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1-1 The Merchant and the Genie (1 of 3)

Long time ago, there was a merchant who was very rich. He used to go to far places from time to time to do his business. Once he set out for his journey putting a few eatables in his pocket because he knew that he would not get anything to eat on his way, which went through desert. On the 4th day of his journey, when he was coming back after finishing his business, he felt the scorching heat, so he branched from his road and came to a walnut tree where a fountain of clear water was running. He took some food, drank water and took some rest there.

As he was taking some rest, he saw a huge Genie (Jinn) coming angrily towards him. Genie said to him - "I will kill you, since you have killed my son." Merchant got scared to see him and asked him politely - "Sir, May I know what have I done to you that you have to come to kill me?" Genie again said - "I will kill you as you have killed my son." The merchant again spoke trembling - "But Sir, How can I kill your son? I do not know him, I have not seen him."

Genie asked - "When you came here, didn't you sit down here? And when you sat down here, didn't you eat the dates? And when you ate the dates, didn't you throw their seeds around?" "Yes, I did all that,  but how did I kill your son?" "When you were throwing the seeds of the dates, my son was passing by, and one of them hit his eye and he died because of that." Merchant said - "Sir, I might have killed your son unintentionally, please forgive me for that." "No, I will kill you as you killed my son." And he lifted the merchant to throw him on the ground. The merchant cried taking his wife and children's names and tried his best to save himself.

At this time the day broke, Shaharzaad knew that Sulataan rose very early in the morning, so she stopped telling her story. Deenaarzaad said - "Oh Sister, This is a wonderful story." Shaharzaad said - "The remaining story is more wonderful." Shahariyaar thought, "I can wait till tomorrow to hear the end of this story. I can always kill her whenever I like." And he went away. Vazeer was very anxious to know about his daughter, but he was very much relieved, when he saw the Sultaan entering the court. He took a great sigh of relief.

Next morning, Deenaarzaad again requested her sister to continue the story - "Sister, If you are not sleep, can you continue with your story?" This time she did not need to take Sultaan's permission, Sultaan himself said to her - "Finish the story, I am anxious to know the end."

And she again started - When the merchant saw that Genie is not going to spare his life, he asked him some time, so that he could go home, meet his wife and children, and make his will. And then he would surely come back in his service. Genie said - "If I will give you this time, I am sure, you will not come back." "No Sir, I promise , I will surely come back. Please give me a year. I will be here today, 12 months from this day." Genie agreed, he released him and the merchant immediately rode on his horse and came back to his house.

His wife and children were very happy to see him, but he started weeping so they understood that something was wrong. His wife asked him what was the matter. He said - "Dear, I have only one year to live," and told her the whole story. They all became very sad hearing this. From next day he started settling his pending matters. Soon the year passed, and he said good-bye to his family with a heavy heart. He came to the same place where he saw Genie last year on the same day. He sat down near the fountain and waited there for the Genie to come.

As he was waiting, a man happened to come there and asked him - "Brother, May I know why are you here? This place is beautiful, but it is not free from danger; as many Genie live here." Merchant told him the whole story. The man got curious and sat down with him to witness the event. In the meantime another old man came there with his two black dogs. He also asked them what were they doing there. He also got curious to know the story of the merchant, so he also sat down there with them. In the meantime a third man also came there and he also sat down there with them in curiosity.

Soon they saw smoke rising in front of them and Genie coming out of it. He again said the same thing - "Get up, I will kill you as you have killed my son." All the four men began to weep bitterly. The first old man fell on Genie's feet and said - "Please listen to me, I am going to tell you my story, if you find it interesting, you will do away with the third part of his punishment."

Genie thought for a few moments and said - "OK, I agree."

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