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2-Videos on MBH

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2-Videos on MBH
See also   MBH Videos;    MBH in Media for other TV serials

1. Mahabharat TV Serial, presented by BR Chopra and Ravi Chopra, 1988 - 96 episodes
Its 94 weekly episodes ran from Oct 2, 1988 to Jun 24, 1990. This can be seen on  also. It is available on 16 DVDs. Its reference is available on IMDB too :
All 94 Episodes shown on Indian Doordarshan TV, 16 DVDs, in Hindi, with English, French and Spanish subtitles.
New Certified Original Box Edition, Arrow Film Distributors Ltd. 2002, ASIN B00023JH72
Synopsis of all 94 episodes:
Review of the script:

2. Sanjay Khan's Mahabharat-1 - 40 episodes
This Mahaabhaarat is again a TV serial, is in 40 episodes, each about 45 minutes long, and is ripped in 14 DVDs in 2001.
People's Review - bad acting, bad dialog and worse special effects. The special effects look so low quality Cgi that it looks like a Prince of Persia video game. The war sequences are worse. The sky remains yellow and the background (with standing soldiers) looks like (and probably is) a oil painting. The director didn't follow the real Source of the story also. Major characters were omitted and the story modified at will. The terrible acting/overacting by the actors made matters worse. Bheeshm's overacting was intolerable. Karn wore a permanent wooden expression. Duryodhan, Yudhishthir et al were also insufferable. Krishn carried a flute always for no apparent reason (He used it in his youth only when he was a cowherd) The ladies do not age here. Gaandhaaree, Kuntee look very young even when at the time of the war. (They were supposed to be over 100 yrs old).

The dialog was also bad. Part of it was copied from the BR Chopra version. Except it was delivered in a worse way (slow and laborious) Also Balaraam calling the fight between Bheem and Duryadhan - "the last fight of Mahaabhaarat" is funny. (Balaraam of course didn't know that Ved Vyaas was going to call this story Mahaabhaarat!)

All in all this is a terrible mess. The director should take a course on film direction ASAP. And the actors should go back to acting school. Also an apology to all Indians in is order - for insulting the great epic in this manner.

3. Mahabharat Katha, presented by BR Chopra - 40 episodes -
These Mahaabhaarat episodes are from the leftover story of Mahaabhaarat. This serial includes the story of Barabareek and the description  of Yudhishthir's Ashwamedh Yagya. Although Barbareek's story is not given in Vyaas' Mahaabhaarat, but this story has been built up from Skand Puraan, Maaheshwar Khand, story of Barbareek. Most artists are the same as from the old Mahaabhaarat TV serial given above as Item No 2, except Krishn and Kuntee. Both are missed in this serial by everyone. Krishn's part is played by Rishabh Shukla who played the part of Shaantanu in the old presentation. Dialogs are a little childish, dialog delivery is also a little modern, sets and dresses are also of a little brighter color, both of which when compared with the previous serial, looks a little apparently odd.

4. Peter Brook's Mahaabhaarat
This complete Mahaabhaarat is available on You Tube. Here are the links:

Part 1:
Part 2
Part 3:

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5. The Women of Mahaabhaarat
Here is the vimeo link of the long English version of The Women of Mahaabhaarat
Password: anecdotefilms



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