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1-Braahm Parv

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6-Brahmaa Jee

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6-Brahmaa Jee and His Vrat
9-Bhavishya Puraan, 1-Braahm Parv, p 33-38

This section, Braahm Parv, is on p 1-222 of the book and mostly contains information about Soorya

(Chap 16) Sumantu Muni said - "Hey Raajan, After describing the characteristics of women Brahmaa Jee went to his Lok. Now I tell you how Grihasth people behave. There are five places in a Grihasth's house where a living being can be killed - mortar, flour mill, oven, broom and the place where water is kept. To be free from this killing Paap (sin), one should do five types of Mahaa-Yagya - Brahm Yagya, Pitra Yagya, Daiv Yagya, Bhoot Yagya, and Atithi (guest) Yagya. Self study and teaching is Brahm Yagya, to do Tarpan is Pitra Yagya, to do Havan for Devtaa is Daiv Yagya, Bali Vaishwadev Karm is Bhoot Yagya, and to felicitate guests is called Atithi Yagya. If somebody does these Yagya regularly, he doesn't get attached to sin in spite of living in Grihasth Aashram."

King Shataaneek asked - "You told me that whichever Braahman doesn't do Agnihotra, he is like a dead body, then why should he worship Devtaa, and if this is so, then how Devtaa Pitar etc will be satisfied with him?" Sumantu Muni said - "Whichever Braahman do not do Agnihotra, their upliftment is through Vrat, fasts, discipline, donations, prayers, Bhakti etc. Whoever Devtaa is of whatever Tithi, he is pleased by keeping fast on that day."

Shataaneek said - "Now you tell me about the Vrat and fasts so that by observing them I can be free from the cycle of birth and death, and all others can also be benefited." Sumantu Muni said - "On Pratipadaa take milk, on Dwiteeyaa take food without salt, on Triteeyaa take sesame seed food, on Chaturthee take milk, on Panchamee take fruits, on Shashthee take vegetables, on Saptamee take Bilva fruit (Bel fruit). On Ashtamee take Pisht (wheat), on Nvavamee take An-Agni Paak (not cooked on fire), on Dashamee and Ekaadashee take Ghee (clarified butter), on Dwaadashee take Kheer (rice cooked in milk), on Trayodashee take cow urine, on Chaturdashee take Yava grains, and on Poornimaa take Kush water. On Amaavasyaa take Havishya food.

He who takes food like this for one month he gets the fruit of 10 Ashwamedh Yagya and enjoys pleasures till one Manvantar. And if somebody does this for 3-4 months, he enjoys the fruit of 100 Ashwamedh Yagya and 100 Raajsooya Yagya and enjoys Swarg for several Manvantar. If somebody does this for 8 months then he gets the fruit of 1,000 Yaygya and enjoys Swarg pleasures for 14 Manvantar. And if somebody does this for one full year, he lives in Soorya Lok for several Manvantar.

All men and women of four Varn can do this. Whoever begins this Vrat from the Navamee of Aashwin Maas, or Saptamee of Maagh Maas, or Triteeyaa of Vaishaakh Maas, or Poornimaa of Kaarttik Maas, he lives long and goes to Soorya Lok. When people who have done this Vrat in their previous life, take birth again after enjoying Swarg etc, their Punya of this Vrat can be seen clearly. They get many conveyances, precious metal and gems, beautiful wife and obedient servants. They are healthy and live long."

Shataaneek said - "Please tell me in detail that which Devtaa should be worshipped on which day, and how to observe Vrat etc?" Sumantu Muni said - "I have never told this secret to anybody, but you listen to that now. First I tell you about the creation. First of all Paramaatmaa created water and by inserting His Tej (Power) in it, He created an egg. Brahmaa appeared from that egg. With the desire of creation he created Prithvi from one side and sky from another side. After that he created directions, Devtaa, Daanav etc. The day he did this all, he named it Pratipadaa, all other Tithi were created later.

