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To date, September 2014, more than 600 folktales have been collected from various sources and have been written in Hindi for the benefit of Hindi reading people, social researchers and the children of all ages.

These folktales have been grouped in various kinds of books -
Folktales By Country
Folktales By Topics.
List of Published Books in Hindi

List of Books in Hindi

There are some other various kinds of stories also - historical, mythological, religious, popular stories etc. Some of these stories have incorporated some folktales also and have been put together as a book --

1. Stories of Akbar and Birbal-1,  -2
2. Stories of Vikram and Betaal (from Bhavishya Puraan)
3. Stories of Justice
4. Who Won?
5. Whatever had to Happen Happened
6. Animal Stories (from Arabian Nights)
7. Stories of Tests




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