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While collecting the folktales it was noticed that there are many tales which are told and heard in other variations also either in the same country or in other countries. It was interesting to know about them and read them. Out of curiosity a series entitled "One Story and Many Colors" was initiated and a few books under it were prepared. It was difficult to find such tales but a serious effort was made to accomplish this task. All books start with the normal popular and known story to refer to and after that its other variations are given. Against every continent or country two figures are given in parentheses. The first one denotes the number of the stories of the book and the second one denotes the number of the pages (A4 size) of the book. Some of the books are available on Internet for readers to read. Click on them and enjoy reading.



1. Cat and Rat Like Stories (15/120)

2. TomThumb Like Stories

3. Six Swans Like Stories

4. Three Oranges Like Stories

5. Snow White and Seven Dwarves Like Stories

6. Sleeping Beauty Like Stories

7-1. Pig King Like Stories-1

7-2. Pig King Like Stories-2

8 Puss in Boots Like Stories

9. Hansel and Gratel

10. Red Riding Hood Like Stories

11-1. Cinderella in Europe-1

11-2. Cinderella in Europe-2

12. Cinderella in the World

13. Rumplestiltuskin Like Stories

14. Ali Baba Forty Thieves Like Stories

15. Crocodile and Monkey Like Stories




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