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5-Kaashyap Vansh

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5-Kaashyap's Ten Sons and Other Kings
9-Bhavishya Puraan, 3-Pratisarg (1), p 282-284

Shaunak Jee asked - "Why Mlechchh could not come in Brahmaavart , please tell us its reason." Soot Jee said - "They could not come here because of the influence of Saraswatee. There lived a Braahman named Kaashyap. He came in Brahmaavart from Swarg Lok at the order of Brahmaa Jee after 1,000 years of Kali Yug had passed. His wife's name was Aaryaavatee. He had ten sons - Upaadhyaaya, Deekshit, Paathak, Shukla, Mishra, Agnihotra, Dwivedee, Trivedee, Paandya, and Chaturvedee. They had their characteristics of their names. Their father Kaashyap used to impart knowledge to them.

Once Kaashyap Jee went to Kashmeer and pleased Saraswatee Jee with red flowers, rice, Dhoop, lamp and Naivedya and flowers and said to her praying - Hey Maataa, Why don't you shower your kindness on me? You are the mother of the whole world then why do you consider me separate from the world? Why don't you destroy A-Dharmee people for Devtaa? Delude Mlechchh and spread Sanskrit language. You can take many forms, please destroy everything which is bad and spread Gyaan in the world." Pleased with his prayer, Saraswatee imparted him knowledge and the Muni went to Mishra Desh. There he deluded Mlechchh people and converted them into Dwi-Janmaa. He lived in Aarya Desh following his own Dharm. Because of the grace of Devee, Aarya grew a lot. Kaashyap Muni ruled for 120 years.

There were 8,000 Shoodra in Raajyaputra Desh. Their king was Prithu. From him only came Magadh. His son's name was Maagadh. After installing him as king he went away."

Hearing this Shaunak etc Rishi got very happy, they greeted Soot Jee and started meditating. They woke up after four years and requested Soot Jee again to tell them about Magadh king. Soot Jee said - "Prithu's son Maagadh ruled in Magadh Desh. He separated Aarya Desh. East to Paanchaal (Panjab) is called Magadh Desh. (From Maagadh to Udayaashwa is Maagadh royal heritage, their capital was Raaj Grih - present Raajgeer)

In south-east (Aagneya) of Magadh was Kaling (Orrissa), in its south  was Avantee Desh, in its south-west (Narritya Dishaa) is Aanart Desh (Gujarat), in its west is Sindhu Desh, in its north-west (Vaayavya) is Kaling Desh, in its north is Madra desh, in its north-east (Eeshaan) is Kulind Desh. Thus Aarya Desh is divided. Maagadh's son named it like this. Later the king pleased Balaraam through Yagya so by his grace and part, Shishunaag was born. 

Prithu's son was Maagadh
Maagadh's son was Shishunaag (ruled for 100 yrs)
Shishunaag's son was Kaakvarmaa (90 yrs)
Kaakvarmaa's son was Kshemdharmaa (80 yrs)
Kshemdhramaa's son was Kshetraujaa (70 yrs)
Kshetraujaa's son was Vedmishra (60 yrs)
Vedmishra's son was Ajaataripu (Ajaatshatru) (50 yrs)
Ajaataripu's son was Darbhak (40 yrs)   --     (about 500 years)
Darbhak's son was Udayaashwa (30 yrs) - he moved his capital from Raaj Grih to the banks of
     Gangaa River and it was named as Paataliputra (Patanaa). The future kings ruled from here only.

Udayaashwa's son was Nandvardhan (30 yrs)
Nandvardhan's son was Pranand (10 yrs)
Pranand's son was Paraanand (10 yrs)
Paraanand's son was Samaanand (20 yrs)
Samaanand's son was Priyaanand (20 yrs)
Priyaanand's son was Devaanand (20 yrs)
Devaanand's son Yagyabhang (10 yrs)
Yagyabhang's son was Sauryaanand (10 yrs)
Sauryaanand's son was Mahaanand (10 yrs)    --    (about 170 years)

All this time Kali Yug remembered Hari and Kaashyap had got a Gautam named Devtaa as his son. He started Bauddh named Dharm and propagated it from Pattan City (Kapilvastu) and ruled for 10 years. (From here onward are Lichchhivi Vansh kings whose capital was Kapilvastu)

Gautam Buddh's son was Shaakyamuni (20 yrs)
Shaakyamuni's son was Shuddhodan (30 yrs)
Shuddhodan's son was Shakyasinh (60 yrs) - after 2,000 years of Kali Yug, he ruled in Shataadri.
    In the first leg of Kali, he destroyed Ved Paath. At that time almost all were Bauddh.
Shakyasinh's son was Buddhsinh (30 yrs)
Buddhsinh's son (disciple) was Chandragupt* (Maurya) - he married the daughter
    of the king of Paarasee Desh (Persia), Suloob (Selukas), and propagated
    Yavan-related Bauddh religion.

* Note - Paataliputra royal family starts again from here. Chandragupt was the first king of Maurya Vansh who took control of other countries also apart from Bhaarat Varsh. Later Ashok converted those countries as Bauddh. At that time all of them were countries of India.

Chandragupt's (Maurya) son was Bimbisaar (60 yrs)
Bimbisaar's son was Ashok

At the same time a Braahman from Kaanyakubj Desh went on Aaboo Parvat (in Raajsthaan) and he completed Brahmhotra. By the effect of that Mantra, four types of Kshatriya were born - Pramar (Paramaar - Saam Vedee); Chaphaani (Chauhaan - Krishn Yajur Vedee); Trivedee (Gaharavaar - Shukla Yajur Vedee); and Parihaarak (Atharv Vedee). They all rode the elephants born in Airaavat family. They defeated Ashok's descendents and destroyed all Bauddh in Bhaarat. Avant's king was Pramar - Paramaar. He lived in Ambaavatee City which was four Yojan long.



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