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3-Chandra Vansh

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3-Chandra Vanshee Kings in Dwaapar Yug
9-Bhavishya Puraan, 1-Pratisarg (1), p 276-278

Shaunak Jee asked - "Hey Lomharshan Jee, Please tell us, when Sanvaran came on Prithvi, how long did he rule? Which kings were in Dwaapar Yug?" Soot Jee said - Sanvaran came to Pratishthaanpur (Jhoonsee) on Friday, Trayodashee (13th day) of Krishn Paksh of Bhaadrapad Maas. Vishwakarmaa built a palace there which was 1/2 a Kos (1 1/2 miles) high. Sanvaran inhabited Pratishthaanpur in the area of five Yojan or 20 Kos very beautifully.

Budh Vanshee Prasenjit and Yadu Vanshee Saatwat Shoorsen became the ruler of Madhuraa (Mathuraa). Mlechchh Vanshee Shmshrupaal (who keeps beard) was the ruler of Maru Desh (Arab, Iraan, Iraaq). As the number of people grew, the number of kings also increased.

Sanvaran ruled for 10,000 years
Sanvaran's son was Archaagya (10,000 yrs)
Archaagya's son was Sooryajaapee (5,000 yrs)
Sooryajaapee's son was Sooryayagya
Sooryayagya's son was Aadityavardhan
Aadityavardhan's son was Dwaadashaatmaa
Dwaadashaatmaa's son was Divaakar
Divaakar's son was Prabhaakar
Prabhaakar's son was Bhaaswadaatmaa
Bhaaswadaatmaa's son was Vivaswajj
Vivaswajj's son was Haridashwaarchan
Haridashwaarchan's son was Vaikartan
Vaikartan's son was Arkeshtimaan
Arkeshtimaan's son was Maartandvatsal
Maartandvatsal's son was Mihiraarth
Mihiraarth's son was Arunposhan
Arunposhan's son was Dyumani

Dyumani's son was Taraniyagya
Taraniyafgya's son was Maitreshtivardhan
Maitreshtivardhan's son was Chitrabhaanoorjak
Chitrabhaanoorjak's son was Vairochan
Vairochan's son was Hansnyaayee
Hansnyaayee's son was Vedpravardhan
Vedpravardhan's son was Saavitra
Saavitra's son was Dhanapaal
Dhanapaal's son was Mlechchh-hantaa
Mlechchh-hantaa's son was Aanandvardhan
Aanandvardhan's son was Dharmpaal

Dharmpaal's son was Brahmbhakt
Brahmbhakt's son was Brahmeshtivardhan
Brahmaeshtivardhan's son was Aatmprapoojak
Aatmprapoojak's son was Parameshthee
Parameshthee's son was Hairanyavardhan
Hairanyavardhan's son was Dhaatrayaajee
Dhaatrayaajee's son was Vidhaatraprapoojak
Vidhaatraprapoojak's son was Druhinkratu
Druhinkratu's son was Vairanchya
Vairanchya's son was Kamalaasan

Kamalaasan's son was Shamvartee
Shamvartee's son Shraaddhdev
Shraaddhdev's son was Pitravardhan
Pitravardhan's son was Somdatt
Somdatt's son was Somvardhan
Somvardhan's son was Avatans
Avatans' son was Pratans
Pratans' son was Paraatans
Paraatans' son was Ayatans
Ayatans' son was Samaatans
Samaatans' son was Anutans
Anutans' son was Adhitans
Adhitans' son was Abhitans
Abhitans' son was Samuttans
Samuttans' son was Tans
Tans' son was Dushyant

Dushyant's son was Bharat (36,000 yrs) - from his wife Shakuntalaa.
    Bharat was a great devotee of Soorya Dev. He was a Chakravartee king.
Bharat's son was Mahaabal
Mahaabal's son was Bharadwaaj
Bharadwaaj's son was Manyumaan (18,000 yrs)
Manyumaan's son was Brihatkshatra
Brihatkshatra's son was Suhotra
Suhotra's son was Veetihotra (10,000 yrs)
Veetihotra's son was Yagyahotra
Yagyahotra's son was Shakrahotra - pleased with him Indra gave him Swarg.
At that time there was a great king named --
Prataapendra (10,000 yrs)
Prataapendra's son was Mandaleek
Mandaleek's son was Vijayendra
Vijayendra's son was Dhanurdeept

