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2-2 Story of the Fisherman (2 of 5) :
The Greek King and the Physician Doobaan

Fisherman said - "There lived a King in Zoomaan, in Persia. The King suffered from leprosy disease and no physician could cure him. Then one day a special physician came to his court. The courtiers told him about the King's illness. He said - "Sir, I know that no physician has been able to cure you but if you follow my instruction, I can cure you." The King said - "If you will cure me, I will make you and your descendents rich forever."

The physician made a polo club, gave it to the King and asked him to follow him. He took him to a certain place and asked him to play. He said - "You hold this club and hit the ball till your body feels the heat. When you feel the heat, it means that the remedy which is in its handle has penetrated your body. Go home, take bath and sleep. Next day you will be all right. The King started playing the ball with his courtiers. When he felt heat in his body, he stopped playing, went home, took bath and slept. Next day when he rose, to his astonishment, he found himself completely cured. He was so happy to see that. The physician Doobaan entered the court. Seeing him, the King called him, made him sit by his side and gave him 2,000 gold coins. Next day also he did some favors to him.

Now there was a Vazeer of the King who was very greedy. He did not like all this, so he thought to put an end to all this. He talked to the King in private - "Sir, You do not know that this man is not a physician, but a traitor who has come to assassinate you." The king said - "He doesn't seem so. I am sure he is the most faithful to me because if he wanted to take my life why should he cure me? Don't talk to me against him. I remember what a Vazeer of said to King Sindbaad, his master, to prevent him from putting the Prince, his son, to death.

The Vazeer got curious to know what the Vazeer said to the King Sindbaad. The King said to his Vazeer - "The Vazeer told him that one ought not to believe everything a mother-in-law says, and told him this story."

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