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Krishn's Birth

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Krishn's Birth Story
Bhaadrapad Krishn 8th     Read about Krishn Janmaaashtamee Vrat

Krishn Janm story is very famous. There was a King named Ugrasen in Mathuraa. He had a son named Kans, and a daughter named Devakee. Kans loved Devakee very much. King Ugrasen liked Vasudev Jee very much and Vasudev Jee happened to be Kans' friend also. So he settled Devakee's marriage to Vasudev Jee. When Devakee was going to her in-law's house after marriage, God spoke from the Heaven, "O Kans! thou lovest this Devakee very much, but this Devakee's eighth child will kill you." Hearing this, Kans got mad on Devakee, and he got ready to kill her, because after killing Devakee, he would be free from any fear from Devakee's children. His brother-in-law calmed him down and agreed up on that he can imprison them till their eighth child is born and he will hand over him all his children.

Somehow Kans got agreed. As soon as Kans got the news of the birth of the first child, he came to take it. He forcefully took it from Devakee, and killed it by throwing it against the wall. Devakee became very sad at this, but could not do anything. Thus Kans killed her six children one by one. Now he waited for her seventh child. There was another wife of Vasudev, named Rohinee. One day she had a dream that she should go to Devakee and bring her child into her own womb. So she went to the prison and did that. Thus the real seventh child of Devakee was secured with Rohinee. This child became Balaraam Jee, Krishn's elder brother. Kans was surprised to know that although Devakee got pregnant but she didn't give birth to any child. He was very angry at this and scolded his gatekeepers for their carelessness.

Now was the time of Devakee's eighth child. Kans had given special instructions to his gatekeepers to let him know as soon the child is born. This time everybody saw Devakee pregnant but nobody saw her delivering the baby. So this day, on Krishn Janmaashtamee, when it was a black dark night, there were loud thunder storms and heavy rains, Lord Krishn appeared before Devakee and Vasudev. He explained everything to Vasudev Jee and asked him to do as He said to him.

Vasudev Jee took Krishn to his friend Nand Jee and his wife Yashodaa Jee to Gokul. Vasudev carried Him in a Soop. All gatekeepers slept at that time, and all locks of the prison opened. And Vasudev Jee did not have any difficulty in coming out of the prison at all. But outside it was heavily raining, so Shesh Naag Jee came to rescue Lord Krishn to save Him from being wet he covered Lord Krishn under the shade of his head.

On the way there was the great Yamunaa river. Vasudev had to cross that river, but she was very deep, besides when she saw Krishn coming, she wanted to touch His feet, so her waves started rising very high. Vasudev Jee was very scared. How he will be successful in his mission if the situation remained like this. Krishn understood everything, so He took out His one foot and touched the waters of Yamunaa Jee. Yamunaa Jee got calmed and gave them the way to go to Gokul.

In Gokul village Nand Jee was waiting for Vasudev Jee. As soon as Vasudev Jee arrived there, Nand Jee brought his new-born baby girl to him to take her to Mathuraa to give to Kans. Now Vasudev Jee was very hesitant, but could not help it, so he took the girl and went back to Mathuraa quickly without speaking a word. When Vasudev Jee had entered his prison cell, all gates were still like before and gatekeepers were still sleeping. As Vasudev Jee entered the prison, gates were locked again and the gatekeepers got up from their sleep, as if nothing had happened.

In the meantime the girl cried, so one of the gatekeepers rushed to the palace to inform Kans that Devakee has given birth to a child. Kans came rushing to prison happily, because he thought that now after killing this child he will be at peace and will not be any more scared of his death from Devakee's eighth child. He asked for the child. Devakee wept and cried but Kans did not listen to anything. He snatched the child from Devakee's arms and came to know that she was a girl, while he was expecting a son. So he got very angry, abused Devakee and as he threw the child against the wall like any other time, to kill her, the child fell from his hands and flew towards Heaven. From there she told Kans, "O Kans! why are you after me? You wouldn't get anything by killing me. You killer has already been born in Gokul." Kans heard this and got very angry and went to his palace back.

