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Brihaspati or Guru (Jupiter)

Brahmaa's one of the 10 Maanas Putra was Angiraa  [6] . Angiraa was married to Shraddhaa - one of the 9 daughters of Kardam Rishi and had three sons - Utathya, Brihaspati (read Brihaspati's Vrat Kathaa here, and his own story here) and Samvart. Where Shukra (Venus) is a Braahman and follows Bhrigu's (another Maanas Putra of Brahmaa) lineage, Brihaspati (Jupiter) is also a Braahman and follows Angiraa's lineage.

He has a strange story of his birth. Angira's wife Shraddhaa, who was another creation of Brahma, was unfaithful to her husband during her pregnancy and as a result she gave birth to a stillborn child. However she repented for her mistake and was able to regain the favor of Angiraa. Angiraa then gave life to the child, who was then named Brihaspati.

Brihaspati had two wives - Shubh and Taaraa. Hs first wife Shubh gave birth to 7 daughters - Bhaanumatee, Raakaa, Archishmatee, Mahaamatee, Mahishmatee, Sineevaalee, and Havishmatee; his second wife Taaraa gave birth to 7 sons and one daughter. He had two sons from his brother Utathya's wife Mamataa also - Kach and Bharadwaaj. When he had Mamataa, Mamataa was already pregnant. As he tried to impregnate her, her child in her womb protested, but Brihaspati cursed him for his objection that he should be born with utter darkness. That child was Deerghtamaa who was born blind just because of Brihaspati's Shaap. Brihaspati's own child was Bharadwaaj who was immediately born. Both Brihaspati and Mamataa did not take care of the child so they abandoned him there only. Maruts found him, named him as Bharadwaaj, and brought him up. He was later adopted by King Dushyant.

Brihaspati attained his position as the preceptor of the Devtaa by performing penances on the banks of Prabhaas Teerth. Lord Shiv granted him this position, as well as his position as one of the Nava Grahas (nine planets).

In the Bhagavad Geetea, Shree Krishn teaches that among the priests, He is Brihaspati, that shows that He addresses Brihaspati as the highest, and proves that Brihaspati is like Bhagavaan Himself.

Brihaspati in Jyotish

In Jyotish (Hindu astrology), Brihaspati is the name for the planet Jupiter, which is one of the Nava Graha (cosmic influencers) or planets. It is also known as Guru, Kuraa and Devaguru. Brihaspati is considered to be the greatest benefic of any of the planets. He rules over the signs Dhanus (Sagittarius) and Meen (Pisces), he is exalted in Kark (Cancer) and is fallen in Makar Capricorn) signs. The Sun, Moon and Mars are considered friendly to Brihaspati, Mercury is hostile and Saturn is neutral.

Brihaspati is the Lord of three Nakshatras or lunar mansions: Punarvasu, Vishaakhaa and Poorv-Bhaadrapad. Yellow colored items, like yellow cloth, Moong Daal, Chanaa Daal, jaggry etc, are considered associated with Brihaspati: his color is yellow, metal is gold and gemstone is yellow topaz. The season associated with him is winter (snow), direction is north-east and element is ether or space.

Guru in Vedic astrology is considered to be of the element ether (space) or Aakaash Tattwa (Aakaash = Space/Sky/Aether; Tattwa = Essence/Category/Truth). This indicates vastness, growth and expansion in a person's horoscope and life. Brihaspati also represents the balance of past Karm, religion, philosophy, knowledge and issues relating to offspring. He is concerned with education, teaching and the dispensation of knowledge. Humans with Jupiter dominating in their horoscope could grow fat as life progresses and their empire and prosperity increases; and diabetes is an ailment directly related to Jupiter. According to traditional Hindu astrology, worship or propitiation of Brihaspati or Guru (Jupiter) results in cure from ailments affecting the stomach and helps ward off sins.

Brihaspati is a Kaarak or indicator of fortune, wealth, fame, luck, devotion and faith, spirituality, charity, morality, meditation, Mantra, children, Magistrates, ministers, lawyers, leaders in government and religion. He represents wisdom, benevolence and philosophy. His most favored position in a chart is 1st House, but he does well both in the Kendra and Angles and the auspicious Trikon Houses. As a benefic planet, he reaches full maturity at the earliest of the Nine Grahas - at the age of 16.

Worship of Brihaspati results in a cure for ailments affecting the stomach and helps one to ward off his sins, helps him in gaining strength, valor and longevity etc. He grants the boon of fatherhood to the childless, and good education. He should be worshipped on Thursdays. The following story goes whenever he is worshipped --

Story to be Told on Thursday

There lived a King who had 7 sons and their wives. Two Braahmans used to come to them to beg the alms from them, but the wives used to return them empty handed. Therefore Brihaspati Dev got angry with them, so he took all wealth from the King. When poverty reigned all over the kingdom, the youngest wife sought forgiveness of those Braahman and started giving them alms. But the elder 6 wives still denied alms to them. The youngest wife asked the Braahman the remedy to getting over their bad days. The Braahman advised her to keep fast on Thursdays and feed Braahman. If anyone's husband has gone to foreign country, then she should make two human figures behind the door that would make sure his early safe return. If the family is stricken with poverty then these figures should be made on a box.

The King's 7 sons had already gone to far countries, so the youngest wife observed all the rituals as advised by those Braahman. Her husband had gone to a country whose king had died. The King had no son. So after his death his people were looking for a successor. To find a suitable successor, they hung a garland on the horn of a female elephant. Now that she-elephant will put that garland in whoever's neck he will be the next King of that country according to their tradition.

The she-elephant was going all around, and she put that garland in the youngest son's neck. Now he became the king of that country. He searched for his brothers but in vain. He had to build a tank for his people, so he engaged thousands of laborers. Among them were his brothers also. He called all of them, took them to his palace and all started living peacefully. Seeing this effect of Brihaspati's Vrat, all other wives also started keeping it and all of them became prosperous.



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