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3-An Intelligent Jackal
From  Mahaabhaarat, G-2-Childhood/3

This is the story of a jackal who was well conversant in politics. There lived a jackal in a forest. He was very wise and lived with four animals - a tiger, a mouse, a wolf, and a mongoose. One day they saw a strong deer in the forest but they could not seize him, so they all gathered for consultation. The jackal said - "You have been unable to seize this deer because he is young and intelligent, so now let the mouse go and eat his feet while he is sleeping; and then the tiger should go and seize him. Then we can eat him."

So they set off to their work as they were told to do. The mouse ate into his feet and the tiger killed him. Seeing the deer lying motionless, the jackal said - "Now you may go and perform your ablution and then come back. So all went to a river and jackal sat there thinking what he should do next. The tiger returned first and found jackal in meditation. He said to him - 'Why are you so sad, you are the most intelligent among us. Come let us eat this deer." The jackal said - "Hear what mouse was saying, he said - "I have killed this deer and because of me only the tiger will be able to eat him." When he spoke like this, I did not dare to touch him." The tiger said - "If the mouse has really said this, I am also conscious. From now on I myself will kill animals and eat them." and he went away.

Now the mouse came, so the jackal said to him - "O mouse, Hear to what the mongoose has said, he said - "This deer is poisonous because tiger has touched it with his paws, I cannot eat it. On the other hand if jackal permits, I will kill mouse and eat him." Hearing this, the mouse became alarmed and ran away into his hole.

After the mouse had gone, the wolf came. The jackal said to the wolf - "The King of the beasts is angry with you, he is expected here anytime with his wife, so do as you please." Hearing this the wolf also ran away. Thus the jackal got rid of the wolf also.

Now came mongoose, so he said to him - "I have defeated all others, now you first fight with me, then only you can eat the deer." Mongoose got scared and said - "When you have defeated all others who were so powerful, then who am I to fight with you?" and mongoose also went away. The jackal got very happy to see his policy implemented and he ate the deer peacefully."

Thus the jackal divided his friends and ate the whole deer himself.



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