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32-Story of Utathya

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Story of Utathya

Utathya was the descendant of Maharshi Angiraa - one of the 10 Maanas Putra of Brahmaa  [6]. The daughter of Soma, named Bhadra, came to be regarded as unrivalled in beauty. Her sire Soma regarded Utathya to be the fittest of husbands for her. The famous and highly blessed maiden of faultless limbs, observing diverse vows, underwent the severest austerities from the desire of obtaining Utathya for her lord. After a while, Som's father Rishi Atri, inviting Utathya to his house, bestowed upon him the famous maiden. Utathya, who used to give away sacrificial presents in copious measure, duly received the girl for his wife.

Varun Dev, who had formerly been enamored of her, carried her off from Utathya's hermitage. when she had plunged into the Yamuna for a bath. Abducting her thus, Arun took her to his own abode. That mansion was of a wonderful aspect. It was adorned with six hundred thousand lakes. There is no mansion that can be regarded more beautiful than that palace of Varun. It was adorned with many palaces and by the presence of many kinds of tribes of Apsaraa and of many excellent articles of enjoyment. There, within that palace, the Lord of Waters thus sported with the damsel.

Utathya then sent Naarad Jee to bring her back but he would not give her up to him. He got very angry at this and drank up all the sea, but still Varun Dev would not let her go. So Naarad Jee came back to Utathya and cheerlessly said, "O great ascetic, Varun has driven me out from his house, seizing me by the throat. He is unwilling to send you back your spouse. Do as you please. Hearing these words of Naarad Jee, Utathya became very angry. Endued with wealth of penances, he solidified the waters and drank them off, aided by his energy. Varun became very sad at this, still he did not give up Utathya's wife.

Then Utathya, that foremost of regenerate persons, filled with wrath, commanded Earth, saying, "O Earth, Do show land where there are at present the six hundred thousand lakes." At these words of the Rishi, the Ocean receded from the spot indicated, and land appeared which was exceedingly sterile. Then he addressed to the countries and to the river: -- "Hey Saraswatee River, disappear into the deserts, and let this land, deserted by thee, become impure." After Utathya had made countries dried up, Varun submitted himself to Utathya and brought back his wife Bhadraa to him. The sage was pleased to get back his wife, and released both the world and Varun from their sufferings.

Utathya and Brihaspati

Utathya had two brothers - Brihaspati and Samvart. According to Mahaabhaarat, Brihaspati had illicit relations with his brother Utathya's wife Mamataa at the time she was pregnant with Deerghtamaa. The child in her womb asked him not to make effort to put another child with him, but Brihaspati didn't listen to him and cursed the child in womb to be in perpetual darkness. That is why Deerghtamaa was born blind. The other one who was his own, he named him Bharadwaaj.



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