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Chapter 20



20-Other Six Islands

Shukdev Jee said - "Now listen about the other six Dweep (islands) description according to their measurement, characteristics and locations:

1 - Meru Parvat is surrounded by Jamboo Dweep and Jamboo Dweep is surrounded by the salty sea of the same measurement as Jamboo Dweep.. 

2 - After this, surrounding the salty sea, there is Pluksh Dweep which is double the area of Jamboo Dweep. Pluksh Dweep has a golden Pluksh (Paakar) tree of the same size as of the Jaamun tree on Jamboo Dweep, that is why it is called Pluksh Dweep. Here lives 7-tongued Agni Dev. The Raajaa of this Dweep was the son of Priyavrat - Idhmjivhaa. 

He divided his kingdom in seven Varsh and handed over them to his seven sons bearing the same names as the names of Varsh. Their names are - Shiv, Yavas, Subhadra, Shaant, Kshem, Amrit, and Abhaya. There are also seven mountains and seven rivers.  These seven mountains work as their boundaries - Manikoot, Vajrakoot, Indrasen, Jyotishmaan, Suparn, Hiranyashtheev and Meghmaal; and the seven rivers are - Arunaa, Nrimnaa, Aangirasee, Saavitree, Suprabhaataa, Ritambharaa, and Satyambharaa. Taking bath in those rivers decreases Rajo Gun and Tamo Gun. They have four Varn - Hans, Patang, Oordhwaayan, and Satyaang. People of this Dweep have the age of 1,000 years. They do not sweat and don't get tired like Devtaa and their children are also like Devtaa's children are born. They worship Soorya. In Pluksh etc five islands, all people have Indriya power, mind power, physical power, Buddhi and bravery equally since birth. Pluksh Dweep is surrounded by a sea of Ikshuras, which is of the same size as Pluksh Dweep. 

3 - After this, there is Shaalmalee Dweep which is the double the size of Pluksh Dweep, and is surrounded by a sea of liquor of the same size. There is a Shaalmalee (Semal - a type of cotton) tree of the same size as of Pluksh tree. It is said that this tree is the dwelling place of Bhagavaan Garud Jee and the reason of its naming too. Priyavrat's son Yagyabaahu was the king of this Dweep. He also divided his Dweep in seven Varsh and handed over to his seven sons bearing the same names as the names of Varsh - Surochan, Saumanasya, Ramanak, Devavarsh Paaribhadra, Aapyaayan, Avigyaat. It also has seven mountains - Swaras, Shatshring, Vaamdev, Kund, Mukund, Pushpvarsh, and Shastrashruti; and seven rivers - Anumati, Sineevaalee, Saraswatee, Kuhoo, Rajanee, Nandaa, and Raakaa; and four Varn - Shrutdhar, Veeryadhar, Vasundhar, Ishandhar. They worship Chandramaa.

4 - Beyond the sea of liquor is Kush Dweep which is double the size of Shaalmalee Dweep. This is surrounded by the sea of Ghee (clarified butter). In this Varsh, there is a bush of Kush created by Bhagavaan, that is why it is named as Kush Dweep. Priyavrat's son Hiranyaretaa was its King. He also divided his Dweep in seven Varsh and handed over to his seven sons bearing the same name as the names of Varsh - Vasu, Vasudaan, Dridhruchi, Naabhigupt, Stutyavrat, Vivikt, and Vaamdev. Here also there are seven mountains as their boundaries - Chakra, Chatushring, Kapil, Chitrakoot, Devaaneek, Oordhwaromaa, and Dravin; and seven rivers - Raskulyaa, Madhukulyaa, Mitravrindaa, Shrutvrindaa, Devgarbhaa, Ghrichyutaa, and Mantramaalaa; and four Varn people - Kushal, Kovid, Abhiyukt, and Kulak. They worship Agni (Fire).