Bhairav Abhishek on Krishn Janmaashtamee

Why this day is an important day for celebration for the Hindu? Because all planets want to be located themselves in Sinh (Leo) Raashi. Sinh (Leo) is a Raashi, a sector of space, which is Lord Sun's own house. When a planet reaches Sinh (Leo) Raashi, it enjoys that house and significantly and makes the change on the Earth. Now Sinh Raashi has been started for Lord Sun with Venus. Chandra in the Rishabh Raashi is at his peak. When Sun is in the Sinh Raashi and when the Moon reaches the Rishabh Raashi it is Krishn Ashtamee. That means the Moon is half in size and is visible on the midday. This is basically the Kaal Chakra where the Moon is 270 degree out of phase with respect to the Sun. The Moon is in 10th house with respect to the Sun on Krishn Ashtamee. Out of all Krishn Ashtamee, Sinh (Leo) Krishn Ashtamee is very auspicious in the Hindu tradition. Krishn Ashtamee is the significant changer of the world. The Kaal (time), and space changes are occurred during this Krishn Ashtamee.

There are eight directions and Time on which the universe is constituted. The king of these nine factors are Kaal and Asht Bhairav. Bhairav typically faces West direction in most of the temples. In very few temples the Bhairav faces North. North facing Bhairav is an Anugraha Moorti. MTS has several Gods and Goddesses facing South as Anugraha Moorti. Ganesh, Lakshmee, Krishn, Aanjaneya, Dakshinaa Moorti, Nataraaj, Bhairav are facing South in our Shree Meenaakshee Temples. They are very special Gods and Goddesses in our MTS. Krishn Ashtamee in Sinh Raashi (Aavanee) is very special and Bhagavaan Shree Krishn took birth on the Earth on this day. Thus this day is very special in Kaashee and in all Shiv temples.

One may perform Ashtamee Abhishek for Lord Bhairav. This Abhishek could resolve all your personal, health problems and offer wealth to the devotees. The end of every being on the earth is in the hand of this Bhairav and being an Anugraha Moorti in MTS is something special to notice. Bhairav is generally found with Dog and is always isolated in a Shiv Temple. In MTS the Bhairav is accompanied by Lord Nataraaj facing south too. Means his Anugraha is enhanced. One other specialty of this Bhairav in MTS is that he is located in the Eeshaan Corner (North East) that belongs to Lord Shiv himself. Bhairav is a form of Shiv with Trishool on hand. His face is terrifying but with Love and affection towards devotees. Being a friend of Lord Bhairav is a way to lead life. The person purify in his action and thoughts with this method of worshiping Lord Bhairav. Kaashee Kaal Bhairav is very special which offers ultimate goal of every being on the Earth.

Kaashee Vishwanaath is the ultimate Lord worshiped by Raam and Krishn too. Devee Annapoornaa offered food to Shiv in this Kshetra. Devee Vishaalaakshee was born in Tamilnaadu and went on Kaashee Yaatraa to worship Shiv and yet to return. Bhairav has several forms who offers the wealth to the devotees. Swarn Aakarshan Bhairav is worshiped for wealth. Bhairav Chakra and Devee Chakra match with Shiv Shakti union. Temple Sirkaazhi in Tamil Nadu has Satai Nathar on the Mani Sanctum tower facing south and on the floor there is a Shree Chakra on which Bhairav eyesight is shed. This means the Shree Chakra is operated by Lord Bhairav and thus you could understand the philosophy of Lord Bhairav in Hindu system. Thus the Kaal Bhairav Abhishek is the most auspicious occasion on Aavanee Krishn Ashtamee - once in a year event.

Aum Kaal Bhairavaaya Namah
Aum Asht Bhairavaaya Namah
Aum Kaashee Bhairavaaya Namah
Aum Swarna Bhairavaaya Namah
Aum Swarna Aakarshan Bhairavaaya Namah
Aum Shiv Bhairavaaya Namah
Aum Shiv Moorti Bhairavaaya Namah
Aum Satee Bhairavaaya Namah
Aum Shiv Satee Bairavaaya Namah
Aum Krishn Ashtamee Priya Bhairavaaya Namah
Aum Shi Vaa Ya Na Mah Bhairavaaya Namah



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