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6-Yuddh Kaand

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Page 46: Sarg 119-122

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Sarg 119-Dasharath and Devtaa Come to See Raam 

Mahaadev Jee said to Raam - "You have removed the darkness from the world. Now you may go to Ayodhyaa and make Maa Kaushalyaa and Sumitraa, and brother Bharat happy. Be the King of Ayodhyaa, perform Ashwamedh Yagya and satisfy Braahman with wealth etc. Your father has come to see you with Devtaa on his Vimaan. Now he lives in Indra Lok. You have uplifted his life by being born as his son."

Raajaa Dasharath got very happy to see Raam. He said - "Raam, I don't like even Swarg without you. Whatever Kaikeyee said to send you to forest, I remember them all even today. I am very happy to see you and Lakshman all right. You have uplifted my life because Vishnu incarnated in human form in my house. Devtaa told me this. Kaushalyaa is very fortunate that she will see you as king also. I want to see you along with Bharat." Raam said - "Hey father, Be happy with Kaikeyee because she was not at fault." Dasharath accepted this then he said to Lakshman - "Hey Lakshman, Now you serve Raam because he does good to mankind."

Raam and Lakshman worshipped Dasharath. Dasharath said to Seetaa - "Putree, Raam has done this to declare you pure. He is like Devtaa for you." And Raajaa Dasharath went back to Swarg riding on his Vimaan.

Sarg 120-Raam's Request to Make Vaanar Alive

After Dasharath had left, Indra said to Raam - "I am very happy to see you, therefore you ask for something." Raam said - "If you are happy with me, then whatever I ask for, it should be true. Whoever Vaanar have died for me and have gone Yam Lok, they should all be alive, because they did not care even for their lives for me, I ask you only this much. Besides wherever they live that place should always be full of fruits, flowers and sweet water rivers."

Indra said - "Although you have asked a lot from me, but be it so as you have wished for. Whoever Vaanar have been killed they should all stand up healthy." Seeing this other Vaanar got very very surprised. Then all Devtaa said - "Now you may go to Ayodhyaa, console Seetaa Jee, bid farewell to Vaanar and take care of dear Bharat who is fasting in your separation. Accept the kingdom, please Ayodhyaa public." After that all the Devtaa went to their Lok.

Sarg 121-Raam Asks Permission from Vibheeshan to go to Ayodhyaa

Next day morning, Vibheeshan said to Raam - "Here are all the materials to take bath. Women are also here who will give you a proper bath." Hearing this Raam said - "My dear brother Bharat is passing his days in great difficulty, therefore I cannot take bath or wear any jewelry without Bharat. Therefore you give bath to Sugreev etc. I want to go back to Ayodhyaa as soon as possible."

Vibheeshan said - "I will send you there in one day in Pushpak Vimaan. If you love me then just stay here and when I have worshipped you along with Lakshman then only you go. Therefore please accept my hospitality along with your army." Raam said to Vibheeshan - "You have honored me as my minister, but at this time I am unable to comply with your request, because I am very anxious to see Bharat. Hey Raakshas Raaj, I have already got the honor from you, that is why please permit me happily without being unhappy."

Hearing this Vibheeshan asked for Pushpak Vimaan which was very wonderful. Raam got very surprised to see such a Vimaan in this world.

Sarg 122-Instructions to Vibheeshan 

Standing near that Vimaan, Vibheeshan asked Raam as what he should do? Raam said - "These Vaanar have fought very bravely for me in the war therefore please them by giving wealth. Thus they will be grateful to you and love you." Vibheeshan distributed a lots of wealth to Vaanar and Raam boarded the Vimaan. Seetaa and Lakshman followed Him.

Raam said to Vaanar and Raakshas - "You have done my work in a very friendly way. Now you may go back to your home. Hey Sugreev, Whatever you did for me, I am very pleased with you. You may also go back to Kishkindhaa Nagaree with your army. Vibheeshan, You have got the kingdom from me that is why even Indra is unable to win it. You rule Lankaa without any hurdle. I am also going back to my own capital Ayodhyaa. Please permit me to go."

Hearing all this Vaanar and Raakshas said - "We also want to go to Ayodhyaa with you. Please permit us to go with you." Raam said - "I am very happy to hear this that you also want to go with me." Then He said to Sugreev to board the Vimaan along with other Vaanar. Hearing this all boarded the Vimaan. Raam asked Vibheeshan also to board the Vimaan. All boarded the Vimaan and the Vimaan started flying by the order of Raam.



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