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Chapter 21

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21-Chariot of the Sun and Its Speed

Shuk Dev Jee said - "That was the Bhoo Mandal's measurement and size. And so is the measurement and size of Dyu Lok. The way a pea divides itself in two, the Bhoo Lok and Dyu-Lok are the two pieces of a pea. In the middle of them is Antariksh Lok and this is the border of these two Lok.

In the middle of Antariksh Lok, the Swaamee of Grah (planets) and Nakshatra (constellations), the Sun throws his light and heat to all the three Lok. He moves in various Raashi (signs) on high, low and same level places with Uttaraayan (towards Makar or Capricorn), Dakshinaayan (towards Kark or Cancer) and at Vishuvat line (Equator) at slow, fast and equal speeds and makes day and night long, short or equal.

When the Sun passes through Mesh Raashi (Aries) or Tulaa Raashi (Libra) then the day and night become of equal length. When he passes through Vrish Raashi (Tauras) etc five signs, then every month night becomes one Ghadee (1 Ghadee = 24 minutes) shorter and the day becomes one Ghadee longer. When the Sun passes through Vrishchik Raashi (Scorpio) etc five signs then the change occurs vice versa - the night becomes one Ghadee longer and the day becomes one Ghadee shorter. Thus the day time increases till Soorya is Dakshinaayan (June) and night time increases till Uttaraaayan (December).

Thus learned people measure the Sun's path on Maanasottar Mountain as 95.1 million Yojan. On that mountain, to the East of Meru is Indra's Devdhaanee Puree, to the South is Yam Raaj's Sanyamanee Puree, to the West is Varun's Nimlochanee Puree and to the North is Moon's Vibhaavaree Puree. In these Puree, sunrise, mid-day, evening and mid-night occur at time to time. And because of these only all living being are born and die. The people who live on Meru Mountain, they are always in mid-day light.

Although, Soorya Dev, according to his path, goes to Ashwinee etc Constellations keeping Meru at his left (anti-clockwise), even then because of the constantly flowing Pravah wind towards left helps Jyotir Mandal in revolving, he seems to go to right keeping Meru at his right (clockwise).

In whatever Puree Soorya Bhagavaan rises, he will seem to set in the opposite direction of that Puree. And where there will be mid-day, there will be mid-night in the opposite Puree. The people who will be seeing him at the time of mid-day, the people in its opposite Puree will not be able to see him.

When Soorya Dev goes from Indra Puree to Yam Raaj Puree (from east to south), he covers a little more than 2.5 Crore (22,500,000 Yojan) and 12.5 Lakh Yojan (23,775,000 Yojan - see below) * distance. Then he passes through Varun (West) and Moon's Puree (north) and arrives in Indra Puree again. Thus Moon etc other planets also rise and set in this Jyotir Lok. Thus Soorya's chariot moves to all the four cities with the speed of 3,400,800 Yojan in one Muhoort (2 Ghadee time or 48 minutes)

This chariot has one wheel named Samvatsar (year). It has 12 spokes as its 12 months, 6 Nemiyaan (Haal) as six seasons and three navels as three Chaumaas (4 months). This chariot's central rod has one end on the peak of Meru Parvat and the second one on Maanasottar Parvat. Thus fixed in this central rod, this wheel revolves on Maanasottar Parvat. In this central rod in which this main part is joined, there is another rod which is one-quarter in length of the central rod. Its upper part reaches to Dhruv Lok.

This chariot's seat is 3.6 million Yojan long and 9 million Yojan wide. Its Jooaa is also 3.6 million Yojan long. Its Saarathee (driver) is Arun who has engaged Gaayatree Chhand etc seven horses. Those seven horses carry Soorya Dev on his chariot. Arun, his Saarathee, sits in front of him so that he faces him. Sixty thousand Baalkhilyaadi Rishi whose size is equal to thumb's front part, sit in front of Soorya Dev for Swastivaachan (wishing welfare). They always pray to him.

Besides, there are 14 Rishi, Gandharv, Apsaraa, Naag (serpent), Yaksh, Raakshas and Devtaa who are known as Saat Gan (7 Gan - because they live in pair) worship Soorya who also has 12 different names for 12 months, with different names and different actions each month. Thus Soorya Dev covers 2,002 Yojan distance in one Kshan out of 95.1 million Yojan circumference.

* Total distance
         25,000   = 25 thousand Yojan
  2,25,00,000  = 2,25 Crore Yojan
     12,50,000  = 12.5 Lakh Yojan
 2,37,75,000   = Total Yojan



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