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2-Dwiteeya Ansh

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4-Brahmaand (The Universe)
3-Vishnu Puraan, 2-Dwiteeya Ansh, p 120-128
Read 5-Bhaagvat Puraan, 5/7

Seven Paataal Lok 

Paraashar Muni said - "I told you about Prithvi whose height is also said as 70,000 Yojan. There are seven Lok - Atal, Vital, Nital, Gabhastimaan, Mahaatal, Sutal, and Paataal Lok which are located at the distance of 10,000 Yojan from each Lok. Here the land is of white, black, red, yellow, rough, stony and golden type. Here live Daanav, Daitya, Yaksh and large Naag species.

Once Naarad Jee said to the inhabitants of Swarg Lok that Paataal Lok was more beautiful than Swarg Lok. There the ornaments of Naag are studded with beautiful gems. Naag girls are very beautiful. There in the day, sunlight casts only light, not heat; and in night Moon also gives moonlight not chill. There are so many pleasures that one does not feel passing time there. At the bottom of Paataal Lok is Vishnu's Tamo Gunee form - Shesh Jee. Daitya or Daanav cannot describe his attributes. Siddh people call him Anant, and he has a thousand heads studded with gems. His eyes are red because of drinking wine. He wears only one earring. He has a plough and a pestle in his hands and is served by Shobhaa and Vaarunee Devee.. In the end of the Kalp Sankarshan named Rudra comes out of his mouth and swallows the Trilok. He lives in Paataal Lok. He has kept this Prithvi on his head."

Seven Above Lok

Maitreya said - "You have told me about the whole Prithvi system, now I desire to hear about Bhuv Lok etc." Paraashar Muni said - "Up till the light of the Sun and the Moon reaches, that area along with mountains and rivers is called Prithvi; and as much area is of Prithvi, the same area is of Bhuvar Lok too. At a distance of 100,000 Yojan from Prithvi is the Sun, and at a distance of 100,000 Yojan from the Sun is the Moon; and at the distance of 100,000 Yojan from the Moon are all constellations. At the distance of 100,000 Yojan from constellations is Budh (Mercury); and at the distance of 200,000 Yojan from Budh is Shukra (Venus). 200,000 Yojan from Shukra is Mangal (Mars); and at the same distance from mangal is Brihaspati (Jupiter). 200,000 Yojan from Brihaspati is Shani (Saturn). And 100,000 Yojan above Shani is Saptarishi Mandal. !00,000 Yojan from Saptarshi Mandal is Dhruv Taaraa (Polar star) - the center of the whole star system. /p>

10 million Yojan above Dhru Taaraa is Mahar Lok where Bhrigu etc Siddh whose age is of one Kalp, live. 20 million Yojan above Mahar Lok is Jan Lok where Sanakaadi Muni live. 80 million Yojan above Jan Lok, is Tap Lok where live Vairaaj named Devtaa who never die. 120 million (12 Crore) Yojan above Tap Lok is Satya Lok. It is called Brahm Lok too. In this Lok live immortal people. Dying is in Bhoo Lok. 

What is in between Prithvi and Soorya is the second Bhuvar Lok. What is between Soorya and Dhruv Lok, 1,400,000 Yoajn space, is called Swaha Lok. Hey Maitreya, These three Lok - Bhoo, Bhuvar and Swaha, are called "Kritak" Lok; and Jan, Tap and satya Lok are called "A-Kritak" Lok. In the middle of these, "kritak" and "A-Kritak" Lok, is situated Mahar Lok which becomes without any living creature during the period of Pralaya and is not destroyed, that is why it is called "Kritkaakrit" Lok

Thus I told you about seven Paataal Lok and seven these Lok. This is what the Brahmaand is. This Brahmaand is covered from all around. This egg is covered by water which is ten times more than the egg area. That water is covered by Agni (fire), Agni is covered by Vaayu (air), Vaayu is covered by Aakaash (sky or ether) , and Aakaash is covered by the cause of Bhoot - Taamas Ahankaar and Mahat Tattwa All these seven are ten times larger than the previous one. Mahat Tattwa is covered by Pradhaan, and Pradhaan is unlimited, eternal and numberless. That is the cause of the whole Universe and the same is Paraa Prikriti.

Hundreds, thousands and millions of such Brahmaand are in that Pradhaan. as fire exists in wood, oil exists in seeds, in the same way that Purush exists in Pradhaan. And this Pradhaan is covered by Vishnu Power.

First Mahat Tattwa appears from Pradhaan, then all Panch Bhoot appear from Mahat Tattwa, and then appear Dev Asur etc. And as the original tree does not get destroyed by producing new trees, in the same way, HE is not destroyed by producing so many creatures.



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