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Balaraam's Pilgrimage-3

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Balaraam's Teerth Yaatraa-3
Ch   43-46

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In Mahaabhaarat many pilgrimages have been done by many people at time to time. Teerth places have their own importance that is why they are called Teerth. At some places in Mahaabhaarat their importance is also given. When it was decided that there was no other alternative other than the war between Kaurav and Paandav, Balaraam asked Krishn to be in favor of Kaurav, but Krishn didn't listen to it, so He got angry and proceeded for pilgrimage saying that He didn't want to be anyone's side. This is the description of his pilgrimage.

Indra's Paap

[Ch 43] Janamejaya asked - "What was the reason that Indra was attached to Brahm Hatyaa sin so that he had to take bath in this River, and how did he become clean after taking bath in that river?" Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Indra broke his pact made with the Asur Namuchi, so he hid himself in one of the rays of the Sun from the fear of Vaasav. In fact Indra made him his friend and made a contract with him - "I will not kill you with any weapon which is wet or dry and in the day or night." After that, one day Indra saw fog and cut Namuchi's head using the foam of water. The severed head followed Indra saying, "O killer of a friend, O wretch." At this Indra sought shelter with Brahmaa and told everything that happened. Brahmaa suggested him to perform a sacrifice and take bath in Arunaa River with proper rites, that would make him free of sin. Indra did the same and he got free of sin. Namuchi's head also fell down in the same river, so he also got many eternal regions.

Balaraam Jee took bath in that Teerth and then he proceeded towards Som Teerth.

This story, somewhere else, goes like this - At one time Namuchi did a great Tap and got Var from Devtaa that he should not be killed by any weapon which is dry or wet. Now all weapons are either dry or wet, so Indra got helpless as how to kill him. Then Naaraayan suggested him to use sea foam and froth which is neither wet nor dry. Thus Indra killed Namuchi with sea foam and froth.

Som Teerth

[Ch 43] At the same time Som (Chandramaa) had completed his Raajsooya Yagya there. Atri Rishi himself was his Hotra in that Yagya. After the conclusion of that Yagya a fierce battle took place between Devtaa on one side and Asur, Raakshas and Daitya on the other side. In this battle Skand (Kaarttikeya) killed Taarak Asur. In that Teerth, there is a gigantic Ashwatth tree under whose shade Skand (Kaarttikeya or Kumaar) always resides in person.

[Ch 44] Janamejaya said - "You have described the glory of Saraswatee River, now I wish to know about how Kaarttikeya became the Army General of Devtaa's army?" Vaishampaayan Jee said - "It is a story. Once Shiv's semen fell in a blazing fire. Although fire can burn everything but he could not burn this indestructible seed. On the other hand Agni Dev (fire) became extraordinary powerful because of that seed, still he could not hold that powerful energy within himself, so at the command of Brahmaa Agni Dev threw that seed into Gangaa River. Gangaa was also unable to hold it, so she cast it on the beautiful breast of Himaalaya. Thus Agni's son started growing there. Meanwhile six Krittikaa saw the child of great energy growing there. All the Krittikaa desirous to have a son, ran towards him crying out "this is my son, this is my child". Seeing this Agni's child assumed six mouths and started suckling on all Krittikaa's breasts. [read Kaarttikeya for another version]

Since Gangaa threw the child on the mountain that part of the mountain became of gold and from that time started producing gold. At first the child was named Gaangeya, then he was named as Kaarttikeya. He was very beautiful. Gangaa waited for him. Prithvi also took him in her lap assuming a beautiful woman's form. Dev Guru Brihaspati performed his usual rites after his birth. All Ved, arms etc came to him themselves.

One day he saw Mahaadev with Paarvatee and their ghostly creatures. All Saadhya, Devtaa, Vishwedev, Marut Gan, Vasu, Rudra, Aaditya, Siddh, Daanav, birds, Brahmaa, Vishnu, etc came to see that wonderful child. The child with wonderful powers proceeded towards Mahaadev with his trident and Pinaak bow. As the child proceeded, all four - Shiv, Paarvatee, Gangaa and Agni, thought as who should welcome this child first and each of them thought "he will come first to me". Kaarttikeya understood everything so he assumed four different forms. The three different forms who were standing behind were Sakhaa, Vishaakhaa, and Naigaameya. The form Skand proceeded towards Mahaadev, Vishaakhaa proceeded towards Paarvatee, Sakhaa which is Kaarttikeya form proceeded towards Agni, and Naigaameya with his fiery splendor proceeded towards Gangaa.

