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To date the folktales are available on the following topics. Seeing the topics you might remember some folktales, but when you read the book you will be surprised to know that how come that so many folktales are available on this topic. Against every title two figures are given in parentheses. The first one denotes the number of the stories of the book and the second one denotes the number of the pages (A4 size) of the book. Some of the books are available on Internet for readers to read. Click on them and enjoy. Please do comment about them on the E-Mail address given below. Thanks.

Anansi Spider
Anansi, or Ananse is a very cunning and lazy spider fairy of West African countries. Many tales revolve around him. When slaves were taken from these countries to other countries his stories also went there along with him, sometimes as they were and sometimes adapted to their own culture. When they reached USA, there his name was Nihankan.

Animal Language (9/158)
Stories in which people understand animals' language, then what happens to them.

Animal People
This book contains the folktales in which human and animals are exchanged with each other in their form.

Bear (12/98)
Many stories related to bear

This book contains the folktales in which one gets something by his kindness or chance, then the other one copies him and gets hurt or destroyed.

Coyote is the most talked trickster of Native American folktales. It is a small wolf. There are three books containing Coyote's folktales.

Destiny does not favor anybody even after telling him. Read here some luck tales... "Jo Hona Tha Hua"

Famine is common phenomenon of Africa. Many tales go around it.

Many tales around flute

As intelligent people are found everywhere, there is no dearth of fools too. Some folktales of fools.

This book contains the folktales which go around frog

There are three books of the folktales of fruits, (1) Apples, (2) Oranges, (3) Others - Pear, Fig etc.

Grass (7.84)
Jab Ghaas Ne Zindagi Di (When Grass Brought Life)

Help (12/200)
Madad Karo Meetha Phal Paao (Help Others Help Yourself)

Not only above mentioned kinds of tales are found in various countries, some are humorous too. Some of these tales have been put together here for you just to laugh....

Instruments are  an important part of music, and music is also on of the most important parts social life. There are many tales related to it - Drum, Flute, Others.

Ju Ju in Nigeria (16/182)
Ju Ju is a kind of Tona Totka in Nigeria, Africa. Read some folktales about its use.

Lions' tales start from the infanthood of a child. They are told and heard all the time and everywhere in the world.  Here are some more to them. Read some exclusive lion tales here.

This book contains tales about Loki, the trickster character of many Norse countries' folktales.

All love monkey stories as he always plays tricks and make people laugh. But there is something more about him...

Odd Marriages
Two books have been prepared documenting various folktales related to the odd marriages - marriage between a human being and an animal. Its 1st part lists the such folktales from Africa and the 2nd part gives such tales from all over the world. Its 1st part  Odd Marriages: Folktales from Africa-1  is available free to read on Scribd.

Rabbit (16/160)
Folktales of cunning rabbit in the world.

Raven is the most talked bird of Native American folktales. Raven is a crow like bird and is associated with many creation and trickster kind of folktales. He has been helpful to people in many ways. There are three books containing Raven's folktales.
Book-1 - contains its creation and the beginning tales.
Book-2 - contains its encounters with others tales
Book-3 - Here are some modern stories

Satan-1 (15/170)
Stories related to Satan from America, Asia and Europe.

This book contains the folktales where many things happen three times. It is really surprising to know that so many folktales are out there related to this number.... Three number is an important number in many cultures. There are many folktales which relates things or events in the sequence of three. It is really surprising to see that so many folktales are out there related to this number.
Book 1 - Its first book contains only those folktales where Number 3 appears in their titles, such as Three Mice, Three Bears, Three Hares etc.
Book-2 - Its second book contains those folktales in which there is no mention of 3 in any of the titles of the folktales, but inside many things are there 3 or the incidents have occurred 3 times.

Contains the folktales related to vegetables, for example yam, beans, pumpkin, cucumbers etc.
Folktales of Vegetables-1 (Pumpkin)
Folktales of Vegetables-2 (Beans, Yam, Cucumbers)
Folktales of Vegetables-3 (Others)

What Should I Bring For You  (12/180)



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