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How to Read Sundar Kaand

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How to Read Sudar Kaand

Many Raamaayan    How To Read This Raamaayan

Sundar Kaand has its own importance, not only in Tulasee's Maanas but also in Vaalmeeki Raamaayan (read also How to Read Sundar Kaand in V-Raamaayan). It really benefits lot in our life. There are 10 ways of getting maximum benefits from Sundar Kaand.

The easiest thing about its recitation is that Sundar Kaand Paath (recitation) can be done any time, any day with or without music. However the following will help one to get maximum advantage.

(1) If you are doing it alone, it is better you do it early morning around 4-6 am in "Brahm Muhoor".
(2) If you are doing it in a group, then it can be done any time, but gives maximum benefit when done after 7 pm in the evening. Sundar Kaand when done in a group, should be done with music, that is ideal.
(3) Sundar Kaand done in group with music around 5 am on Tuesday, Saturday, on Full Moon day (Poornimaa) and No Moon day (Amaavasyaa) is the ultimate for getting benefits.
(4) While doing Sundar Kaand one should not get up in between, phones should be switched off, no break or no intra or inter talking.
(5) Sundar Kaand done after understanding the meaning of the verses mentioned therein gives instant result.
(6) Before commencing the Sundar Kaand Paath one should take bath and wear light colored clothes. It should be done with empty stomach. It 
gives maximum benefits if done with fasting on Saturdays or Tuesdays.
(7) Sundar Kaand necessarily be started by "Aavaahan" (‘invitation’ verses of Shreei Hanumaan Jee) and ended by his "Bidaaee" (sending off).
(8) In order to get better concentration during the Paath, do not leave your eyes away from the book. If you do not require a book than close your eyes and imagine the Pratimaa of Shri Hanumaan Jee.

Some of the Verses of Sundar Kaand for Benefits

Foreign Visit
Sundar Kaand should be recited for 14 consecutive days starting from a Tuesday in Shree Hanumaan Jee’s Temple - if not possible then in front of photo of Shree Hanumaan Jee at your residence. Light a Diyaa of Til oil and do a Dhoop of goggle. Apply rose garland on Hanumaan's Pratimaa and keep seasonal fruit (7 in number) and one coconut as Prasaad and plead your "Sankalp" and read out Sundar Kaand with utmost faith and concentration. Give Chanaa (red gram) to monkeys during the daytime and you will get success.

Freedom from Evil Spirit
Pranavaun Pavankumaar Khal Ban Paavak Gyaanghan, Jaasu Hridaya Aagaar Basahin Raam Sar Chaap Dhari
(Kishkindhaa Kaand, Dohaa No 29)

The above ‘verses’ of Sundar Kaand should to be recited 11 Maalaa, i.e. 11x108 = 1,188 times, daily for 49 days in front of Hanumaan's picture starting from Tuesday. Write this verse on a piece of paper with red ink and keep it on all walls of the house inside the rooms. Simultaneously recite Hanuman Chaaleesaa 108 times on 7 Saturdays and on the last day recite 108 Vishnu Sahastra Naam Paath. See the result.

Freedom from Disease
Naam Paaharu Divas Nisi Dhyaan Tumhaar Kapaat, Lochan Nij Pad Jantrit Jaahi Praan Kehi Baat
(Sundar Kaand, Dohaa No 30)

Recite above verse of at least 11 Maalaa, means 11x108 = 1,188 times, daily by lighting a Diyaa of Ghee in front of Hanumaan's picture starting from Tuesday for 90 days.

To Overcome Frustration
Atulit Bal Dhaamam Hem Shailaabh Deham
Danuj Van Krishaanum Gyaani Naam Graganyam
Sakal Gun Nidhaanam Vaanaraanaam Dheesham
Raghupati Priya Bhaktam Vaat Jaatam Namaami (shlok)

The above verse to be recited for 108 times at Shri Hanumaan Jee’s Temple starting from Tuesday during dusk (evening Sandhyaa) time with a folded hand for 90 days. And see the result.

For Success in New Job or Business
Pravish Nagar Keejai Sab Kaajaa,  Hridaya Raakhi Kosalpur Raajaa -- (Dohaa No 4)

Recite this verse in front of Shree Hanumaan Jee, preferably at Temple, for 108 times 7 days ahead of your starting new job/business. The day you appear for an interview or go for a business you should recite this verse on the way till you reach the spot of your interview or the business.

There are many such verses of Sundar Kaand and even Hanuman Chaaleesaa by which one can get the benefit in solving the worldly problems.

Many Raamaayan    How To Read This Raamaayan


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