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List of Festivals

This lists all festivals and festivals with Vrat.

Aamalaa Navamee or Aamalaa Naumee     see      Akshaya Navamee

Ahoee Ashtamee
Falls on Kaarttik Krishn Ashtamee. Keep fast this day for the welfare of the son. Normally it comes just one week before Deepaavalee, it falls on the same day as Deepaavalee falls. This Vrat is observed by women who have a son.

Akshaya Navamee or Akshaya Naumee
Falls on Kaarttik Shukla Navamee. Some people say that it is the starting day of Sat Yug, and some say that it is the starting day of Tretaa Yug. All kinds of Karm have eternal fruits on this day, that is why one should do all good Karm on this day, and never any bad Karm.

Akshaya Triteeyaa or Akshaya Teej or Aakhaa Teej
Falls in Vaishaakh Shukla Teej. Keep fast on this day. It is believed that fruits of all the Karm done on this day never finish, that is why people must do all Punya Karm on this day.

Anant Chaudas
Falls on Bhadrapad Shukla Chaturdashee.

Bad Amaavasyaa
Falls on Jyeshth Amaavasyaa. Vat Saavitree Vrat for married women. Keep fast for the welfare of husband.

Bahulaa Ashtamee
Falls in the month of Kaarttik

Bhaaee Doyaj, or Bhaiyaa Dooj
Falls on Kaarttik Shukla Doyaj. This day Yam went to Yamee's house and had food there. Women hear brother and sister's story and wait for their brothers to come to their house to feed them.

Bheeshm Panchak
Falls on the last five days of Kaarttik Maas. Keep fast on these days.


Dashaharaa  or  Vijayaa Dashamee
Falls on Aashwin Shukla Dashamee. Raam's victory over Raavan.

Falls on Kaarttik Amaavasyaa. Many women keep fast on this day, of course not all Lakshmee and Ganesh Jee are worshipped on this day. People light as mny lamps as they an, eat sweets, distribute sweets to their relatives and friends and wake up the whole night waiting for Lakshmee to come. They spend the night playing card games.

Dhan Teras
Falls on Kaarttik Krishn Trayodashee. People worship Lakshmee, buy brass utensils, gold, or silver today.

Ganesh Chauth
Falls on Bhaaadrapad Shukla 4th to celebrate as Ganesh's birthday.

Gudee Padavaa
Celebrated on Chaitra Shukla 1 as Yugaadi (Beginning of the Yug day)

Guru Poornimaa
Falls on Aashaadh Poornimaa. Keep fast this day, because of Poornimaa, as well as Guru Poornimaa. People worship Guru on this day.

Hariyaalee Teej
Falls on Shraavan Shukla Teej. Celebrated by girls and women, especially by married girls and women.

Hartaalikaa Vrat
Falls on Bhaadrapad Shukla Teej. Keep fast (for married women) for the welfare of the husband.

Hoee Ashtamee  see  Ahoee Ashtamee

Falls on Phaalgun Poornimaa. Keep fast this day. In northern India women keep fast on this day for the welfare of their sons (as they keep on Ahoee Ashtamee). It is one of the four important and famous festivals (other three are Rakshaabandhan, Dashaharaa, and Deepaavalee) celebrated in Northern India, especially in Mathuraa and Vrindaa Van. This is said to be the Shoodra's festival. People play with all types of colors, distribute sweets and savory dishes. All kinds of enmities are resolved this day.

Karavaa Chauth
Falls on Kaarttik Shukla 4th. This is a Vrat day. This festival is celebrated by married women for the welfare of their husband. Keep fast till night for husband. Food and water is taken only after seeing the Moon this day.

Krishn Janmaashtamee
Fall on Bhaadrapad Krishn Ashtamee. Keep fast for Krishn's birthday.

Kumbh Fair
Kumbh fair is the biggest and the largest fair of the world. Millons of people take bath in Gangaa River on this occasion.

Mahaa Shiv Raatri      see also      Shiv Raatri Vrat
Falls on Maagh Shukla 14th. Keep fast on this day for Shiv Jee .

Makar Sankraanti
Always falls on 13th or 14th January. This day Soorya Bhagavaan turns Northward, towards Makar Raashi (Capricorn) from Kark Raashi (Cancer). People take a dip in Gangaa River. Kumbh also falls on this day.

Naag Panchamee
Falls on Shraavan Krishn Panchamee. Women worship Naag on this day.

Narak Chaudas
Falls on Kaarttik Krishn Chaturdashee. Narakaasur was killed on this day. He got the boon that whoever will take bath after massaging oil on his body, he will go to Swarg; that is why people massage oil on their body and take bath in the morning.

Nava Raatri
Falls two times a year - Chaitra Shukla Pratipadaa to Chaitra Shukla Navamee; and Aashwin Shukla Pratipadaa to Ashwin Shukla Navamee. Keep fasting and worship nine Devee.

A festival of Keralites, celebrated in August-September months

Makar Sankraanti is called Pongal in southern Indian states.

Raam Navamee
Falls on Chaitra Shukla Navamee, and is celebrated as Shree Raam's birthday

Rakshaa Bandhan
Celebrated mostly in Northern India, on Shraavan Poornimaa

Sakat Chauth
Falls on Maagh Krishn Chaturthee. Keep fast and worship Ganesh Jee.

Sankraanti falls on the day when the Sun transits in another Zodiac Sign. Normally this falls on 13th or 14th of every Gregorian calendar month. This day is good for Daan (donations) and any kind of Dharm Karm.

Sharad Poornimaa
Falls on Aashwin (Kuaar) Poornimaa. This is a Vrat day. This is supposed to be a big Poornimaa. It is believed that the Moon appears with his 16 Kalaa (in full) on this day and showers Amrit. So white sweets, made from milk (rice Kheer and Chivadaa) are kept under the moonlight the whole night and eaten next day morning. Thus they collect Amrit the whole night. Many people believe that seeing in this night increases the eye sight, so they put the thread in the needle.

Shiv Raatri
Falls on Phaalgun Krishn Trayodashee. Keep fast on this day. A great day of Shiv.

Skand Shashthee
Mostly celebrated in Southern India and Sri Lankaa. It is mostly Tamil festival. It falls in  November month.

Thai Poosam
Thai Poosam festival is special to Tamil Naadu and is celebrated on Tamil Month Thai Poornimaa falling in January-February months.

Vasant Panchamee
Falls on Maagh Shukla Panchamee. Devee Saraswatee is worshipped today. People wear lemon or yellow color clothes and offer yellow color flowers to friends and relatives. Yellow color sweet rice is cooked in houses.



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