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Raam-2: Raam Goes to Forest

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Raam-2: Raam Goes to Forest
[From Maanas]

1. Birth and Marriage o Raam
2. Raam Goes to Forest
3. Killing of Raavan

All lived in Ayodhyaa happily for some time. One day Dasharath thought that he was growing old, let him appoint Raam as the crown prince. So he consulted Vashishth Jee, fixed a day and started preparations for it. Kaushalya was very happy, even the whole Ayodhyaa as very happy as all loved Raam very much. But Devtaa wanted to send Raam to forest to kill Raakshas and here Raam was going to be the Crown Prince. They immediately remembered Saraswatee  to do something. She turned the mind of Mantharaa, a favorite and sincere maid of Kaikeyee.

When Mantharaa saw all this she went to Kaikeyee and turned her mind also against Raam. She suggested her to ask for the two Var the King promised her to give in past - in one Var she should ask for crowning Bharat, and in second Var she should ask for Raam's exile for 14 years. When Dasharath came in the evening and went to Kaikeyee's palace, she asked the above two Var. King said - "I can crown Bharat immediately but do not ask me to send Raam to forest, I will die without Him. At least let me live so that I can see Bharat's crowning ceremony." But Kaikeyee didn't agree with it and Dasharath had to send Raam to forest.

When Raam got ready to go to forest, Seetaa and Lakshman also followed Him. Dasharath died after he heard the confirmation that Raam had gone to forest. Everybody was sad but could not do anything except abusing Kaikeyee. Raam met Kevat Guh Nishaad on the banks of Gangaa River. He took them across the river. From there they came to Bharadwaaj Muni's Aashrm in Prayaag. From there they came to Atri Muni's Aashram.

When Sumantra, Dasharath's Minister, came back after dropping Raam, Lakshman and Seetaa in the forest, and told him that they had gone, Dasharath could not live long. He died soon. Vashishth Jee called Bharat from his grandmother's (Naanaa) house. When he came to Ayodhyaa and learnt about all the affair, he abuse his mother very much. He was so sorry that he decided to go to Raam to bring Him back to Ayodhya. He did the last rites of his father and set off to the forest. All went there but Raam didn't come back. King Janak also came there. Bharat returned from there carrying Raam's Paadukaa. He kept Paadukaa on the throne and strted ruling Ayodhyaa in the absence of Raam. He did not live in the city, but lived outside in Nandee Graam as an ascetic observing hard rules, as Raam lived in the forest, he lived here in Nandee Graam.

And from here they came to Agastya Muni's Aashram. Agastya Muni sent them to live in Panchvatee in Dandak Van. On the way they met Jataayu bird and then they started living in Panchvatee.

One day Shoorpankhaa, Raavan's sister, happened to be there. She saw Raam and got attracted to Him, but Lakshman devoured her by cutting her nose and ears. She went to her two brothers, Khar and Dooshan, to help her, but Raam killed both of them along with Trishiraa Raakshas and his army 14,000 Raakshas. Now Shoorpankhaa went to Raavan and instigated him. Raavan thought "who could this be who killed his brothers who were mighty like him. If He was Bhagavaan then he would go to Heaven after being killed by Him, or if he was human being, he could win him easily. let me kidnap His wife."

So he went to Maareech and asked him to appear as golden deer in front of Raam's hut, and when Raam would go to catch him, he would kidnap Seetaa. Maareech fist warned himthat he was not an ordinary prince, He was Bhagavaan, but Ravan didn't listen to him, so he thought better to die with Raam's hands instead of Raavan's. He assumed a golden deer's form and started grazing green grass in front of Raam's hut. As Seetaa saw that deer, She asked Raam to bring its skin. Raam asked Lakshman to take care of Seetaa and went to catch that deer, but the deer took Him very far from the hut. Then Raam shot an arrow at him, he died calling "Lakshman, Seetey" and remembering "Raam" in his heart.

As Seetaa heard Lakshman and Her own name, she thought that Raam is in trouble, so She sent Lakshman to rescue Raam in spite of Lakshman's saying "Raam is all-powerful, He cannot be in trouble". Lakshman went to rescue Raam drawing a circle around Seetaa's hut and warning Her that she should not cross that As Lakshman went away,  line in any case. Raavan came there and kidnapped Seetaa. Jataayu saw him taking Seetaa on his chariot, he tried to stop him but failed.

After killing the deer Raam returned. He met Lakshman on his way. When Raam saw Lakshman coming He got sure that Seetaa was not in the Aashram. When they came in their Aashram, Seetaa was not there. Now they had started searching for Her. They met Jataayu who said to them that Raavan had taken Her to Lankaa. He was very badly wounded, so he died soon.

When they further went they met Shabaree who told them that they should extend friendship with Sugreev who lived on Rishyamook mountain. He will help them to find Seetaa, so they proceeded towards Rishyamook mountain.



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