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4-A Foolish Frog

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4-A Foolish Frog

Two geese were preparing to start their journey southward for their annual migration when a frog asked if they would be willing to take him with them. The geese said yes but wondered how it could be done. The frog was very creative, so he produced a long but strong stalk of grass. He persuaded the two geese to hold each end of that straw of grass while he clung to it in the middle by his mouth.

The unusual threesome took off and were making good progress when some men below, observing the strange sight, loudly expressed their admiration for their creativity and wondered aloud as who had been so clever enough to design it. When the frog heard them, his vanity got the better of him, and he opened his mouth to shout - "It was I!" But as soon as he opened his mouth, he immediately fell down on the ground and was dashed to pieces.

Singing Crow and a Fox

There is another similar story about a crow. Once a crow got a piece of bread from somewhere. He flew and perched on a high branch of a tree with the intention to eat it. He was about to eat it that a fox saw the piece bread in crow's beak. he thought to take that bread out of his beak. So he came near that tree and said to the crow - "Brother Crow, You sing very well. I have not heard you singing for a long time, please sing once for me. I like your singing very much." Since the crow had the bread in his beak, he did not reply to the fox. He kept quiet.

The fox did not leave the hope, he again said - "Brother Crow, You really sing very well. I longed to hear your singing, so I was looking for you, and you are sitting here. Please sing a song for me. I love your singing." The crow got very happy to hear his praise and as he opened his beak to sing the song, the piece of bread fell from his beak and the fox just picked it up very quickly and went away.

Thus perhaps the oldest adage about "keeping our mouths shut" is "Keep your mouth shut, and people will never know just how ignorant you are. Open it, and you remove all doubt." We're told we have one mouth and two ears, which is the "proof positive" that we should talk only half as much as we listen to.



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