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1-Pratham Ansh

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6-Story of Vane
3-Vishnu Puraan, 1-Pratham Ansh, p 52-
See also 5-Bhaagvat Puraan, 4/4

Story of Raajaa Vane and Prithu

Paraashar said - Hey Maitreya, Dhruv had two sons - Shishti and Bhavya. Bhavya had a son named Shambhu. Shishti had five sons - Ripu, Ripunjaya, Vipra, Vrikal, and Vriktejaa from his wife Suchchhaayaa. Ripu had the son named Chaakshush from Brihatee. Chaakshush married to Pushkarnee born in Varun's family line - the daughter of Prajaapati Veeran. They had the son named Manu. This Manu is the Manu of the 6th Manvantar.

Manu married to Nadvalaa, the daughter of Vairaaj Prajaapati. They had 10 glorious sons - (1) Kuru, (2) Puru, (3) Shatadyumn, (4) Satyavaan, (5) Shuchi, (6) Agnishtom, (7) Atiraatra, (8) Sudyumn and (9) Abhimanyu.

Kuru had six sons from Aagneya - (1) Ang, (2) Sumanaa, (3) Khyaati, (4) Kratu, (5) Angiraa and (6) Shivi. Ang had a son named Vane from Suneethaa. Rishi churned Vane's right hand to get his children. They got a son named Vainya from his right hand. He was popularly known as Prithu who milked Prithvi for the good of his people."

Maitreya asked - "Why did Muni churned Vane's right hand so that Prithu was born?" Paraashar said - "Hey Muni, Mrityu's first daughter was Suneethaa who was married to Raajaa Ang. Vane was born to her. Mrityu's daughter's son was of ill-natured man by nature because of the fault of his Naanaa (maternal grandfather). As he was coronated as king, he announced that "Bhagavaan Yagya Purush is me only. I am all in all, so nobody should do any Yagya, Daan (donation) or Havan (Hom) etc."

Then Rishi community explained him politely - "Hey Raajan, We tell you something which is good for you and your body and your people. When we do Yagya and Havan etc you will also get their fruits. Thus Vishnu pleased with us fulfill your own wishes too. In whose Raajaa's kingdom Hari is worshipped though Yagya etc, He fulfills his desires also." Vane said - "Who is that who should be worshipped by me? Who is that  Hari to whom you call Yogeeshwar, Brahmaa, Vishnu, Mahesh, Indra, Yam, Vaayu, Soorya (Sun), Agni, Varun etc? Whoever is able to give Shaap or Var, all reside in Raajaa's body. Thus the king has all Devtaa inside him. So Hey Braahman, Knowing thus whatever I have said do the same. Be sure, nobody should any Yagya, Daan or Hom etc. As a wife's Dharm is to obey her husband, in the same way your Dharm is to obey me."

Rishi again said - "Mahaaraaj, Order us like that, that Dharm is not destroyed. See, this whole Universe is the result of the material put in the sacred fire of Havan." When in spite of saying several times, Vane did not listen to them, they decided to kill him. They said - "Who insults Vishnu, he is not worthy to be the king." So they killed him with Abhimantrit Kush grass.

After killing Raajaa they saw dust rising around. They enquired their nearby people about this, they said - "Because there is no Raajaa in this country that is why people are free, and they are robbing other people's wealth." At this those Muni churned Raajaa's thigh for the purpose to get a son. It produced a man who was as black as the burned wood log. He asked Braahman - "What should I do?" Braahman said - "Nisheed (sit down)". So he was known as Nishaad. His descendents were known as Nishaad. They lived on Vindhyaachal Parvat and were of sinful nature. But as Nishaad came out of Vane's body, his all sins were gone.

Then Braahman churned Vane's right arm and it produced Prithu. At the same time Aajgav named first Shiv's bow, Divine arrows and an armor fell from the sky. Everybody was very happy with the birth of Prithu. Vane went to Swarg because of his religious son born to him.



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