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Chapters 48-49

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48-Krishn Goes to Kubjaa and Akroor's Houses

Shuk Dev Jee said - "Hey Pareekshit, Then Krishn and Uddhav Jee went to Kubjaa's house to please her. Her house was decorated beautifully. Seeing Krishn coming she stood up immediately and welcomed Him with her friends. She worshipped Uddhav Jee too and offered him an Aasan to sit upon but he sat down on the floor. Krishn Jee sat on her bed. Kubjaa came wearing all kinds of good clothes, jewelry, perfume etc. Krishn held her wrist and asked her to sit beside Him and started playing with her. Kubjaa had offered only sandal paste to Krishn in her this life and because of that only she got this opportunity. She embraced Him very dearly and said - "Dear Krishn, You stay with me for some time and play with me because I cannot leave you now." He gave her what she asked for and then came back with Uddhav Jee.

Then one day He went to the house of Akroor Jee to fulfill his wishes. When Akroor Jee saw Him coming, he got up and welcomed Him. He said - "Bhagavan, This is very good that you killed Kans. There is nothing else except you in this world, neither any thing, nor cause, nor result. You manifest yourself in all the things, seen or heard through your powers, Kaal and Maayaa etc. You are the only protector, father and teacher of this world who has come to our house. We are blessed. Even great Yogee and Devtaa cannot know your secrets. We are bound to these worldly things. Please cut our all bondages and accept us in your service." Shree Krishn said - "Chhachaa Jee, You are our uncle and well wisher. We are your children. You are a saint whose Darshan can make people holy. Now you please go to Paandav to do their good and to know about their welfare. We have heard that after the death of Raajaa Paandu, Paandav are in great difficulty. Raajaa Dhritraashtra has brought them in his capital Hastinaapur and they now are living there. You know that one, Raajaa Dhritraashtra is blind; and two, his will power is very weak. His son Duryodhan is very troublesome and because of being dependent on him, Raajaa Dhritraashtra does not treat them as his sons. Therefore you go there and find out their situation. After that I will make the arrangements such that they can live happily." And Shree Krishn came back to His house with Balaraam and Akroor Jee."

49-Akroor Jee Goes to Hastinaapur

Shuk Dev Jee further said - "So Akroor Jee went to Hastinaapur. First he met Dhritraashtra, Bheeshm, Vidur Kuntee, Baahleek and his son Somdatt, Dronaachaarya, Kripaachaarya, Karn, Duryodhan, Drone's son Ashwatthaamaa, five Paandav. They asked him the welfare of Mathuraa people. Akroor Jee stayed there for a few months to find out the behavior of Dhritraashtre towards Paandav. Dhritraashtra had no courage to oppose his sons. He used to act on the advice of Shakuni etc. Kuntee and Vidur Jee told Akroor Jee that Dhritraashtra was very jealous of Paandav's bravery, politeness, weapons etc. And when he finds that public also loves Paandav then he becomes more jealous. Till now Dhritraashtra and Duryodhan have given them poison etc, and still they want to do something more too to harm them.

When Akroor Jee came to Kuntee's house, then she recollected the memories of her father's house. She asked - "Brother, Do my parents, brothers and sisters, and my other family members remember me? I have heard that my nephews, Krishn and Balaraam, are very kind and are of very loving nature. Do they anytime remember their cousins too? I am like a she-deer amongst wolves. My children are without father. Can some time Shree Krishn come here to console us?" Then she prayed - "Hey Krishn, protect me, save my children. I am in your refuge." Pareekshit, Saying thus your great-grandmother started crying.

Both Akroor Jee and Vidur Jee used to treat sorrow and joy alike. Both tried to remind her that her sons were the children of Devtaa and that they are born only to destroy the bad people [so she should not worry about them]. When Akroor Jee was going back to Mathuraa, he went to see Dhritraashtra and said - "Mahaaraaj, You increase the glory of Kuru Vansh. And now it is even more important for you, since Raajaa Paandu has died and you are the king, that you keep others happy with your behavior and treat them all alike. Nobody lives together for long time. One day they will have to get separated. This Jeev comes alone and goes alone and enjoys the results of his actions, be it Punya or Paap. You are an able Raajaa, see all alike and take Sanyaas from the world."

Dhritraashtra said - "Hey Akroor Jee!  As a dying man gets Amrit, as I am not getting satisfied with your words. I am unable to take your advice to my heart, because my heart is with my sons. I have heard that Shree Krishn has appeared in Yadu Kul to kill demons. Then who can interfere in His kingdom? As He will wish, it will be done, so I bow to Him." Thus Akroor Jee understood the message of Dhritraashtra and went back to Mathuraa. He told everything to Krishn."




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