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5-Hanumaan and Vibheeshan

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Hanumaan and Vibheeshan

In Tulasee's Maanas, when Vibheeshan goes to Raam after defecting his brother Raavan, Sugreev suggests Raam to arrest him and keep him in custody but Raam says that "We have no fear from him in any case, because if he has come as our friend, he is most welcome and if he has come as a spy then Lakshman alone can kill all the Raakshas on one moment; otherwise also this is my vow that I shelter those who come to Me with clear and pure heart."

Hearing Raam's statement, Hanumaan only got happy, there is no feeling to the reader as if Hanumaan had already told Him about Vibheeshan that "how he was His Bhakt and how he helped him to tell him about Seetaa Jee."

How did it happen in Maanas? I still have to check Vaalmeeki Raamaayan as what has been written there at this occasion.

The episode of Hanumaan meeting Vibheeshan in Lankaa is not found in Vaalmeeki Raamaayan, so no question arises with regards to Hanumaan expressing anything related to Vibheeshan to Raam there.

Now coming to Maanas - here there are two minute points to appreciate this whole episode here -->

Firstly if Hanumaan would have told Raam about the noble ways of Vibheeshan then it would not have helped bring out the extraordinary affection of Raam for His Sharanaagat (refugees); in that case everyone would have said what a big deal if Raam accepted noble Vibheeshan, but now devotees never get tired of singing the ever infinite grace of Raam unmatched in accepting His Sharanaagat Vrat. Hanumaan himself being the greatest devotee of Raam can foresee this and thus refrained from expressing anything beforehand to Him; which is why Tulasee Daas Jee has expressed the internal feelings of Hanumaan Jee seeing Vibheeshan being accepted by Raam, in following words--

suni prabhu bachan harash hanumaanaa, sharanaagat vatsal bhagavaanaa
[meaning: Hearing those words of Raam, Hanumaan was delighted in his heart and thought to himself that how much affectionate the Lord has for his devotees and Sharanaagat.]

For the same reason Hanumaan didn't tell about Vibheeshan even after he had become the friend of Raam..... .people must know that how generous our Lord is!!..... risking His own life and not caring about His army's secret getting known to enemy, He not only accepted the real brother of Raavan but also went on to the extent of bestowing the Kingdom of Lankaa on him... and also accepting his advice He spent 3 nights to plead with the ocean-god... ..where else would we find a Lord as amiable and as generous as our Raam?

Second point is from the point of view of Laukik Vyavahaar (worldly behavioral conducts). Many people today who are born enemies of Shree Raam, don't leave any slightest opportunity to find faults in His ever spotless fame. So if Hanumaan had told about the ways of Vibheeshan to Raam beforehand then these people would have said that Raam accepted Vibheeshan to get all the secrets of Lankaa and to use him for His advantage... .....Raam already knew that Vibheeshan is good natured and that he would not harm His army or Himself!!

For these reasons alone the foremost among the learned and far-sighted ones, Hanumaan deliberately didn't tell anything about his meeting with Vibheeshan to his Lord.
[by Deepak Tiwari, ValmikiandkambaRamayan Group]



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Created by Sushma Gupta on May 27, 2002
Updated on 09/30/11
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