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1. Who was Arjun
2. Arjun's Marriage to Draupadee
3. Arjun's Other Marriages
4. Arjun in Exile-1-12 years
5. Arjun in Exile-2-Agyaatvaas
6. Arjun in War-1
7. Arjun in War-2
8. Arjun After War
9. Arjun After War-2
11. Arjun's Special Characteristics

Arjun in War-1

Arjun and Shree Krishn
Arjun prayed Hanumaan Jee to be on the flag of his chariot. He requested Shree Krishn to be his Saarathee. When it was decided that there was no option except war, Shakuni (Gaandhaaree's brother) advised Duryodhan to ask help from Shree Krishn. So Duryodhan came to Shree Krishn to ask for His help for the war. On the other side Arjun could not think of anything without Shree Krishn so he also arrived at His palace to ask for His help. When Duryodhan ame, krishn was sleeping, so he sat down towards Krishn's head. Arjun came later, so he sat down towards His feet. Both waited for Him to wake up.

At last Shree Krishn woke up. He saw Arjun first and asked his welfare and reason for coming. The then Duryodhan also greeted Him. Krishn aske his welfare too and asked the reason for his coming too. Both said that they came to ask for His help in war. Shree Krishn said - "Listen, On one side I alone will be there but without any weapon, and on the other side my whole Naaraayanee army will be there. Now (to Arjun) I have seen you first that is why you have the right to choose anything between them, otherwise also you are the younger brother of Duryodhan so you have the first right to choose." Arjun joined his palms and said politely - "I need only you, nothing else."

Hearing this Duryodhan got very happy. He feared if Arjun had asked Krishn's Naaraayanee army then what he would do of weaponless krishn? So in one way it was good that he got his things without any hassel. He readily accepted His Naaraayanee army and went away. Although Shakuni said many bad words to him on his decision of sitting at the head of Shree Krishn, but nothing could be done then. In reply Duryodhan said to Shakuni - "What would I have done of Krishn, He said He will not lift any weapon, so what is the use of  Him? At least now we have His Naaraayanee army." Shakuni beat his head on his nephew's foolishness. Thus Shree Krishn became Arjun's Saarathee and delivered him Geetaa's sermon in the battlefield when Arjun refused to fight with his relatives and friends. And Duryodhan had Krishn's Naaraayanee army.

Geetaa to Arjun
When Kaurav-Paandav war started, Arjun asked Krishn to take his chariot in between the two armies, so that he could see with whom he had to fight. So Krishn brought Arjun's chariot in between the two armies. Seeing the Kaurav army Arjun kept his bow and arrow down and said to Krishn - "Hey Krishn, These are all my relations, Guru, elders, friends standing before me with the desire of fighting with me, I cannot fight with them because I cannot aim my weapons at them. Even if I win at the end of war, how can I enjoy that kingdom without them?"

Then Bhagavaan Krishn told him about the mortality of body and immortality of soul, importance of Karm and still detachment from Karm. This Arjun and Krishn dialog is famous as Geetaa which was delivered to Arjun standing in the middle of the battlefield. Then Arjun picked his bow and arrow and got ready to fight.

Arjun Fells Bheeshm
Mahaabhaarat war continued for 18 days. For the first 10 days Bheeshm was Kaurav's Commander-in-Chief. When up to 9th day nothing important happened, neither from Paandav side nor from Kaurav side, Paandav talked among themselves that how to defeat Kaurav army, because like this there was no end of fighting in sight. Because Bheeshm was the Commander-in-Chief and he had the Var of Ichchaa Mrityu, so he could not die just like that. Krishn said - "It is impossible to win Kaurav Army until Bheeshm Pitaamah is alive, because he has Ichchhaa Mrityu Vardaan from his father Shaantanu." Arjun got restless hearing this that he would have to kill his Pitaamah to get victory over the enemy.

"And how he will die" At this question Krishn said - "Only he can tell you this secret." So on 9th day, in the night all Paandav went to Bheeshm Pitaamaha's camp. Bheeshm Jee also knew that his time now had come to move from the battlefield. So he freed his servants. He also told the people around him that he might not need various ointments to treat his wounds. When Paandav arrived in his camp he was sitting alone. Bheeshm welcomed them, blessed them "Be victorious" and asked their welfare and purpose to come.

Paandav said - "We don't see any end of this war. How we will get victory? There should be some way." Bheeshm said - "Yes, Until I am alive, you cannot win Kaurav. I can tell you this much that if you bring a woman in front of me I will not fight with her." Yudhishthir got surprised at this statement of Bheeshm, he said - "But from where we will bring a woman in the battlefield?" Bheeshm said - "Krishn will tell you about this." All Paandav came back to their camps. Arjun got extremely sad at this but he was helpless.

Then Krishn told the story of Ambaa and Shikhandee and went to Shikhandee. He said - "Now the time has come for you totake your revenge with Bheeshm." Next day Arjun brought Shikhandee on his chariot, asked him to fight with Bheeshm. Shikhandee fought very bravely but he could not let him down. Then Krishn asked Arjun to shoot arrows from behind Shikhandee at Bheeshm. All the time Bheeshm stood without fighting. Arjun shot so many arrows at his body that when he fell at last, he did not touch the ground. He fell on arrows. A great noise spread in both the armies, "Bheeshm Pitaamaha fell down, Bheeshm Pitaamaha fell down".  When Duryodhan heard this he came rushing there and found him really lying on the bed of arrows. Paandav and Krishn were also there.

Bheeshm Jee didn't have any arrow in his head so his head was hanging down. He said crying in pain - "My head is hanging, somebody put a pillow under my head." Duryodhan immediately sent his men to bring the best pillow. By the time they brought the silken pillows Arjun had already shot two arrows crosswise to rest his head on them. All were standing surrounding him. He said - "I feel thirsty, somebody give me some water." Again Duryodhan sent his men to bring sweet cool water for him. But again by the time they brought that water Arjun shot an arrow in the ground and a stream of water rose and fell directly into the mouth of Pitaamaha. Bheeshm Jee said - "Duryodhan, you can never improve. Only a warrior knows to fulfill a warrior's needs." Duryodhan was once more insulted in front of Arjun.

Nobody fought further on that day. Bheeshm Jee was transferred to a safe place off the battleground. Arjun was very sad on that day.

My Note
Shree Krishn was Arjun's maternal uncle's (Maamaa) son and both of them loved each other very much. Shree Krishn always guided Arjun throughout his adult life.



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