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Ahoee Ashtamee

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Ahoee Ashtamee
Kaarttik Krishn 8

This festival falls on Krishn Kaarttik Ashtamee. It is observed by the women who have a son. This day they keep the fast (without taking water) till the star appears in the sky. Women cook good food today- Pooree, Poodaa, some toys made of sweet flour for children and worship Hoee Maataa before seeing the star.

Its story goes like this : --
There were a sister and her sister-in-law. Both used to go to forest to bring grass for their animals. Sister-in-law was very intelligent, but the sister was young. Syaaoo Maataa used to live in that forest with her children. Her children used to play there. So whenever the sister saw them, she used to kill them. Her sister-in-law told her not to do so, but she did not listen to her.

After some time the sister got married. She had seven sons, but all died one by one soon after their birth. She was very sad but did not know what to do.

Hoyee came. Women kept fast the whole day, and in the evening cooked lots of tasty food for their children. One woman asked, "Sister, what happened, you don't observe this festival?" She said, "It is my bad luck, I had seven sons but all died one by one. Now for whom I should cook?"

The woman said, "Next year when Hoyee comes, you should keep fast, and when in the evening Syaaoo Maataa comes out to bestow sons to women you should invite her in your house, and say that "you have lots of wax in your ear, let me take it out." When she comes home, and you take her ear wax out, you should put one baby in your lap and prick it time to time. The child will cry. Then Syaaoo Mata will ask you, "Dear Bahoo, Why this child is crying? What does it want? Give it whatever it wants." Then tell her that "it wants your earring". That is all. Good luck."

Next year when Hoyee came that woman kept fast, and in the evening when Syaaoo Mata came out to bestow sons on women, she invited her to her house and did the same as that woman told her to do.
When she said, "Mother, this child is asking for your earring." Then Syaaoo Maataa told, "Bahoo, Child is more important or my ear ring?" After saying this she pulled out her earring from her ear and gave it to that woman. Lo, with the earring came out her all seven sons.

Now she forgot her guest Syaaoo Maataa and got busy in cooking delicious food for her sons. Syaaoo Maataa should bless the other women too like this.



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Created by Sushma Gupta on 3/15/05
Updated on 09/29/13