5 - After this, there is the Kraunch Dweep - double the size of its previous Dweep (Kush Dweep). It is surrounded by the Ksheer (milk) Samudra which is equal to the size of this Dweep. Here is a very high Kraunch Parvat that is why it is called Kraunch Dweep. In earlier times its middle area and greenery were destroyed by Swaamee Kaartikeya's weapons, but now it has again become green by watering by milk and protected by Varun Dev. Its King was Ghratprashth. He was very knowledgeable. He also divided his kingdom in seven Varsh and handed over to his seven sons bearing the same names as the names of Varsh - Aam, Madhuruh, Meghprishth, Sudhaamaa, Bhraajishth, Lohitaarn and Vanaspati. This Dweep also has seven mountains - Shukla, Vardhmaan, Bhojan, Upbarhin, Nand, Nandan and Sarvatobhadra; and seven rivers - Abhayaa, Amritaughaa, Aaryakaa, Teerthvatee, Vrittiroopvatee, Pavitravatee and Shuklaa; and four Varn people - Purush, Rishabh, Dravin, Devak; and they worship Jal Devtaa (Water).

6 - Beyond the Ksheer Samudra, there is Shaak Dweep of 3,200,000 Yojan large, which is surrounded by the sea of buttermilk of the same size. It has a tree named Shaak, that is why this island is named as Shaak Dweep. Its King was Medhaatithi. He also divided his kingdom in seven Varsh and handed over them to his sons bearing the same names as the names of seven Varsh - Purojav, Manojav, Pavamaan, Dhoomraaneek, Chitrareph, Bahuroop, and Vishwadhaar. This Varsh also has seven mountains - Eeshaan, Urushring, Balabhadra, Shatkesar, Sahastrasrot, Devpaal, and Mahaanas; and seven rivers - Anaghaa, Aayurdaa, Ubhayasprishti, Aparaajitaa, Panchpadee, Sahastrasruti, and Nijdhriti as their borders and have four Varn people - Ritvrat, Satyavrat, Daanvrat, and Anuvrat. They worship Vaayu (Wind).

7 - Beyond this buttermilk sea, there is Pushkar Dweep, which is double the size of Shaak Dweep - means 6,400,000 Yojan large which is surrounded by the drinking water sea of the same size. It has a very large Pushkar (lotus) of tens of thousands of golden petals, which is supposed to be the seat of Brahmaa Jee. In the center of this Dweep, there is a mountain named Maanasottar which is on the border of the Dweep's east and west parts. It is 10,000 Yojan long and of the same height. Soorya's chariot's Samvatsar wheel revolves around the cities to make Devtaa's day and night or Uttaraayan and Dakshinaayan. Above it there are four cities of four Lokpaal in four directions. Its King was Veetihotra. He divided his kingdom in two and handed them over to his two sons - Ramanak and Dhaataki. There people worship Brahmaa.

After this, there is Lokaalok Mountain. This is to divide Sun-lit part and dark part around Prithvi. What ever distance is between Meru Parvat and Maanasottar Parvat, the same size land is on the other side of Shuddhodak Samudra.

After that there is golden land which is as clear as mirror. If something falls here, it can never be found, that is why only Devtaa live here. Since Lokaalok Mountain is in-between the lit and dark lands, that is why it is named like this. It is like the outside border of Tri-Lok. This is so high and so long that Sun's rays which casts light from Tri-Lok to Dhruv Lok (Polar star), cannot cross it. Learned people have told the measurement of the world this much only.

This whole universe is about 500 million Yojan. Its one-fourth (125 million Yojan) is this Lokaalok Mountain. On the top of this mountain, Brahmaa Jee has appointed four elephants - Rishabh, Pushkarchood, Vaaman, and Aparaajit to balance all Lok. A similar kind of structure is on the other side of Lokaalok Mountain too. Sun is in the center of the Universe which is in the middle of Prithvi and Swarg. From the Center (Sun) the radius of Universe is 250 million Yojan. Soorya lives in this dead (unconscious) egg in the form of Vairaaj, that is why he is called Maartand

Sun is the cause of creating distinction between directions; sky, Dyulok (Antariksh Lok) and Bhoor Lok; Swarg and Moksh regions; Narak and Rasaatal. And Sun is the Swaamee (Lord) of all living beings.



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