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Sarg 45-Saagar Manthan
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Shree Raam said - "Hey Muni, This story was so interesting that our whole night passed so quickly. Now we will cross Gangaa River." With all other Rishi they crossed Gangaa River by boat, and came to the Northern bank of Gangaa.  There they saw Vishaal city. It was like Heaven on Earth. Raam asked Vishwaamitra Jee - "Kindly tell us about this city and who rules this city?"

Vishwaamitra Jee said - "I will tell you now the story of Indra as I have been told. In one Sat Yug Diti's sons (Daitya) were very brave and energetic and her younger sister Aditi's sons (Devtaa) were very venerable and righteous ones. [They were the daughters of Daksh Prajaapati and were married to Maharshi Kashyap] Once they thought that how could they be deathless, ageless and wasteless (ie Amar or immortal). After a long thought, they thought that if they churned the Ksheer Saagar (Milky Ocean) they could get its elixir.

They used Vaasuki Naag (the mighty King of snakes with 1,000 heads) as a churning rope, Mandaraachal Parvat as a churning rod and started churning it,  It passed 1,000 years, so Vaasuki got incapacitated of churning the Sea any more and poison came out from his heads, and it scattered over the Mandaraachal Parvat's peaks. Its peaks melted and mixed with the peaks that poison became Halaahal. Poison's heat started burning Devtaa, Gandharv and the whole universe. So Devtaa went to Shankar Jee and prayed Him. At the same time Vishnu also came there and said to Shankar Jee - "Whatever poison has come out of the Ksheer Saagar, belongs to you? Since you are the god of gods, you drink that poison for the welfare of the universe." and disappeared quickly. Shiv seeing Devataa worried and also to honor Vishnu, he drank that Halaahal poison as if it were Amrit. [That is how he got his name as "Har" - means remover, since he removed the trouble of all by drinking poison] After this he went to Kailaash, his abode. And Devtaa again started churning the sea.

After a while the Mandaraachal Parvat, their churning rod, went to Paataal. Then Devtaa prayed to Bhagvaan Madhusoodan (another name of Vishnu). Vishnu took the form of a tortoise (Kashchap Avataar) and kept that Parvat on His back. So Hari was supporting from the bottom, then Keshav kept His hand on the top of the Parvat to keep it stable. 

Again they churned the Sea for 1,000 years. Then came out a huge man named Dhanvantari along with a b ook named Aayur Ved and a stick and immediately after him came out many Apsaraa. They were 660 million in number and their maidservants were so many that they could not be counted. All of them were unmarried and were very beautiful. Some of them were taken by Devtaa and some of them went to Daitya, others were of general purpose.

Varun's daughter Vaarunee [presiding deity of hard liquors and also called Suraa] also came out from the sea and searched for her husband. Varun wanted to marry her to Diti's sons, but they did not marry her, so Varun Jee married her to Aditi's sons that is why they were called Sur and Diti's sons were called Daitya or Asur, because they did not accept Suraa. [Vaarunee is the name of liquor. It is called Suraa also, so whoever took it they were called Sur (Devtaa); and whoever did not take it, they were called A-Sur (Daitya)]

After this, came out the best horse in horses, Ucchaishravaa horse and then  a gem named Kaustubh Mani. Then came out the Amrit and this caused the war, or Dev-Asur Sangraam. [This is the famous Dev-Asur Sangraam]. Read the whole story The war came to pass when Vishnu swiftly impounded Amrit by assuming a form of Mohinee. Whoever confronted Him was affected by His three-fold blaze (Sun, fire and lightening). Many Asur were killed in this war. Read a Pauraanik story Churning of Ocean

Sarg 46-Diti Asks Var from Kashyap Jee 

Vishwaamitra Jee continued the Story - "Diti got very sad seeing her sons killed. She said to her husband Kashyap Muni - "Your sons have killed my sons, that is why I want to produce such a mighty son who could kill Indra. Please give me such Var and such a son." Muni said to her patting her - "So be it, and if you will do Tap for 1,000 years then you will certainly get a son like Indra." With Muni's touch Diti got consecrated.

Diti went to a scared place called Kush Plav, where this Vishaal Nagar is situated now, and started her Tapasyaa here. When Indra heard about her Tapasyaa, he came to serve Diti with great devotion and took care of her needs himself. When there remained 10 years in the completion of her Tapasyaa, then she said to Indra - "Now only 10 years remain in the completion of my Tapasyaa, and then you will have a brotherwith whom you will win Tri-Lok and will rule it without any fear of your enemies. Sage Kashyap has given me this Var that after the Tap of 1,000 years I will have a son, and now only 10 years remain."

And when Diti was talking to Indra thus, she slept in the afternoon (sleeping in the afternnon for a woman under the vow is prohibited so her vow was broken) keeping her feet headward. Seeing that her braid touched her feet, Indra laughed at her Tapasyaa. He had got the opportunity, so he immediately entered her body and cut her foetus into seven pieces from his Vajra, and even though the fetus was crying piteously, Indra went on cutting it.

Diti also cried - "My fetus is unkillable." Hearing this Indra came out of her body. He humbly said to her with folded hands which were still holding blood stained Vajra - "Mother, You have become unholy when you slept in the afternoon and your braid touched your feet. So I got a chance to kill that who could kill Indra in a battle. That is why I cut it into seven pieces. Please, pardon me for this."

Sarg 47-Diti's Request to Indra

Vishwaamitra Jee continued the story of Vishaal - "Diti got very sad at this and said to Indra politely - "O Indra, It is not your fault, it is my mistake. Although this has happened against my wish, but now I wish that my these seven sons should be known as seven Marut and live in Vaayu Lok under your rulership (see Seven Paces for Vaayu). One should live in Brahm Lok, second one should live in Indra Lok, and the third one should be known as Divya Vaayu (Divine air). Rest of the four sons should live in four directions. They all will be famous as Marut only through you because you said "Maa Rud, Maa Rud" (means "do not cry, do not cry") cutting the fetus." Indra got very relieved to hear this from his mother. He said - "Hey Maa, Your orders will be obeyed. Your sons will be in the form of Devtaa. You may take it as truth." Then Indra went back to Swarg Lok."

Vishwaamitra Jee further said - "So Hey Raam, This is the same city where Indra lived at the time of Diti's Tapasyaa. Now Raajaa Ikshwaaku (this Raajaa Ikshwaaku is not the same Ikshwaaku of Ikshwaaku Vansh) of Vishaal Nagar had a son named Vishaal who inhabited this city named Vishaal. Vishaal had a son named Hemchandra who was very mighty. He had the son named Suchandra; and Suchandra had the son named Dhoomraashwa, his son was Srinjaya, and Srinjaya had the son named Sahadev. Sahadev was a very religious and glorious king. He had the son named Kushaashwa. Kushaashwa's son was Somdatt, and Somdatt's son name was Kakutsth. Kakutsth's son is Sumati. All the kings of this Vansh also became very famous and glorious. At present king Sumati is ruling from the same Vansh.

Today we will take rest here and tomorrow we will go to Janak Puree. When Raajaa Sumati came to know about the coming of Rishi Vishwaamitra Jee, he came for his Darshan with his ministers and Purohit and said - "Today there is no other greater fortunate than me, that you have come to my Nagaree."



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