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1-Pratham Ansh

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7-Story of Prithu
3-Vishnu Puraan, 1-Pratham Ansh, p 52-58
see also 5-Bhaagvat Puraan, 4/4

Story of Raajaa Prithu

Paraashar further said - "Hey Maitreya, As Prithu was born all rivers and seas came to him with their waters on the occasion of his coronation. Brahmaa along with Angiraa(s) Devtaa did the Abhishek of Prithu. Brahmaa saw the Chakra (a Divine disk like sign) in his right hand, so he thought that Prithu was a part of Vishnu. This Chakra exists in all Chakravartee kings' hands. Even Devtaa cannot stop his effects. It is said that when he walked in the sea, its water stopped its flow; mountains used to give way and his flagstaff was never broken. Prithvi used to give crops without sowing and tilling. Only imagination gave the crops and leaves were full of honey.

As Prithu was born, immediately they did Paitaamaha named Yagya. It produced Soot and Maagadh. Muni asked them to pray Prithu. They said - "We do not know anything about him. He is born only today. We know neither about his qualities, nor about the reasons for being famous. How do we pray him?" Rishi said - "Whatever Karm he will do in future and whatever qualities he will attain in future, you pray him on their basis only."

Hearing this Raajaa got very happy and he thought, "a man becomes famous only because of his qualities, so I should also make efforts to acquire qualities. Therefore whatever qualities they will describe in my prayer, I will make all efforts to acquire them. If they will mention to leave some bad things, I will leave them." then both the Soot and Maagadh prayed the Raajaa on the basis of hid future actions.

They said - "This king is truth speaker, donator, disciplined, forgiver, brave and mighty. He is religious, grateful, merciful, soft-spoken, and behaves alike with friends and foes." Thus Prithu remembered every quality they described in their prayer and tried to follow them in the same way.

People were very sad because of the unrest. All the herbs were destroyed Before Prithu's birth, so they came to Prithu and said - "Prithvi has absorbed all the herbs inside since the time of agitation, that is why we are getting weaker, please give us food." Hearing this Prithu took out his Divine bow and arrow and ran after Prithvi. Prithvi got afraid and ran away to other Lok in the form of a cow. But she always found Prithu coming after her, so she said to Prithu - "Don't you see that killing a woman is sin? Why do you want to kill me?" Prithu said - "If one person's killing gives comfort to many, it is better to kill that person." Prithvi said - "But if you kill me, then where your people will live?" Prithu said - "I will manage my people with the power of my Yog."

Then Prithvi saluted him and said - "I tell you a way, if you wish you do the same. Whatever herbs I have absorbed, I can give them in the form of milk. For that you prepare a calf for people so that I can give you the milk because of that. Besides you make me flat on all sides so that I can produce this milk everywhere."

Prithu did as Prithvi said. He removed hundreds and thousands of mountains and collected them at one place. Before this there were no habitats on Earth because it was not flat. At that time there was no planned farming, animal herding and trade etc. All this started after Prithu had made it flat. The villages were inhabited, animals herding was started. Prithu prepared Swaayambhuv Manu as calf and milked Prithvi for all kinds of herbs, grains etc. Even today people live on those things. Since Prithu saved Prithvi, he was called her father and she was called Prithvi after the name of Prithu. After Prithu, Devtaa, Muni, Daitya, Raakshas, Naag etc milked Prithvi according to their needs in their own pots.



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