Now I tell you the method of fasting. One should start Pratipadaa Tithi Vrat and rules from Kaartik Poornimaa, or Maagh Saptamee and or Vaishaakh Shukla Triteeyaa. If one has to start the rules from Pratipadaa Tithi, then take the Sankalp of this Vrat after taking the food on Chaturdashee. Take bath three times on Amaavasyaa, do not take food and do Jap of Gayatri Mantra. In the morning of Pratipadaa, worship Brahmaa and offer milk to him saying "May Brahmaa Jee be pleased with me". Later he himself should also drink milk. He should observe this Vrat for one year and finish the Vrat by worshipping Brahmaa Jee with Gaayatree.

By doing Vrat in this way all sins are destroyed, his soul becomes pure and when he takes birth on Prithvi in Sat Yug, he is born as Ved Knower, rich, healthy Braahman, with many pleasures and having long life. Vishwaamitra did very severe Tap for long time but he could not become Braahman, therefore he did this Pratipadaa Vrat with this method. This made him Braahman very soon. Anybody can do this Vrat, and whoever does it, he is born as Braahman in his next life. Even Mlechchh people can be Braahman this way."

Brahmaa's Worship

(Chap 17) Sumantu Muni further said - "In earlier times, because of the destruction of everything, there was only water everywhere. At that time Brahmaa Jee appeared and he created everything, that is why Brahmaa Jee is our foremost forefather, so we should worship him. Four Ved appeared from his four mouths. Kingdom, Swarg and Moksh - all can be attained by his worship. Whoever builds the temple of Brahmaa Jee, he gets million times more fruit than doing Teerth, Yagya, Vrat etc. If somebody sees him or touches him, his 21 generations are uplifted.

One should worship him daily, but he should be worshipped in a special way on Poornimaa. Who does Aaratee of Brahmaa Jee, he lives in Brahm Lok for the same number multiplied by 1,000 years. To bathe him by Kapilaa cow's Panchgavya and Kush water is called Braahm Snaan. It gives hundred times more Punya, that is why one should keep Kapilaa cow for such purposes. One should smear Brahmaa's idol with Kapilaa cow's Ghee, this destroys all sins committed in millions of years. Who gives bath to Brahmaa Jee with milk, he goes to Brahm Lok riding in golden Vimaan; who gives him bath with honey, he goes to Indra Lok; who gives him bath with sugarcane juice, he goes to Soorya Lok; who gives him bath with the water passed through a cloth, he is always contented; who gives him bath with the water Abhimantrit by Gayatri Mantra read 100 times, he goes to Brahm Lok. Touching him is better than his Darshan, worshipping is better than touching, and bathing him with Ghee is better than worshipping.

After taking bath, wear clean clothes, do complete Nyaas, draw an 8-petal lotus, write 12-Dal Yantra in the center of it and color it with five colors. Then do Nyaas with Gaayatree letters in one's own body and then Devtaa's body. Invocate Brahmaa Jee pronouncing Aum. Then worship him. Who worships him on Pratipadaa with Gaayatree Mantra, he lives in Brahma Lok for long time.

Brahmaa's Rath Yaatraa

(Chap 18) Sumantu Muni said - "Who celebrates Brahmaa's Rath Yaatraa on Kaarttik Poornimaa, he goes to Brahm Lok. On that day one should put Brahmaa's idol on deer skin along with Saavitree and take them for Rath Yaatraa with many various musical instruments. Do Jaagaran on that night, worship Brahmaa Jee in the morning next day on Pratipadaa, feed Braahman, and start Rath Yaatraa. Saavitree should sit on right hand of Brahmaa Jee and Bhojak on his left hand. Take the Rath in the whole city. Bring him back to his place, do Aaratee and put the idol back at its place.

This Pratipadaa is very dear to Brahmaa Jee, Bali's rule also started from the same day. All diseases are cured by taking bath after touching a Chaandaal on Chaitra Krishn Pratipadaa (next day of Holee). One should feed Braahman also on that day. All Pratipadaa of Chaitra, Aashwin and Kaarttik months are good, but Kaarttik Pratipadaa is the best. Snaan and Daan done on this day gives fruit hundred times more than the normal.



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