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Chapter 47

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47-Dialog Between Uddhav Jee and Gopee

Shuk Dev Jee said -" Hey Pareekshit, Gopee saw that Uddhav Jee's look and attire was much like Krishn so they surrounded him. When they came to know that he is only a messenger and has brought the message of Shree Krishn, then they said - "Hey Uddhav Jee, we know that you are the messenger of Krishn. He has sent you to make His people happy otherwise we don't see anything else worth remember in this place. Only drama of love was played with us, and that also had some purpose. Bhramar (Bhanvaraa or bumble bee) has the same relation with flower as a man has with a woman. When a man sees that his purpose is served, he does not even look at the woman."

Gopee forgot all normal etiquette seeing Uddhav Jee. They just remembered only the events of Krishn's life with them and started weeping. At that time a Bhramar was singing on a flower, so one Gopee said to that Bhramar - "Hey Madhup, You are a friend of a deceiver, so do not touch our feet to please us, because this is all your drama. We can see that Krishn's Van Maalaa has been crushed by the bosom of other women. Its yellow color is on your mustache also. You yourself do not love any flower, you just fly from one flower to another. You are also like your friend. Let Krishn play with Mathuraa's women, why has He sent this yellow color to us. As you are black, so is He. You also fly away after sucking flowers' juice, so has He. Only once He offered us His lips' wine, then he left us innocent Gopee here. I don't know how the sensitive Lakshmee would have been serving His feet. Certainly He must have attracted her by His sweet talks. He is thief of hearts, so He must have stolen Her heart also. Why are you praising Him in front of us, don't we know Him? You cannot flatter us, go from here and go to Mathuraa women with whom He is now. Those women can listen to you and may reward you too. There is no woman in this world who is not attracted to Him.

And I know, you are very cunning in requesting, in pursuing and asking for forgiveness. We left everything for Him - our husband, son, brother etc and still He left us and went away from us. Do you still want us to trust Him? When He came as Raam, He killed Sugreev's brother Baali cruelly, from hiding. Poor Shoorpankhaa came with the intention of marriage, but under the influence of His wife, He devoured her ears and nose. And what did He do when He appeared as Vaaman in a Braahman's house? Raajaa Bali worshipped Him, gave Him what He demanded, still He tied him with Varun Paash and sent him to Paataal. Uh, Let Him go, we don't have any relation with any black thing. And if you say "then why do you talk about Him?" then we have to say "once somebody has seen Him, he cannot leave Him, so we cannot live without talking about Him. Now you don't talk anything about Him, if you want to talk, then talk about something else.">/p>

Hearing them Uddhav Jee said - "Hey Gopee, You are blessed, you are worthy of worship for all the people, because you have offered everything to Shree Krishn. You have set high standards of Bhakti which is impossible for anybody. I am the messenger of Shree Krishn. He has sent you some message, now listen to it. He has said - "I am the soul of everybody, therefore I cannot be separated from you. As sky, air, fire, water, and earth all are worldly things, I am the Aashraya (resting place) of mind, Praan, Panch Bhoot, Indriyaan and their pleasures. They are in me and I am in them. I manifest myself in them through my Maayaa and I create, sustain and destruct myself being their cause. No Gun can touch them.

My Maayaa has three states - unconscious, subconscious and conscious. Through them, the same single individual soul seems as Sat, Raj or Tamo Gunee. Human beings should understand that these pleasures which are in conscious stage, are all only imagination as the pleasures experienced in subconscious state. Therefore they should hold their mind and Indriyaan and as they have awaken from a sleep, they should forget worldly pleasures and see me. As rivers' destination is sea, peoples' all actions' destination is me. Their real result is my Darshan, because they all reach me after controlling their mind. It is true that I am your dearest, but why I am far from you? There is a reason behind it - that is, that you can always think about me. In spite of being physically far, feel me near, in your Man (heart), because women think more about their lovers when they are away from them."

Shuk Dev Jee said - "Gopee were filled with joy hearing Krishn's message. They remembered their Leelaa with Krishn and said to Uddhav Jee - "Oodho, This is very fortunate that Kans has been killed along with his followers, and this is more fortunate that friends and relatives of Krishn are now happy and He is now living with them. But tell us, as we used to love Him and does He also love us? Do Mathuraa women also love Him?" Another Gopee said - "Sakhee (friend), Our dear Shyaam Sundar is expert in the art of love. All good women love Him, so when Mathuraa's women would be loving Him, why wouldn't He be loving them?" Another Gopee said - "Uddhav Jee, Tell us when He loves Mathuraa women then does He anytime remember us Gwaalin (milk women)?" Another Gopee asked - "Does He anytime remember those nights when sweet smelling flowers were blooming and moonlight was spread all over and He did Raas with us?" Another Gopee said - "No, no, now Krishn Himself is the Swaamee of Lakshmee. His all desires are fulfilled. He has no purpose served with us or any other women. See, in spite of being a prostitute, Pinglaa [see Skandh 11/7 for the whole story] has rightly said , "One should not expect anything in this world then only one can be happy." And this we know very well, still we are not able to leave hope that He will come back. Uddhav Jee, This is the same river where He used to roam around. This is the same hill on which He used to play His flute. These are the same cows which He took for grazing. Hey Uddhav Jee, We cannot forget Him in any way. Tell Him that we are very sad without Him, He should come and save us."

Uddhav Jee stayed there for several months to console them. He used to tell many stories of Krishn. He went to all those places where Krishn used to go and got moved seeing them. Now he began understanding their sorrow, so he started praising them - "These Gopee are only human bodies whose lives are blessed, because they are always with Shree Krishn. Who has enjoyed the Krishn stories, he does not need any Sanskaar or any kind of Yagya, but who is not enjoying this, then there is no use to be born even as Brahmaa [see Brahmaa's Age) even for several Kalp. Therefore if somebody loves Bhagavaan, even without knowing His form, He does good to him as if he has drank Amrit unknowingly. Whatever pleasure these Gopee have got, it is not available to even Dev women. It would have been the best for me, if I had been a bush, creeper or herb in this land, so that His feet would be touching me now and then. I kept His feet dust on my head and I bowed to it." After staying there for several months he bade farewell to Nand Baabaa, Yashodaa and Gopee and started towards Mathuraa. Then they brought many gifts and said to Uddhav Jee - "We don't want Moksh. We want only our devotion to Him."  Uddhav Jee came back to Mathuraa, described the account of his visit to Brij and handed over the gifts to whom they belonged."



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