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Dating of MBH Events-4

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Timeline of MBH Events-4

Dr Manish Pandit has made a documentary “Krishna: History or Myth” to scientifically verify Lord Krishn's birth, timing of Great MBH war as when it would have happened and came up with 3067 BC is when the MBH war took place based on Dr Achar.

There are more than 140 astronomical references in the MBH. Dr Achar used simulations of the night sky to arrive at November 22, 3067 BC, as the day on which the MBH war began.

He used the references common to Udyog and Bheeshm Parv initially, and so Saturn at Rohinee, Mars at Jyeshthaa with initially only the two eclipses, Lunar at Krattikaa and Solar at Jyeshthaa.

Let me tell you how rare this set of astronomical conjunctions is :---
The Saros cycle of eclipses is periodic at 19 years and so is the Metonic cycle of lunar phases.
So if I say that Amaavasyaa has occurred at Jyeshthaa, then this will occur again in 19 years,
But if I say that a solar eclipse has occurred at Jyeshthaa, then this occurs again at Jyeshthaa only after 340 years.
Add Saturn at Rohinee and we take this to 1 in 7,000 years.

This set of conjunctions takes all of these into consideration, but takes all other data also into consideration. So now, we know about Balaraam's pilgrimage Tithi and Nakshatra, and believe it or not, all that fits the 3067 BC date perfectly.

And to top it all, so does the repetition of the three eclipses described at the destruction of Dwaarakaa 36 years later.

This would explain why so many other researchers tried and failed to find the date of the MBH war as it is based on such a unique set of astronomy that it occurred only once in the last 10,000 years.



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