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Raam-3: Killing of Raavan

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Raam-3: Killing of Raavan
[From Maanas]

1. Birth and Marriage o Raam
2. Raam Goes to Forest
3. Killing of Raavan

In Search of Seetaa
Sugreev was the king of Vaanar and lived on Rishyamook mountain. He had an elder brother Baali who had exiled him from his kingdom, and now he was very much scared of him. As he saw two men coming towards the mountain, he sent his Minister Hanumaan to find out who were they, lest they are Baali's men. Hanumaan went to Raam, had their introduction and brought them to Sugreev that he would help them in search of Seetaa. Raam extended friendship with Sugrev, killed his elder brother Baali and coronated Sugreev as the king of Kishkindhaa, and Baali's son Angad as the Crown Prince.

After the coronation, Sugreev sent his Vaanar in all the four directions to find out about Seetaa. Hanumaan, Jaambvaan went to south carrying Raam's ring as Raam's identification for Seetaa under the leadership of Angad. On the way they got thirsty so they met a woman who told them that Lankaa was across the sea and she dropped them on the seashore within a moment. But now how to cross the sea?

Nearby lived Sampaati, Jataaayu's elder brother brother. He burnt his wings in his youth so he could not go far to catch prey and was always on look out for his food. As he saw these Vaanar sitting he thought that he had got good food. But he heard them talking, "Jataayu has lost his life in the service of Raam and we are not able to do anything." Hearing Jataayu's name Sampaati became friendly with them. He got sorry to hear Jataayu's death. His wings also grew. He said that he could not help them much more than telling them that he could see Seetaa for them, because of his old age. He told them that Seetaa was sitting in Lankaa in Ashok Van. Jaambvaan reminded Hanumaan about his powers and Hanumaan started flying in the sky.

While crossing the sea, Mainaak mountain came to give him some rest, but Hanumaan politely refused saying that he could not take rest without completing Raam's work. Then Devtaa sent their mother Surasaa to test his wisdom. She told him that she would eat him. Hanumaan said, "You eat me when I have finished Raam's work" but she did not listen to it and opened a very large mouth before him. Hanumaan changed himself to a tiny form, went inside her mouth and came back immediately. He greeted her and proceeded further. he killed one Raakshas also and came to Lankaa.

There he met Lankinee, the guard of Lankaa, hit her and entered Lankaa in night. Then he met Vibheeshan, then he came to Ashok Van and saw Seetaa sitting under a tree. Raavan also came there to threaten Her but Seetaa was firm in Her ideas. Hanumaan gave Raam's ring to Seetaa and asked Her permission to eat fruits which She readily gave. As he ate fruits he destroyed Ashok Van, beat and killed many Raakshas. Raavan sent his son Akshaya Kumaar to bring him but Hanumaan killed him, The Raavan sent Meghnaad to arrest him. Meghnaad used Brahmaastra so to respect Brahmaastra Hanumaan got unconscious and Meghnaad took him tying by Nag Paash.

There, in Raavan's court, Hanumaan advised Raavan to return Seetaa but Raavan ordered his people to set fire in his tail. Now Hanumaan enlarged his tail so long that Lankaa's all cloth and oil and Ghee was consumed in that. Hanumaan climbed up the palaces of Lankaa and burned the whole Lankaa except Vibheeshan's palace and Seetaa's dwelling place. He took Seetaa's identification, Her Choodaamani, and came back to Raam. Raam was very happy to get the news about Seetaa and see Her Choodaamani. They immediately started for the sea shore.

Here, in Lankaa, Mandodaree (Raavan's wife), Vibheeshan, Maalyavaan all advised him not to break fight with Raam but he did not listen to anybody. Even he hit Vibheeshan with his foot. This made Vibheeshan very sad and he came to Raam to join Him. They built the bridge over the sea with the help of Nal and Neel and crossed the sea. Here Raam once shot an arrow and it felled Raavan's crowns from his head and Mandodaree's earrings from her ears.

Raam sent Angad as His messenger saying that if Raavan returned Seetaa, Raam would go back without fighting, but Raavan did not listen this advice also. The war started from next day. Once Meghnaad hit Power to Lakshman and Lakshman got unconscious. Jaambvaan advised Raam to bring Sushen Vaidya from Lankaa. Hanumaan brought him along with his house. He asked for Sanjeevanee herb to treat Lakshman. Hanumaan went to Himaalaya to bring that herb. When he was bringing it, he flew over Ayodhyaa. Bharat saw a large black thing going over the city, he thought "this might be a Raakshas and is going to harm my Raam" so he shot an arrow and Hanumaan fell on the ground calling "Raam, Raam". Hearing Raam's name Bharat felt guilty and sent him quickly riding on his arrow. Hanumaan reached there in time and Lakshman got all right. Hanumaan dropped Sushen at his place as before.

After this Meghnaas did a Yagya to become invincibe in the war but because of Vibheeshan Raam knew about it. He sent Hanumaan, Angad and Lkshman to destroy his Yagya. they destroyed the Yagya and Lakshman killed Megnaad. After this Raavan woke up Kumbhkarn to fight. He was also killed by Raam.

Once Raavan hit a Power to Lakshman and Lakshman fell on the ground. Raavan thought to lift him up, but he could not even move a bit. Hanumaan came and lifted him like a flower and took him to their camp. Another time Raavan shot an arrow which created snakes and they started drinking blood of Raam and Lakshman. Naarad Jee sent Garud to eat those snakes, then they could be saved.

Now there was fight between Raam and Raavan. Raam used to shoot 30 arrows - 10 for his heads and 20 for his arms, but all of them grew again after being cut. When Raavan could not b killed like this, Vibheeshan told Him that Raavan had a lump of Amrit in his navel area that is why he was not being killed. Then Raam shot 31 arrows, the 31st one for his Amrit lump, and killed him.

Raam coronated Vibheeshan as the King of Lankaa, got Seetaa back, made Her go through Agni and came back to Ayodhyaa riding in Pushpak Vimaan. Everybody was happy and then He was coronated as the King of Ayodhyaa.



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