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4-Raam's Shoes

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Raam's Shoes

In Tulasee's Maanas, Tulasee Daas Jee mentions that Raam was expelled by Kaikeyee in Taapas Vesh (ascetic guise), without shoes, then how come Bharat took His shoes? Even Raam says to Seetaa that she will have to walk without shoes in the forest
[Ayodhyaa Kaand, after Dohaa 61)

When Meghnaad hit his Shakti to Lakshman and he got unconscious; Hanumaan brought Sushen Vaidya  and he asked him to bring Sanjeevanee Bootee for his treatment. At that time Raam was wailing saying "Nij Jananee ke Ek Kumaaraa..." Why He was saying so when his mother had another son Shatrughn?

Jau na hot jag janam  bharat ko, sakal dharm dhur dharani ko....
[Ayodhyaa Kaand, after Doha 232]

"Hoieh bhajan na taamas dehaa ...." Why? All the three brothers - Raavan, Kumbhkaran and Vibheeshan, did so much Tap in the beginning then why did he say this to Raam?
[Aranya Kaand, after Doha 22]




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