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Now the real role of Bheeshm starts. Shaantanu was not happy with Devadatt's decision (to marry him to Satyavatee like this), so he got sick and died soon after Satyavatee had two sons from him - Chitraangad and Vichitraveerya. Bheeshm took care of the two sons. When the time came for their marriage, Chitraangad was killed in a battle, but Bheeshm could marry Vichitrveerya to Ambikaa and Ambaalikaa - the two princesses of Kaashee. Soon Vichitraveerya also died of Tuberculosis leaving his widows childless.

Now Satyavatee got worried about the heir of Hastinaapur. So she asked Bheeshm to help her to father the children of Ambikaa and Ambaalikaa, but Bheeshm was not ready to break his vow. Then she had to call her other son Ved Vyaas and asked his help. He agreed and asked her to send Ambikaa to him. When Ambikaa went to him she got frightened seeing him and she closed her eyes. Ved Vyaas told his mother that since she closed her eyes she would give birth to a blind son. Then Satyavatee sent Ambaalikaa. Ambaalikaa got yellow seeing him. Vyaas told his mother since she got yellow seeing him she would give birth to a sick child.

Satyavatee was not happy with this development, so she asked him to give one more chance and she asked Ambikaa to go to him again, but Ambikaa was so frightened that she sent her maid to him. That maid felt so fortunate that she became very happy to go to Vyaas. Vyaas told his mother that Ambikaa sent her maid to him and she would have a very religious and moralistic son. And Vyaas Jee went away.

In due course of time Ambikaa gave birth to blind Dhritraashtra, Ambaalikaa gave birth to sick Paandu (he was yellow in complexion) and the maid gave birth to Vidur. All were educated by Bheeshm. When the time came Paandu was crowned the King of Hastinaapur because Dhritraashtra was blind and a blind man could not be a king. Vidur was taken care of properly and was appointed the Prime Minister. Bheeshm married Dhritraashtra to Gaandhaaree who was a great Shiv Bhakt and who tied a strip of cloth saying that if her husband cannot see this world, she also has no right to see it. Paandu attended the Swayamvar of Kuntee (Krishn's paternal aunt - Booaa) and she chose him as her husband. Later he married Maadree also. Vidur was also married according to his status.

Once Paandu killed a Rishi by accident, so he went to forest for Praayashchit (repentance) along with Kuntee and Maadree. Rishi cursed him that he would die when he would be with his wife. Kuntee said she could help him by calling any Devtaa and ask him for a son. He agreed so Kuntee had Yudhishthir from Dharm Raaj, Bheem from Pavan Dev, and Arjun from Indra. She managed to get a twins for Maadree also through Ashwinee Kumaar - Nakul and Sahadev. After the children, once he had a desire to have Maadree and died because of the curse. Maadree became Satee with him. Kuntee came to Hastinaapur along with her five sons and started living in the palace.

Gaandhaaree was also expecting her children but she got her eldest son only the day Bheem was born to Kuntee. Thus he remained younger to Yudhisthir. Gaandhaaree had 100 sons (later called Kaurav) and one daughter Dushalaa. Her two sons are most famous - Duryodhan and Dushaasan. Gaandhaaree's brother Shakuni lived with her and always instigated Duryodhan to get hold of the kingdom. When Paandav (Paandu's children) came to Hastinaapur, Duryodhan didn't like it and in fact he never liked them. Bheem was his enemy. He tried to kill him several times but failed. Bheeshm did not like this at all.

Bheeshm and MBH War
The result of this enmity was the Mahaabhaarat war which took place in Kurukshetra. It continued for 18 days. Bheeshm, Drone (Guru of Kaurav and Paandav), Kripaachaarya (Kul Guru), Ashwatthaamaa (Drone's son), Shakuni, Shalya (Maadree's brother), Karn (Kuntee's eldest son), Dushaasan etc were with Duryodhan. Paandav had Krishn (who did not fight in war), Viraat (Abhimanyu's father-in-law), Drupad (Draupadee's father), Dhrishtdyumn (Draupadee's brother), Shikhandee (Drupad's another son), Draupadee's five sons, mighty Abhimanyu (Arjun's son), Saatyaki (Arjun's friend) and Ghatotkach (Bheem's son).

Bheeshm was the pillar of this war as he had the boon of Ichchhaa Mrityu. Nobody could kill him. He was the Chief Commander for 10 days, then was Drone for 5 days, then Karn for 2 days and lastly was Shalya for half a day. Bheeshm was killed by Shikhandee as he did not fight with women and Shikhandee was the incarnation of a woman, so Bheeshm saw a woman in him and did not counter him.

He had his own conditions of War before he fought from Duryodhan's side. He would not kill Paandav. He would kill 10,000 soldiers daily. He would not counter attack any woman. Till he will be Chief Commander of the army, Karn will never be seen anywhere in the battle ground. When he heard that Krishn would not take up any weapon, he took a vow that he would force him to take up the weapon. He did that not only once, but twice during his 10 days time.

Bheeshm did not die instantly. He lay down on the bed of arrows for several days, till the war was over, then till the Uttaraayan day arrived. After the war was over, Yudhishthir came to him for guidance to rule the kingdom. His all teachings are recorded in Mahaabhaarat's Shaanti Parv.

Vishnu Sahastra Naam
Vishnu Sahastra Naam is a great composition in the Hindu literature by "Grandsire" Bheeshm. When he was defeated and lay on a bed of arrows waiting for an auspicious moment to breathe his last; it is then that Krishn unfolds Himself in His universal form (Vishwaroop) and Bheeshm sings 1000 names in the Lord's praise that came to be known as Vishnu Sahastranaam.



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