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Story No 2-3/5

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2-3 Story of the Fisherman (3 of 5) :
The Husband and the Parrot

The King said - "There was a young man who loved his wife dearly and never left her alone. One day, by chance, he had to go to somewhere on some important business. He went to market where all kinds of birds were sold. There he bought a parrot. His specialty was that he could tell about what had happened even before. He brought him home in a cage and asked his wife to hang that cage in her room and take great care of him while he was away. When he came back, he asked the parrot to tell him what happened in his absence. He told him some things about his wife that he had to scold her.

First the wife thought that one of her slave told him those things, but later she came to know that it was not the slave, but it was the parrot who told him about her, so she decided to take revenge from him. One day when her husband was out for one day, she asked her one slave to turn on a hand-mill under the cage of the parrot; and the other slave to pour water on the cage; and a third one to take a mirror and put it in front of his eyes. The slaves did it very well.

The next day when the husband came he asked his parrot what he had seen. The parrot said - "My master, Lightening, thunder and rain disturbed me so much all night long that I suffered so much that I cannot tell you." The husband knew that there was no thunder, no lightening yesterday,  and got convinced that the parrot was lying. He got so angry with the parrot that he threw him on the ground so badly that the parrot died. Although later he had to repent for his action, because the parrot was speaking the truth."

Fisherman continued the story - "O Genie, When the Greek King finished his story, he said to the Vazeer (Prime Minister) - "In the same way, I will not listen to you and I will take care of the physician, in case I will have to repent later." But the Vazeer was determined in his intentions, so he said - "Your Majesty, The parrot was just a bird, but when it comes to life a King, it is better to sacrifice an innocent than save the guilty. I can prove to you that the physician wants to kill you. If I am wrong, I should be punished, as a Vazeer was once punished." The King asked - "What did that Vazeer do so that he was punished?" The Vazeer said - "I tell you, Your Majesty, if you care to listen."

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