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Lord Bhairav as Kshetrapaal

Lord Bhairav is also called "Kotvaal" for guarding the Lord Shiv temple. The worship of Lord Bhairav will grant his follower triumph over rivals, worldly comforts and success.

Bhairav' s statue is placed outside every temple for he is known as "Kshetrapaalak " or the guardian of the temple. After the closure of temple the keys are surrendered to Lord Bhairav with a firm belief that he will take care of the place and are received from him at the opening time.

Lord Bhairav protects travelers also, so before getting on a journey, especially at night, a garland of cashew nuts and decorated Lord Bhairav is taken along with them.

The meat of goat and wine is his favorite food. Thus many a times people offer a Bali (sacrifice) of goat and bottles of wine as Prasaad.

Lord Bhairav for the Evil Effects of Raahu

Bhairav is the god to worship in case of transition of malefic planets in birth Lagna. As per the Indian astrology, Raahu plays an important role in the life of a creature. So people are often suggested to worship Bhairav for reducing the evils caused by the malefic positioning of Raahu in the horoscope by the Indian astrologers.

Yogee and Taantrik Also Worship Bhairav

The Pooja of lord Bhairav is Taantrik Pooja. Most worshiped form of Bhairav in Tantra is Batuk Bhairav. Yogee and Taantrik worship him to gain Siddhi.

Legend About Lord Bhairav

The origin of Lord Bhairav can be traced to the legend of Shiv and Satee. Legend says that Lord Shiv's consort, Satee's father Daksh held a Yagya which all gods attended. But as a matter of envy he didn't invited Shiv to this Yagya. Satee took it as insult of his husband and immolated herself in the Yagya fire. Lord Shiv became furious at this incident. He killed Daksh, and carried Satee's inert body around the Universe performing his Taandav Nritya. Vishnu to protect the end of the world cut Satee's body in 51 pieces with His Sudarshan Chakra. The pieces of Satee's body fell in various parts in and around India. These places later became famous as Shakti Peeth or places of worship of the Mother goddess. Since that day Lord Shiv protects these temples in the form of Lord Bhairav.

Bhairav Mantra

(1) Om Batuk Bhiaravaaye Namah
(2) Om Hreem Bum Batukaaya Aapad Uddhaaranaye Kuru Batukaaya Hreem Om Namah Shivaaya



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