of Sumatra, Java, Japan etc countries. It was used in Borneo, Indonesia, Kambodia and China too. Later Sanskrit got out of use, and it has regained its status in universities with the help of Germany, Russia, Britain. Rather it is now not in much use in Bhaarat Varsh. Europe's Goth language is very similar to Sanskrit.

Mlechchh language was more popular in other countries and when it went to other countries, it became the Mlecchchh language and they took advantage of it." Then the Rishi meditated for 200 years and when hey opened their eyes, they asked for their Guru Soot Jee - "You are great Shaunak Jee, now you tell us who is ruling on Prithvi now?"

Soot Jee further said - "Hey Bhaargav's son Shaunak Jee, When 3,000 years of Kali Yug had passed, there became a king named Shankh in Avanteepur. At that time king of Shakapat was ruling in Mlechchh country. Listen to the reason of their rise now. When 2,000 years of Kali Yug had passed, Mlechchh Vansh increased a lot. Most part of the world was taken by them and various faiths started to spring. Only Brahmaavart Kshetra on the banks of Saraswatee remained pure and clean.

Mooshaa named person was the Aachaarya (Guru, or teacher) and Aadi Purush (first man) of Mlechchh. He spread his faith all around. Because of Kali Yug, Devtaa worship and Ved language got destroyed in Bhaarat Varsh, so Bhaarat Varsh also adopted Praakrit and Mlechchh languages. Brij language and Mahaaraash are the two main branches of Praakrit language. Yaavanee and Gurundikaa (English) are the two main branches of Mlechchh language. Both of these languages have about 400,000 dialects.

Paanee (water) is used for Paaneya, and Bhookh (hunger) is used for Bubhkshaa in Praakrit language. In the same way in Mlechchh language, Paitar (father) is called to Pitra, and Bader (brother) is used for Bhraatra. In Yavanee language Ashwa is called Aspa, Janu is Jainu, and Sapt Sindhu is called Sapt Hindu. In Gurundikaa language Ravi Vaar is called Sunday, Phaalgun and Chaitra Maas are called Pharvaree (February) and Shashtee is called Sixty.

In Bhaarat, there are seven Puree (cities) - Ayodhyaa, Mathuraa, Kaashee etc. Violence has also started there. Robbers, Bheel, and fools are also there in Bhaarat. Who observe Mlechchh Dharm, live happily in Mlechchh countries. The same is main characteristics of Kali Yug. Mlechchh will rule in Bhaarat Varsh. Thinking thus, Hey Muni, You worship Hari.



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