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1-Videos on MBH

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1-Videos on MBH
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This list includes MBH serials and videos made and shown in other countries, MBH related videos etc

(1) London/International 1989: "The Mahabharata" by Peter Brook, 312 min., DVD Box in English, Bfi Video Publishing 2005, ASIN B00092ZE64
"The Mahabharata" (1989) by Peter Brook : available on IMDb too :

(2) Netherlands/International 2001: "Myths of Mankind: The Mahabharata" by Roel Oostra & Paul William Roberts, 55 mins, documentary, CTC Cresset Communications BV.

(3) London 1990: "Mahabharat" by BR Chopra & Ravi Chopra,
digitally re-mastered abridged 15-hour version shown on BBC 1990/91, 5 DVDs, Arrow Film Distributors Ltd. 2003, ASIN B0000BV1J9
Review of the script:

(4) India 198?: "Mahabharata - The Indian Classic" by Devotional Drama Series, 125 min.
DVD, Hindi with English subtitles
I'm lacking details on this film - anybody can help?

Another Bit of Sightseeing

Lokamanya Bal Gangadhar Tilak (India 1903), The Arctic Home in the Vedas (reprinted Poona 1926, published 1956)
(the whole e-book online, "Mahaabhaarata" mentioned on pages 64, 70, 156, 157, 307, 358, 359, 362, 392, 395, 396, 416)

1 more, really interesting e-book in that location:
Marija Gimbutas (Lithuania, California 1963), The Balts, Thames & Hudson, London 1963
(In 1956 Marija Gimbutas introduced her Kurgan hypothesis combining archaeology with linguistics to locate the origins of the Proto-Indo-European (PIE) speaking peoples. She tentatively named the set of cultures in question "Kurgan" after the Russian term for their distinctive burial mounds and traced their diffusion into Europe - see:

Beware of the gothic homepage for that site: it shows fascistic tendencies, that's why the "Arians" are honored there. Found the site occasionally while googling.

Some Videos Related to Mahaabhaarat

These Videos will keep you all Enlightened on Atomic Bomb .......... and Mahaabhaarat Yug 


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