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Who was Jaraa (the killer of Krishn)
Vishnu Parv of Harivansh, where the Shlok is hidden away in the midst of Krishn's sons, The Aarya Shaastra rescension gives it as 103.27:
"Vasudev by his fourth wife (name not given) had a mighty son. His name was Jaraa who was the Lord of all Nishaad archers. He had a son named Paudrak by Sutanu. He became a king (who was known as Paundrak Vaasudev). By Sutaaraa he had a son named Kapil who went to the forest."

So here Krishn killed a step-brother Paundrak, and later He Himself was being killed by another step brother Jaraa.

The previous two Shlok, 103:25-26, state that Vasudev had 2 wives named Sutanu and Sutaaraa.
[Pradip Bhattacharya, April 22, 2006]
But these names are not given in Bhaagvat Puraaan, 9/15 while giving the names of his many wives.
(1) The statement that Jaraa, the hunter is the son of Vasudev occurs in Harivansh, Critical Edition, BORI, Vol. I, Section 98, Shlok 23 --

turyo samavabhad veero vasudevaan mahaabala:
jaraa naam nishaadaanaaM prabhu sarvadhanushmataam

This is the place where it is also mentioned that Paundrak Vaasudev is also another son of Vasudev. According to Harivansh, Vasudev Jee had 14 wives. Bhaagvat Puraan, 9/15 gives the names of his 14 wives and a few sons from them, while Bhaagvat Puraan, 10/u21 says that he had 18 wives.

(2) In Bombay edition of Harivansh, it occurs in Vishnu Parv, in chapter 103, titled "Vrishni Vanshaanukeertanam", where important sons of Krishn are named in the beginning. Chapter 102 is titled as Naarad Vaakyam and chapter 104 is titled Shambar Vadham.

Mahaabhaarat - MBH, G-4-Van/23, says that Ashtaavakra's father had left for Janak's kingdom before his birth and Ashtaavakra was born later; that is how he did not know his father and regarded his grandfather Uddaalak as his father and Shwetaketu his brother. Once he was sitting in Uddaalak's lap that Shwetaketu who was Uddaalak's son and was of similar age asked him how did he sit in his father's lap as it was not Ashtaavakra's father's lap. Hearing this Ashtaavakra started crying and asked his mother about his father. The mother told him the whole story, so he took Shwetaketu along and came to Raajaa Janak's court with the intention to defeat the person who defeated his father and drowned in the river. He did defeat that man and got his father back. It means all this took only 12 years as Varun's Yagya lasted only for 12 years and Kaahodaa left him just a month before he was to be born. It also means that Ashtaavakra was also only about 12 years old when he defeated the man and brought his father back. And as soon he brought his father back, he got all right after a taking dip in Samang River.
So when the above incidents, Sudarshan Vidyaadhar with Vasudev Jee and Apsaraa ones, occurred? When did they tease him and when did he curse them? Is it before his age of 12 years? Read about them in Ashtaavakra.

Who Was Uttank's Guru?
There are two places in MBH where the story of Uttank has appeared. The first place is in Aadi Parv, Section 3. In this section he is told as the disciple of Ved (disciple of Dhaumya who had three disciples - Ved, Upamanyu and Aaruni). The second time he has been mentioned in 14-Ashwamedh Parv, Section 56. In this section he has been described as the disciple of Maharshi Gautam (wife Ahalyaa), and the same story is repeated there also.
Now the question is whose Disciple Uttank was?

All Avataar came and had left the world for their Lok
But why only Parashuraam is immortal? Why only he is still on Prithvi? Who granted him this boon, when and where?
Bhavishya Puraan says that presently he is doing Tapsyaa and he would be the teacher of Kalki Avataar.



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