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2-Soorya and Chandra Vansh

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2-Soorya Vansh
9-Bhavishya Puraan, 1-Pratisarg (1), p 274-275

Soot Jee said - "Hey Mahaa Muni, On Thursday, on Triteeyaa (3rd day) of Shukla Paksh (bright fortnight) of Vaishaakh Maas --

Sudarshan came back to Ayodhyaa. By the grace of Maayaa Devee Ayodhyaa again became prosperous. He ruled for 10,000 years (A detailed description of this story can be found in the 3rd Skandh of Devee Bhaagvat)

Sudarshan's son was Dileep II
Dileep II's son was Raghu (by the grace of Nandinee) (10,000 yrs) - 
These Soorya Vanshee kings were known as Raghu Vanshee kings in Tretaa Yug.

Raghu's son was Aj (10,000 yrs) - by the Vardaan of Braahman
Aj's son was Dasharath II
Dasharath II's son was Raam (11,000 yrs) - He was an Avataar of Vishnu.
Raam's son was Kush (10,000 yrs)
Kush's son was Atithi
Atithi's son was Nishadh
Nishadh's son was Nal - he was a different Nal from the famous Nal-Damayantee,
    he was a devotee of Shakti.
Nal's son was Nabh
Nabh's son was Pundareek
Pundareek's son was Kshemdhanvaa
Kshemdhanvaa's son was Devaaneek
Devaaneek's son was Aheenag
Aheenag's son was Kuru - he established Kuru Kshetra of 100 Yojan extension in Tretaa Yug.

Kuru's son was Paariyaatra
Paariyaatra's son Balasthal
Balasthal's son was Ukth
Ukth's son was Vajranaabhi
Vajranaabhi's son was Shankhnaabhi
Shankhnaabhi's son was Vyuthnaabhi
Vyuthnaabhi's son was Vishwapaal
Vishwapaal's son was Swarn-naabhi
Swarn-naabhi's son was Pushpsen
Pushpsen's son was Dhruvsandhi
Dhruvsandhi's son was Apvarmaa
Apvarmaa's son was Sheeghragantaa
Sheeghragantaa's son was Marupaal
Marupaal's son was Prasushrut
Prasushrut's son was Susandhi - he ruled Prithvi from this end to that end.

Susandhi's son was  Amarshan
Amarshan's son was Mahaashwa
Mahaashwa's son was Brihadwal
Brihadwal's son was Brihadaishaan
Brihadaishaan's son was Murukshep
Murukshep's son Vatspaal
Vatspaal's son was Vatsvyooh
Vatsvyooh's son was Prativyom
Prativyom's son was Devakar
Devakar's son was Sahadev
Sahadev's son was Brihadashwa
Brihadashwa's son was Bhaanuratn
Bhaanuratn's son was Suprateek
Suprateek's son was Marudev

In all other Puraan Soorya Vansh ends here. According to them Marudev along with Devaapi is doing
    Tap in Kalaap Graam. But according to this Puraan Soorya Vansh goes a lot far. It goes up to Kali Yug.

Marudev's son was Sunakshatra
Sunakshatra's son was Kesheenar
Kesheenar's son was Antaliksh
Antariksh's son was Suvarnaang
Suvarnaang's son was Amitrajit
Amitrajit's son was Brihad-raaj
Brihad-raaj's son was Dharm-raaj
Dharm-raaj's son Kritanjaya
Kritanjaya's son was Rananjaya
Rananjaya's son was Sanjaya
Sanjaya's son was Shaakyavardhan
Shaakyavardhan's son was Krodhdaan
Krodhdaan's son was Atulvikram
Atulvikram's son was Prasenjit
Prasenjit's son was Shoodrak
Shoodrak's son was Surath.

All these kings were the devotee of Devee and were the descendents of king Raghu. They all did Yagya etc and attained Swarg. Whoever were their descendents, they were not completely Kshatriya.

Chandra Vansh

From the third leg of Tretaa Yug, a new thing happened. Indra sent Chandramaa, Rohinee's husband on Prithvi. His capital was Prayaag and he was always busy in Vishnu and Shiv's worship. He did 100 Yagya to please Mahaamaayaa. He ruled for 18,000 years and then ascended to Swarg. His son was Budh.

Indra sent Chandramaa on Prithvi (18,000 yrs)
Chandramaa's son was Budh - he got married to Ilaa properly,
Budh's son was Pururavaa (14,000 yrs)
Pururavaa's son was Aayu (36,000 yrs) - 
    he was a devotee of Vishnu and attained Gandharv Lok and now is enjoying Swarg Lok.
Aayu's son was Nahush - 
    he attained Indra's status and ruled the Three Lok, later he became a python because of
    Durvaasaa'a Shaap (In Mahaabhaarat he became python because of Agastya Muni's Shaap).
Nahush's son was Yayaati
Yayaati had five sons - three of them were the rulers of Mlechchh Desh (Their detailed
    description is available in the early chapters of Matsya Puraan. The other two became
    Aarya. Among all the sons, the eldest son was Yadu and the youngest son was Puru (100,000 yrs) and
     then attained Vaikunth by the grace of Vishnu.

Yadu's son was Kroshtu (60,000 yrs)
Kroshtu's son was Vrijinaghn (20,000 yrs)
Vrijinaghn's son was Swaahaarchan
Swaahaarchan's son was Chitrarth
Chitrarath's sonwas Arvind
Arvind's son was Shravas
Shravas' son was Taamas
Taamas' son was Ushan
Ushan's son was Sheetaanshu
Sheetaanshuk's son was Kamalaanshu
Kamalaanshu's son was Paaraavat
Paaraavat's son was Jyaamagh
Jyaamagh's son was Vidarbh
Vidarbh's son was Krath
Krath's son was Kuntibhoj - 
    He married the daughter of Puru Daitya who lived in Paataal. She gave birth to
    a son named Vrishparvaa

Kuntibhoj's son was Vrishparvaa
Vrishparvaa's son was Maayaavidyaa (10,000) - he was a great devotee of Devee. He ruled in
    Pratishthaanpur (Jhoonsee) of Prayaag and then attained Swarg.
Maayaavidyaa's son was Janamejaya I
Janamejaya I's son was Prachinvaan
Prachinvaan's son was Praveer
Praveer's son was Nabhasya
Nabhasya's son was Bhavad
Bhavad's son was Sudyumn
Sudyumn's son was Baahugar
Baahugar's son was Sanyaati
Sanyaati's son was Dhanayaati
Dhanayaati's son was Aindraashwa
Aindraashwa's son was Ranteenar
Ranteenar's son was Sutapaa
Sutapaa's son was Samvaran - he did Tap for 100 years. Bhagavaan Soorya married his daughter Tapatee to him. Satisfied with this he went to Soorya Lok

Here ended Tretaa Yug. All four seas crossed their limits and presented a scene of Pralaya. For two years, Prithvi was under the sea. Then came storms of strong winds and sea started getting dried and Prithvi reappeared by the grace of Maharshi Agastya. Within five years Prithvi got all vegetations - trees, grass etc back. By the permission of Soorya, Samvaran and Maharshi Vashishth, along with three Varn people came to Prithvi again.



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