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5-MBH Vows

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5-MBH Vows

The first vow in MBH is taken by Janamejaya, the son of Pareekshit. When he knows how his father died of Takshak bite, he takes vow to kill all the snakes by doing a Sarp Yagya (snake sacrifice). Although because of Saramaa's curse he could not complete it.

Jaratkaaru Rishi takes a vow from his wife Jaratkaaru that he would marry only to that girl who bears the same name as his, he would not maintain her, and she should not say or do anything which he does not like.

Gnagaa took a vow from Shaantanu at the time of her marriage to him that "He will never ask anything what she was doing and why. And the day he will ask that, she will go away from his life after replying his first question." So when Gangaa flowed her seven sons in Ganagaa River, the King got silent but when she was about to flow his eighth son, he held her hand and asked her why she was doing so? Gangaa replied his question and went away taking their son. She brought him back when he was 16 years old.

Daash Raaj
He was the father of Satyvatee. When King Shantanu wanted to marry Satyavatee, he approached him. He said -  "Although there is no better King than you today for her, but her birth chart says that her children will rule the kingdom, and since you have already coronated your son Devavrat as the Crown prince, I cannot marry her to you in this condition." (see below Devavrat's vows also in this regard)

Shaantanu and Gangaa had one son named Devavrat. After giving Shaantanu's son back to him, she went away again. Shaantanu came across with Satyavatee and wanted to marry her but her father said - "Although there is no better King than you today for her, but her birth chart says that her children will rule the kingdom, and since you have already coronated your son Devavrat as the Crown prince, I cannot marry her to you in this condition." When Devavrat came to know about this, he took two vows to get her married to his father Shaantanu - to renounce the throne and to remain lifelong Brahmchaaree.

Ambaa took a vow to become the cause of Bheeshm's death, because Bheeshm was the cause of her destruction. He abducted her from the Swayamvar and she wanted to marry Shaalv. She was respectfully sent back to Shaalv but Shaalv did not accept her. So she did penance, pleased Shiv and got a boon that she would be born again to become the cause of his death, and in her next life she would remember everything. So she took her next birth in King Drupad's house as his daughter Shikhandee. Later she became a man, fought in MBH war and became the cause of death of Bheeshm.

Drone and Drupad were educated in the same Aashram. They were good friends. Drupad used to say to him - "Whatever is mine its half is yours." Drone did not reply at that time. Later Drupad became the king and Drone started to look for a job. In the meantime he was married to Kripee and had son Ashwatthaamaa. Once Ashwatthaamaa was crying for milk so his playmates mixed some rice flour in the water and gave him to drink, and he danced with joy saying "I have drank the milk, I have drank the milk" Seeing this Drone felt very bad. He tried to find a cow for him but could not find it, so he vowed that he would find a job to give his son milk." And he went to Hastinaapur and became the Guru of Kaurav and Paandav.

After Yudhishthir's Raajsooya Yagya, when Duryodhan got jealous from his wealth, he thought to take it by way of cheating. He asked his father Dhritraashtra to invite Paaandav for Dice Game. With the help of Shakuni, Duryodhan had won Paandav's all wealth, and by Yudhishthir's vice he won his all Paandav brothers including Draupadee. Considering Draupadee as his maid, Duryodhan asked his brother Dushaasan to bring her in the court, and if she does not come willingly he asked him to bring her dragging by her hair. As Bheem saw Dushaasan dragging Draupadee by her hair, he took a vow
--to drink the blood of his heart, when he pulled Draupadee by her hair.  --- G-3-youth-32.
After a while Duryodhan showed her his right thigh to sit upon it, Bheem again took a vow "to break his that thigh which he showed to Draupadee to sit upon". Seeing all these Bheem took another vow that he will kill Dhritraashtra's all sons. He fulfilled all his vows.

This was Arjun's first vow - to kill Karn and his followers when Karn called Draupadee a prostitute when she was brought in the assembly by Dushaasan after the first Dice Game and Duryodhan asked her to choose one of those princes as her husband. Karn said - "What is the harm in choosing another one. Who has five husbands, she is like a prostitute and what respect is of a prostitute?"

Nakul and Sahadev
These were Paandav twin brothers. Sahadev took the vow to kill Shakuni seeing his cheating in the Dice Games ---- G-3-youth-34

After this Arjun also said
--"To please Bheem I will slay Karn with all his followers, I take the vow today. ---- G-3-youth-34

Then Sahadev Spoke
--"O Shakuni, disgrace on Gaandhaar Desh, You must be thinking that you have defeated us, but it is not so. I shall certainly slay you in the battle as Bheem has said. ---- G-3-youth-34

Then Nakul also spoke -
--"I shall kill all the sons of Dhritraashtra.....  ----  G-3-youth-34

When Dushaasan dragged Draupadee by her hair in the Dice Game court, she took the vow that she would not tie her hair until she would wash them with Dushaasan's chest blood. To fulfill her vow she spent all her 13 years plus with loose hair. When Bheem brought Dushaasan's chest blood, she washed them with it and tied her hair.

When Paandav were in forest, just after their exile period began and many kings and Dhrishtdyumn etc came to see them,

Dhrishtdyumn said to Draupadee -
----"I will slay Drone,
----Shikhandee will slay Bheeshm, and
----Bheem will slay Duryodhan and
----Arjun will slay Karn. We are invincible even by Indra what are these sons of Dhritraashtra.....  ----  G-4-Van/5

Arjun took a vow in Battlefield
--If I will not kill Jayadrath till sunset tomorrow, I will immolate myself.



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