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Shiv has been attached to many Fives ---

Panch Bhoot Ling Temples

Panch Kedaar Temples

Panch Mahaa Kshetra

Panch Sabhaa

The five places where Nataraaj performed his Taandav Nritya are collectively known as Pancha Sabhaa meaning five assembly halls of Nataraaj. They are :--

(1) At Chidaambaram   -  in Kanak Sabhaa (golden assembly hall) - he performed Aanand Taandav
(2) At Tiruvalangadu   -  in Ratna Sabhaa (gem-studded assembly hall) - he performed Oordhwa Taandav
(3) At Madurai  -  in Rajat Sabhaa (silvr assembly hall) - he performed Sandhyaa Taandav
(4) At Tirunelvelee  -  in Taamra Sabhaa (copper assembly hall) - he performed Muni Taandav
(5) At Kutralam  -  in Chitra Sabhaa (picture assembly hall) - he performed Tripur Taandav

Panch Aatmaa Kshetra

These are the five places where the five pieces of Shiv's Swaayambhoo Ling were installed. The Swaayambhoo Ling was being carried by Taarakaasur in his throat, which was broken into five pieces by Kumaar Swaamee (Subramanya or Kaarttikeya) during the course of the battle with him and these pieces fell at the following places.

(1) At Daksh Aashram Draksh Aashram Swaamee
(2) At Samalkot Bheemaraam Swaamee
(3) At Gunipundi (Bheem Aavaram) Somaarama Swaamee
(4) At Palakollu Ksheer Raamaa Swaamee
(5) At Amaraavatee Amararama Swaamee



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