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11-Vikram Suffers for His Words

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Vikram Suffers for His Words

Now the time has come for Vikramaaditya to give his final verdict. Vikramaadity was very intelligent King and all Pandit respected him very well. They were waiting to hear his words. He was thinking about everything he heard but, God knows why his mind was going around Saturn and his cruelty and suddenly he spoke these words - "Better not to have a son at all, rather to have one with such a hateful gaze as Shani's. If Shani tormented even his own father, then who can he spare, tell me O Wise Ones?"

For his bad luck, it so happened, that Shani Dev was passing by through the sky in his Vimaan (airplane). He overheard the King's comments, so he landed there and entered the King's court. Seeing him all rose at once, their mouths got dried up in fear, they prostrated on the ground as if got stuck to it. Sometimes something happens by just a slip of the tongue. You just wish you had not told those words, but since the words cannot come back once spoken, they overshadow everything good you have ever done in your life. Such was the time for Vikramaaditya now. He prostrated at Shani's feet with utmost reverence and offered him his own throne to be seated. He worshipped him intently.

When the King had finished his worship, Saturn said to him - "You have insulted me in front of of your courtiers in spite of being aware of my powers. You know that even Devtaa fear me. Well, I am going to enter Kanyaa Raashi (Virgo) which is the 12th House in your Raashi horoscope. This means that for the next 7 and 1/2 years you will know me in a better way as who I am. You don't know my prowess. Chandramaa stays in one Sign for a mere 2 and 1/4 days; Soorya stays in one Sign for a month; Mangal stays for one and 1/2 months; Brihaspati stays for 12 months; and Raahu and Ketu for 18 months; but I stay in one Sign for full 30 months. I have given miseries even to Bhagavaan Himself (see Shani and Raam and Shani and Krishn). I sent even Shree Raam for exile for 14 years, so you better prepare for your own bad days." After warning thus Shani Dev rose from the throne and Vikram fell on his feet. He held his feet and asked for his forgiveness. Shani Dev said - "If I will show mercy to you, you will never be able to know me. One must experience my game at least once."

Vikram thought himself that he would have to suffer for his actions against Shani Dev. What he could do do? Did Chandramaa know, when he stole Brihaspati's wife Taaraa, that it will lead him to suffer Daksh's curse? Did Daksh know that cursing his son-in-law Chandramaa will lead to his own death? Why go far? Vishnu Himself had to beg the Universe from Bali after He cheated Bali of the Amrit? What has happened must be endured."

Thinking thus he came back to his palace. One month passed like this thinking about his own Karm.



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