Shakrahotra came again on Prithvi along with Ghritaachee Apsaraa at the order of Indra. He defeated Dhanurdeept and ruled Prithvi.
Shakrahotra's son was Hastee (10,000 yrs) - from Ghritaachee. 
    Hastee rode the son of Airaavat elephant and built a city named Hastinaapur on his name.
    This city is 10 Yojan long and is situated on the bank of Swargangaa.
Hastee's son was Ajmeedh
Ajameedh's son was Rakshpaal
Rakshpaal's son was Sushamyarn
Sushamyarn's son was Kuru - He went to Swarg with his physical body by the Var of Indra.
At that time, in Saatwat Vansh, there was the king named Vrshni (5,000 yrs) - by he Var of Vishnu.
Vrishni's son was Niraavritti (5,000 yrs)
Niraavritti's son was Dashaaree (5,000 yrs)
Dashaaree's son was Viyaamun (5,000 yrs)
Viyaamun's son was Jeemoot (5,000 yrs)
Jeemoot's son was Vikriti (5,000 yrs)
Vikriti's son was Bheemarath (5,000 yrs)
Bheemarath's son was Navarath (5,000 yrs)
Navarath's son was Dasharath (5,000 yrs)
Dasharath's son was Shakuni (5,000 yrs)
Shakuni's son was Kushumbh (5,000 yrs)
Kushumbh's son was Devarath (5,000 yrs)
Devarath's son was Devkshatra (5,000 yrs)
Devkshatra's son was Madhu (5,000 yrs)
Madhu's son was Navarath (5,000 yrs)
Navarath's son was Kuruvats (5,000 yrs) -- 5,000 x 16 kings = 80,000

Kuruvats' son was Anurath (5,000 yrs)
Anurath's son was Puruhotra (5,000 yrs)
Puruhotra's son was Vichitraang (5,000 yrs)
Vichitraang's son was Saatwatvaan (5,000 yrs)
Saatwatvaan's son was Bhajmaan (5,000 yrs)
Bhajmaan's son was Vidoorath (5,000 yrs)
Vidoorath's son was Surbhakt (5,000 yrs)
Surbhakt's son was Sumanaa (5,000 yrs) -- 5,000 x 8 kings = 40,000

Sumanaa's son was Tatikshetra
Tatikshetra's son was Swaayambhuv
Swaayambhuv's son was Harideepak
Harideepak's son was Devmedhaa
Devmedhaa's son was Surpaal
After the second leg of Dwaapar was over, Sukeshee named Apsaraa came on Earth and married Kuru (it seems that Kuru came again on Prithvi). He built Kurukshetra which is 20 Yojan long. Learned people tell it a holy place.

Kuru (12,000 yrs)
Kuru's son was Jahnu
Jahnu's son was Surath
Surath's son was Vidoorath
Vidoorath's son was Saarvbhaum
Saarvbhaum's son was Jayasen
Jayasen's son was Arnav (12,000 yrs) - Arnav's kingdom was up to four seas.
Arnav's son was Ayutaayu (10,000)
Ayutaayu's son was Akrodhan
Akrodhan's son was Riksh
Riksh's son was Bheemsen
Bheemsen's son was Dileep

Dileep's son was Prateep (5,000 yrs)
Prateep's son was Shaantanu (1,000 yrs)
Shaantanu's on was Vichitraveerya (200 yrs)
Vichitraveerya; so was Paandu (500 yrs)
Paandu's son was Yudhishthir (50 yrs).

Duryodhan (Dhritraashtra's son) ruled for 60 years and was killed by Yudhishthir's brother Bheemsen in Kurukshetra. 

In ancient times Daitya were also killed in a huge number by Devtaa. Those all Daitya were reborn in Shaantanu's kingdom. Afflicted by Duryodhan's army Prithvi went to Indra and then Hari took Avataar in Vasudev and Devakee's house. He lived on Prithvi for 135 years, then went to His Go Lok.*

* Note - Different Puraan tell different ages of Krishn, especially Mahaabhaarat, Bhaagvat, Harivansh, Vishnu, Brahm Vaivart and Garg Sanhitaa also describe His life in detail. Most books tell His age as only 125 years.

Krishn's Avataar was in the end of fourth leg of Dwaapar Yug.

After Yudhishthir, Abhimanyu's son Pareekshit
Pareekshit's son was Janamejaya
Janmejaya's son was Shataaneek
Shataaneek's son was Yagyadatt (Sahastraaneek)
Yagyadatt's son was Nishchakra

* Note - During his ruling period, Gangaa flowed away most part of Hastinaapur, therefore he made Kaushaambee which was 4 Yojan long and west to Prayaag, as his capital. (3-Vishnu, 4-Chaturth-15)

Nishchakra's son was Ushtrapaal (Ushnpaal)
Ushtrapaal's son was Chitrarath
Chitrarath's son was Dhritimaan
Dhritimaan's son was Sushen
Sushen's son was Suneeth
Suneeth's son was Makhpaal
Makhpaal's son was Chakshu
Chakshu's son was Sukhvant (Sukhaaval)
Sukhvant's son was Paariplav
Paariplav's son was Sunaya
Sunaya's son was Medhaavee
Medhaavee's son was Nripanjaya
Nripanjaya's son was Madu
Madu's son was Tigmjyoti
Tigmjyoti's son was Brihdrath
Brihdrath's son was Vasudaan
vasudaan's son was Shataaneek
Shataaneek's son was Udayan
Udayan's son was Aheenar
Aheenar's son was Niramitra
Niramitra's son was Kshemak

Kshemak abandoned his kingdom and went to Kalaap Graam. He was killed by Mlechchh. By the grace of Naarad Jee he had a son named Pradyot. Prodyot did Mlechchh Yagya in which many Mlechchh were killed.



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