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Chapter 50

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50-Battle With Jaraasandh and Construction of Dwaarakaa Puree

Shuk Dev Jee said - "Pareekshit, Kans had two wives - Asti and Praapti. They were very sad after their husband died, so they went to their father's house. Their father was Magadh King Jaraasandh. They described the reasons of their being widow. Jaraasandh first got very sad hearing that, then he got very angry. He decided not to leave any Yadu Vanshee on the Earth. He prepared for a great battle with 23 Akshauhinee army and surrounded whole Mathuraa with it.

Shree Krishn saw that Jaraasandh army was like ocean and Mathuraa people were getting afraid of it. Krishn also thought that, "this is good that he has collected a lot of people, so all the people had come here themselves [to die]. And He would kill only those people, but He would not kill Jaraasandh, because if he would survive, then he would bring many people again to fight with me. This is my duty that at time to time I kill these demons and make Prithvi happy". He was thinking thus that two Sun-like shining chariots arrived there from sky. They had all the weapons etc and two Saarathee were driving them. At the same time He got His divine weapons also. He said to His elder brother Balaraam Jee - "Brother, You are very mighty. Yadu Vanshee treat you as their guard. Now they are attacked. This is your chariot and in that chariot these are your favorite weapons too - Hal and Moosal (Plough and Pestle - these were the two weapons of Balaraam Jee). Ride on this chariot and kill these people and save your Mathuraa."

So both got ready, rode on their chariots and came out of Mathuraa with their tiny army. Daaruk was the Saarathee of Shree Krishn's chariot. As He came out of Mathuraa, He blew His Paanchjanya Shankh. Hearing the sound of that Shankh the enemy army trembled with fear [because everybody recognized Paanchjanya Shankh's sound]. Jaraasandh said - "O Krishn, You are only a child before me. I am ashamed to fight with you. Where were you hiding for so long. You are the killer of your Maamaa, therefore I cannot fight with you. Run away from my sight. And Balaraam,  If you think that you will get Swarg after dying in the battlefield, then come and fight with me. Then leave your arrows-stricken body here and go to Swarg; or if you have more strength than me, then come and kill me." Shree Krishn said - "Magadh Raaj, Who are brave, do not boast themselves, they only show their bravery. The death is dancing on your head, that is why you are talking like this. I don't care for that."

Hey Pareekshit, Thus Jaraasandh's army covered both Shree Krishn and Balaraam. Krishn and Balaraam aimed many arrows together at Jaraasandh's army. Balaraam Jee used his Moosal to crush his army. Although Jaraasandh's army was difficult to win but Krishn and Balaraam destroyed it in a very short time. He is the Swaamee of the whole Universe, so destroying this much army was only a play for Him, still when He does Leelaa in the human form then only we describe it [otherwise we are not capable to say anything about it]. Jaraasandh's whole army was killed, his chariot was broken. Then Balaraam Jee caught Jaraasandh with Varun's Paash. But Krishn asked Him to release him so that he can bring more people next time. 

Because great warriors used to respect him, therefore Jaraasandh felt ashamed on being released on their pity. So now he decided to do Tap, but many other people told him that Yadu Vanshee were not brave enough to defeat him. This was only your luck, so he did not go for Tap. Krishn's army was all safe and sound. Pareekshit, Thus Jaraasandh fought with Krishn 17 times, each time with 23 Akshauhinee army. But all the times Krishn destroyed his army. When it was about to break the 18th battle with Jaraasandh, Kaalayavan Raakshas, who was sent by Naarad Jee, appeared there. There was nobody else to fight with Kaalyavan in the world. When he heard that Yadu Vanshee are mighty like us, then he surrounded Mathuraa with his 30 million Mlechchh army.

Then Krishn and Balaraam Jee thought that now there are two troubles together to face. "Today Kaalayavan has come and in a day or two Jaraasandh will also come to fight. If we both will start fighting with him, and if Jaraasandh will come here at the same time then he will either kill other people or imprison them because he is very mighty. Therefore we will construct such a fort in which no man can enter. We will keep our people there in that fort, and then we will kill this Kaalayavan." With these thoughts Krishn got constructed a very wonderful Nagar (city) whose everything was wonderful. Its length and breadth was 48 Kos (48 x 2.25 miles = 62 miles). It was built with the skills of Vishwakarmaa's Vaastu Kalaa's knowledge. It had beautiful gardens with Divine trees and creepers. There were gold and silver storage pots to store grains. All four Varn people used to live there. Amidst all the houses, there were the shining palaces of Ugrasen Jee, Vasudev Jee, Balaraam Jee and Krishn Jee. At that time Indra sent Paarijaat tree and Sudharmaa Sabhaa to Him. This Sabhaa was Divine. Who sat in that Sabhaa did not feel anything of Mrityu Lok. Varun Jee sent many white horses with one black ear and they ran very very fast. Kuber Jee sent his all eight Nidhi and other Lokpaal also sent their treasures to Him. Although Bhagavaan gave all these things to them, but when Bhagavaan started doing Leelaa on Prithvi, then they offered them to Him. Then Krishn made the arrangement of transferring His own people to Dwaarakaa and appointed Balaraam Jee to guard the remaining people of Mathuraa and came out wearing lotus garland without any weapon."



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