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Sarg 13-Kumbhkarn Goes to Sleep and Raavan Goes to Win Tri-Lok

Some time passed living like this. Roopvatee, sent by Brahmaa, came to Kumbhkarn as his sleep, so Kumbhkarn said to nearby sitting Raavan - "Brother, I am feeling sleepy, so build a house for me." Raavan ordered his architects who were like Vishwakarmaa, to build a house for Kumbhkarn. They built a one Yojan wide and two Yojan long beautiful and comfortable  house for Kumbhkarn. Its pillars were of glass on which gold work was done beautifully. Its stairs were of Vaidoorya Mani. At places, there were tiny bells hanging and ringing. It was like a holy cave of Meru Parvat. Kumbhkarn went inside the house and slept there for several thousand years. He did not get up for a long time.

Now Raavan was alone, so he started troubling Devtaa, Rishi, Gandharv and destroying Nandan Van etc beautiful Van.

Dhanesh (Kuber) heard about Raavan's all these activities. Considering his duty as an elder brother, to show his brotherly love, and for the good of Dashgreev, he sent a messenger to Lankaa. Messenger went to Vibheeshan's palace. Vibheeshan welcomed him respectfully and asked him the reason to come there. Vibheeshan asked about Vaishravan's brothers also and then showed him to Dashaanan sitting in the Royal court.

Seeing the graceful king, the messenger greeted him but remained silent. Raavan was sitting on a beautiful bed which was covered by valuable clothes. The messenger said to Raavan - "Hey Raajan, Now I say that all which your brother has said and that is undoubtedly according to your parents' and family glory and character. 

"Whatever has happened, has already happened. Now you should behave properly. If possible follow Dharm. I saw the destruction of Nandan Van done by you, I heard about killing Rishi. Whatever Devtaa are planning for you, I have heard that also [means I know about how they are trying to punish you]. O king of Raakshas, You have exiled us from Lankaa, but still you are my younger brother. If younger people commit any crime then only elders protect them.

Once I went to Himaalaya for Tap. I did intense Tap controlling my Indriyaan. There I saw Mahaadev with Paarvatee Jee. At that time suddenly my left eye saw Paarvatee Jee. "Who is She?" I didn't look at Her for this purpose. She was looking very beautiful. Because of the divine effect of Devee, my left eye was burned and its sight has gone dim. Then I went to another side of the Kailaash Parvat and there I took Vrat to remain silent (Maun Vrat) for 800 years. 

After the Vrat was over, Mahaadev came there and spoke pleased - "Hey Dharm Knower, I am very pleased with your Vrat. I also did this Vrat and you also did this Vrat, but there is no third person who can do this Vrat. I have introduced this Vrat, therefore you be my friend. O sinless, You have won me with your Tapasyaa, that is why be my friend. Your left eye which is burned because of Devee's power; and your sight which is dimmed because of looking at her; that is why you will be called "Ekaaksh Pingalee".

Thus when I returned after Mahaadev made me his friend, I heard about your sinful activities. You should not commit such sins because they defame our family. Rishi and Devtaa are planning to kill you."

Hearing all this from the messenger, Raavan's eyes got red with anger, he said to him - "O messenger, Whatever you wanted to say, I have understood that message, therefore consider both, yourself and your sender (Kuber), dead. Whatever Kuber has said, it is not in my favor, but I am listening to it because of my friendship to Maheshwar. Whatever you have said is not pardonable, but I spare your life only because I respect him as my elder brother. But now after hearing your message, I have come to the conclusion that I will win Tri-Lok on my own. I am going to send now all Lokpaal to Yam Raaj's house because of only one Lokpaal's fault." And Lankesh cut the messenger's body with his sword and gave it to Raakshas to eat. Then first he went to Dhanesh with the desire of winning Trilok.

Sarg 14-Raavan Attacks Kuber

Now Raavan who always wanted to fight, took his six ministers - Mahodar, Prahast, Maareech, Shuk, Saaran, and Dhoomraaksh. crossing cities, rivers, mountains, Van, gardens etc he arrived at Kailaash Parvat. Raavan came here to fight Kuber, his elder brother, Yaksh couldn't stay in front of him and went to Kuber. They told him the purpose of his younger brother's coming. Kuber ordered them to fight with him. Both Yaksh and Raakshas fought fiercely and bravely.

Gadaa, Moosal, Powers, swords were the weapons of Yaksh. Tolerating them, Raavan shook the Yaksh army with their fight. Yaksh stopped Raavan by showering arrows. Raavan was not hurt with those arrows. He picked his Gadaa and entered the Yaksh army. He killed many Yaksh, only a few remained among them. many ran away, many fell on the ground. Sky was filled with the dead and run away Yaksh and Rishi etc who came to see this fight.

Then Dhanesh sent lower Yaksh. At this time Sanyodhkantak named Yaksh went to the battlefield. He had more army and rides. He hit Maareech with his Vishnu's Chakra like Chakra. Maareech fell down the mountain. After some time Raavan entered the gate. Sooryabhaanu named gatekeeper attempted to stop him but Raavan could not be stopped. So the gatekeeper took out a huge pillar of the gate and hit Raavan with it. Raavan didn't get hurt with it because of Brahmaa's Var, rather he hit the gatekeeper from the same pillar and killed him. All Yaksh ran away seeing Raavan's power.

Sarg 15-Raavan Wins Kuber

When Dhanesh saw thousands of Yaksh running away, he asked Manibhadra to go and kill Raavan and protect Yaksh. Manibhadra proceeded to the battlefield with his 4,000 Yaksh army. Yaksh started fighting with all kinds of weapons. It was a very thrilling fight. Prahast killed 1,000 Yaksh, Mahodar killed 1,000 Yaksh, Maareech also killed 2,000 Yaksh in his revenge mood. In this war Raakshas were more powerful.

Dhoomraaksh was also very angry, he hit a Moosal on the chest of Manibhadra. Manibhadra hit Raavan with three Powers. This wounded Raavan, but he hit Manibhadra's head which made him fall and dead.

Now Kuber came to the battlefield with his ministers. he said to Raavan - "I told you before but you didn't listen to me. Now you will go to Narak (hell) because of your evil Karm. A man knows the result of insulting mother, father, Aachaarya (Guru), and Braahman only when he goes to Narak." And then he started fighting with Raavan. Raavan's Maareech etc ministers ran away from there because Dhanesh's attacks were very fierce. Dhanesh hit the head of Raavan, but nothing affected him.

Dhanesh (Kuber) used Aagneya Astra, Raavan used Varun Astra. Then Raavan used his Raakshas Maayaa. He appeared in thousands form - lion, deer, Parvat, sea, trees, Yaksh, Daitya etc. And then Raavan hit Dhanesh with his Gadaa. Dhanesh fell down wounded. Padm saved Dhanesh. He took him to Nandan Van. Raavan got very happy to win Kuber. He took Kuber's Pushpak Vimaan as the mark of his victory over Kuber. Vimaan had gold pillars, Vaidoorya Mani's gates, pearls nets, and its speed was like mind's speed. It used to fly with wish and could be resized smaller or larger. All kinds of necessities were there. Devtaa used to wander in that Vimaan. Raavan returned in the same Vimaan.












Dash means ten and Aanan means face, so Dashaanan means a ten faced one, i.e. Raavan


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