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Bhaadrapad Krishn 8th    Read also  Krishn's Birth Story

Janmaashtamee falls on 8th day of Krishn Paksh of Bhaadrapad Maas. This is the day of Krishn's birth. This is the day on which Lord Krishn appeared on this Earth. This day men, women and children all observe fast and many take the food only after the birth of lord Krishn - after 12 midnight after Krishn Darshan. Hindu Temples are decorated with many flowers, leaves and many kinds of scenes related to Krishn's life are depicted. Even in houses this is done at a smaller level. This is one of the main festivals of Brij Bhoomi, near Mathuraa in Uttar Pradesh where Lord Krishn was born.

It is a very significance festival. According to the Hindu lunar calendar, Lord Krishn was born on the eighth day (Ashtamee) of the Krishn (dark) fortnight of the month of Bhaadrapad. This festival is especially significant from the viewpoint of establishing Righteousness (Dharm), and surrendering unto the Lord. Since we are imprisoned in the Great Illusion (Maayaa), the Lord incarnates in this prison with us, establishes Righteousness and redeems us from the Great Illusion. We can only overcome and go beyond the Great Illusion f we surrender unto The Lord, as Arjun did during the battle of Mahaabhaarat. Where there is Krishn, there is Dharm, where there is Dharm, there is victory. Since Duryodhan, leader of the Kaurav, did not observe Dharm, he did not have Krishn. No Krishn, no victory - Sage Ved Vyaas.

Five thousand years ago, He incarnated, at the end of the third cosmic era, 'Dwaapar Yug' and the beginning of the present era, 'Kali Yug'. The divine principle (Tattwa) of Lord Krishn is most active on this day of the year. According to Numerology the number eight is a reducing number (Kshayaank). According to numerology the number eight is responsible for generating revolutionary thoughts. It would not be wrong to say that Sri Krishn's entire life was an era of revolution.

The birth of Lord Krishn is celebrated at midnight on this day. At midnight, the ritual of waving lit lamps (Aaratee) is performed. His statue is placed in a swing and devotionally offered many sumptuous food dishes, in particular Kheer (a sweet dish made from milk, sugar and rice or vermicelli) or Halavaa or Sheeraa (a sweet dish made from semolina, ghee and sugar).

During the battle Krishn uttered 700 Shlok in the form of the Bhagvad Geetaa to convince the reluctant Arjun to fight with his own kith and kin to reinstate Righteousness (Dharm). The Lord finally uttered the essence of His teachings in the following verse (18/66) : "O Arjun! Forsake all your personal beliefs and surrender to me. Do not lament, for I shall deliver you from all sins." Therefore, to derive maximum benefit from Krishn Jayantee, devotees can daily make conscious efforts through spiritual practice like chanting and prayer to surrender at the Lord's lotus-feet. Such spiritual practice would equip one to participate in establishing Righteousness. This is done by spreading the importance of Spirituality to others, removing misconceptions about it and helping curb incorrect practices, like irreverence to God or Deities through humor, commercial advertisements, etc, using their Names, images, etc, as per one's capacity.

Some of us are unable to perform the rituals and celebrate Krishn Jayantee as described above. Others of us wish to feel closer to Lord Krishn every day and not just on Krishn Jayantee. Not only is His principle (Tattwa) most active on this day, but in present times His energy is also 100% manifest, and He rushes to the aid of the devotee who surrenders unto Him. The best solution to the above dilemmas is to repeat Lord Krishn's Name as follows: "Om Namo Bhagavate Vaasudevaaya". Chanting (repetition) of His Name invokes His presence within oneself as The Lord and His Name are one. All of the qualities that reside in The Lord are there in The Name. Thus, repeating His Name will surely herald His presence and blessings in life.

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