All four forms were similar in appearance. It was a wonderful scene. Shiv, Paarvatee, Agni and Gangaa, after welcoming him, said to Brahmaa - "Please give him the blessings for the sake of our happiness." Brahmaa thought for a moment and then bestowed upon him the Generalship over all creatures. So all the Devtaa along with Kaarttikeya and Himaalaya came to Saraswatee River along with Kaarttikeya at her Samant-Panchak point. There Brihaspati gave libations in sacred fire. Himaalaya gave him a seat studded with costly gems. Then all Devtaa - 12 Aaditya, 8 Rudra, 49 Marut Gan, Agni, Vaayu, Indra, Vishnu, Soorya, Chandramaa etc who live on air and those who live on rays of the Sun, the descendents of Bhrigu and Angiraa, Yam and his followers, all mountains, Airaavat etc. came to witness that ceremony.

Brahmaa and Kashyap poured Saraswatee River water on Skand from a golden jar. Then Brahmaa gave him four companions possessed with great might and speed, they were - Nandeesen, Lohitaaksh, Ghantaakarn and Kumudmalin. Then Sthaanu (Shiv) gave him a companion who was very mighty. Then Yam also gave him two companions who resembled Death - Unmath and Pramath. Soorya gave him two followers - Shubhraaj and Bhaaswar. Som (Chandramaa) gave him two companions - Mani and Sumani. [all names along with weapons, whatever Kaarttikeya had procured at that time are given in original MBH, Shalya, Ch 45] All of them were of different faces such as elephant, fish, garud, lion, goat etc. Besides these followers, many mothers also became followers of Kaarttikeya (see the names of these Mothers MBH, Shalya, Ch 46).

Paak gave him an arrow to kill his enemy, Agni gave him a very powerful dart. Indra gave him a large banner. Shiv gave him a large army. Being invincible that army was named as Dhananjaya. Vishnu gave him a triumphal garland that enhanced the might of the warrior. Umaa gave him two pieces of cloth. Gangaa gave him a water pot with Amrit. Brihaspati gave him a sacred stick. Garud gave him his favorite son, a peacock, Arunaa gave him a cock. Varun gave him a snake of great might. Brahmaa gave him a black deer skin and the blessing of victory in all battles.

Equipped like this, now Kaarttikeya was ready to kill Devtaa's enemy Taarak. As he proceeded with his paraphernalia all Devtaa, Apsaraa, Gandharv, Rishi etc present there gave a loud shout of "Victory to Skand". Seeing the glory of this representative of Devtaa coming towards them, all Daanav, Daitya and Raakshas got frightened and fled away. Skand killed Taarak surrounded by 100,000 Daitya, then he killed Mahish who was surrounded by 80 trillion (8 Padm) Daitya, and then he killed Tripad and Hradodar.

Then Bali's son Baanaasur came to fight Skand on Kraunch mountain (Kraunch means Crane - it was called Krauch mountain as it always gave sound of a crying Crane), but got afraid to see him, so he hid inside the mountain. Skand pierced that mountain with the dart given by Agni. The creatures living there got frightened and fled away from there. Skand killed the son of Bali along with his younger brother. After the Kraunch mountain was blown and Chand's son was killed all got very happy and showered flowers on Skand. At one time Varun, Swaamee of waters, was also installed as Taijas.

How Varun was installed the Lord of Waters? In a previous Kalp, in Sat Yug, all celestials approached Varun and requested him to be the Swaamee of rivers etc water bodies as Indra was for other Devtaa. You always live in ocean so it will be under your control. You will also wax and wane with Som (Chandramaa - Moon)." Thus Devtaa installed him as the Swaamee of all kinds of water bodies, and he started taking care of them since then.


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