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Chapter 51

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51-Burning of Kaalayavan and the Story of Muchukund

Shuk Dev Jee said - "Pareekshit, When Krishn came out of the city, He had four arms, silken yellow cloth on His body and Kaustubh Mani in his neck. Seeing Him coming out like this, Kaalayavan decided that "He must be Vaasudev, because whatever characteristics Naarad Jee told him, they all were in Him. He cannot be any other than Him. He is coming without weapons, so I will also fight with Him without weapons." Thinking thus he ran towards Shree Krishn [to attack Him]. Seeing Kaalayavan coming towards Himself Krishn ran in opposite direction leaving the battle ground. Kaalayavan also ran behind Him. Ran-Chhod Jee [because of leaving the battle ground Krishn's another name is Ran-Chhod Jee) was doing Leelaa only by running away from him. Kaalayavan was also in the impression that he would catch Him now, and was also running behind Him, but Krishn took him into a cave of a mountain. Kaalayavan was reminding Him again and again that "You are born in Yadu Vansh. It is not good for you to run away from the battlefield like this", but Krishn wouldn't listen to and He continued to run away from him.

As Krishn entered the cave, Kaalayavan also entered the cave. But on entering the cave, Kaalayavan did not see Krishn anywhere, rather he saw another man sleeping there in the cave. Seeing him he thought [that he was Krishn] so he said - "See this man, He has brought me up to here and now He is posing innocent and sleeping in the disguise of a Saadhu." and kicked him with his feet. That men was sleeping there for a long time so as he opened his eyes slowly and looked at Kaalayavan in anger, because he got angry on waking up like this, a kind of fire appeared from his eyes and it burned Kaalayavan in a moment."

Pareekshit asked - "Bhagavan, Whose sight burned Kaalayavan? Who was he? What was his Vansh? What kind of power he had and whose son was he and why was he sleeping in the cave of that mountain?" Shuk Dev Jee said - "Pareekshit, He was the son of Raajaa of Ikshwaaku Vansh (Maandhaataa's son) Muchukund. He was a great devotee of Braahman, brave, winner of several wars and a great man. Once Indra etc Devtaa requested Muchukund to protect them from Asur and he did protect them for a long time. Then Devtaa got Kaartikeya as their army chief,  so they retired Muchukund saying, "You have sacrificed your kingdom on Prithvi, left your sons, queens etc for us, and now there is no one alive among them. May Bhagavaan always be with you, ask for anything you want. We can give you everything except Moksh." Muchukund was very tired, so he asked for a long sleep and came to this mountain cave to sleep. At that time Devtaa said to him, "if any fool will wake you up in between that sleep, he will burn as you will look at him."

When Kaalayavan had got burned, Krishn gave His Darshan to Muchukund. Although Raajaa Muchukund was a very stable man, but seeing His beauty he got surprised. He asked - "Who are you? And why are you roaming around in this dense forest with your so soft feet? Are you not Agni Dev? Or are you Soorya, Chandramaa, Dev Raaj Indra, Brahmaa, Shankar or any other Devtaa? If you prefer, tell me your birth, Karm and Gotra. And if you want to know about me, then I am the son of King Maandhaataa, who was the son of Yuvanaashwa. I was awake for long time, so I got tired, that is why I was sleeping here without any disturbance. Just now somebody woke me up. Certainly his Paap must have burned him. And after that you appeared before me. I cannot look at you for a longer period."

Then Krishn said smilingly - "Dear Muchukund, I have thousands of birth, Karm and names. They are infinite, therefore I cannot tell you their number. It is possible to count the dust particles of Prithvi, but it is impossible to count my births, qualities, Karm and names. Sanakaadi Muni etc Maharshi continuously pray my names and Karm, but cannot finish them. In spite of that, I tell you my present birth, name and Karm. First Brahmaa Jee requested me to kill Asur to protect Dharm and to lighten the burden of Prithvi, so I took birth in Yadu Vansh in Vasudev Jee's house, therefore now I am the son of Vasudev Jee, and that is why  people call me Vaasudev. Till now I have killed Kaalnemi Asur who was born as Kans and Pralamb etc several other Asur. Raajan, He was Kaalayavan who got burned by your sight. You have worshipped me a lot, so now ask for anything you like. I will fulfill your all wishes and desires."

Hearing this Muchukund remembered old Garg's words that "Bhagavaan is going to take Avataar in Yadu Vansh", so he bowed onto Krishn's lotus feet and prayed Him. Shree Krishn said - "You are very intelligent man. I tried to instigate you to ask for any Var but you are not under any of your desires. My devotees do not have any kind of desire. You submit your mind and desires to me and then you may roam around freely. In your next life, you will be born as a Braahman and get me."



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