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10-Black Spots in MBH

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10-Some Black Spots in MBH

Mahaabhaarat is not a story where one writes it carefully and the reader cannot find any wrong or black spot, just only morality and Dharm and ethics and good things to follow. It is the history, sequence of actual events of human beings where if there are some people as the followers of Dharm and ethics (Yudhishthir, Gaandhaaree) , at the other place they are full of evils (Duryodhan, Shakuni), mistakes, adamant (Dhritraashtra), slave of their emotions (Dhritraashtra, Bheem), living for their revenge only (Drupad, Karn, Shakuni, Drone). For the same reason, it is not an exception if you can find some black spots in it. These black spots are the limits of the both falling down and rising up. These black spots, described here, are according to the version of KML Ganguly's MBH translation in English on Internet whose shorter and simpler version I have tried to present here without trying to lose its main points and sense.

Shakuni's Evil Advices to Duryodhan (G-1-Beginning/9)
Everybody loves his own people, everybody wants that his own people should rise higher than others, but there is a way to do all these things in such a manner that people do not abuse you, rather they should not even identify you. This is all clear that Shakuni was staying in Hastinaapur just to see that Duryodhan becomes the king of Hastinaapur, but to sow seed in the tender minds of Kaurav brothers at that tender age seems a very high ambition for him. Giving poison mixing in food by a child to another child is an incomprehensible event

Drone's Guru Dakshinaa from Eklavya (G-2-Childhood/1)
If one reads the whole incident, from meeting of Eklavya to ask for Guru Dakshinaa from him, it does not seem to worthy to Drone like Guru. Drone is not an ordinary Guru. If one takes his family line, he should be treated as a Divine personality. He is a revered Guru. It seems so illogical to ask for Guru Dakshinaa from a student whom one has never seen, one has never taught. To reach suddenly at the place and seeing one's own statue as a Guru, asking the Guru Dakshinaa and that also without which one cannot use that knowledge, it looks so absurd for Drone. And that also to declare his another dear disciple the best in the same knowledge? A such a high standard Guru can fall so down, it is unbelievable. To me it is a great black spot in the MBH.

Draupadee's Laugh
in my opinion this is a very dark black spot in MBH. When Duryodhan was seeing Yudhishthir's court, built by Maya Daanav, he fell in water considering it dry floor. Seeing this Bheem, Arjun and Nakul and Sahadev laughed (G-3-Youth/27). At this point Draupadee's laugh is not mentioned, but when Duryodhan describes the account of Yudhishthir's wealth and he mentions this insult to his father. He says to his father that even Draupadee laughed at him. According to any Indian standard, Draupadee had no reason to laugh at him. First, he was her younger brother-in-law, second he was her invited guest, third she was the daughter-in-law of that house or family. In any case should have not laughed at him. If she could not show her sympathy, she could have remain silent, but no, she laughed and even her maids also laughed at him.

Dhritraashtra, Bheeshm, Drone Kripaa and Vidur in Dice Court
While Dushaaasan was taking off Draupadee's clothes in the Dice Game court, it is ridiculous that so many learned, well-conversed in all kinds of morality kept watching the act of atrocity and obscene scene. Dhritraashtra was blind, but he was not deaf. When he could see the dreams of crown why he could not imagine his daughter-in-law nude in an assembly of many people? Why did he always ask - "Who won?' and when he was told "Duryodhan won.", it was natural that Paandav lost. Did he really want it?

Secondly thus game was played as a friendly game. Are these the characteristics of friendly game which were of that game? And in spite of being warned by Vidur and others to stop the game why didn't he stop the game too? In fact there are so many points in this which are questionable that it is difficult to raise all of them here. It is the deepest black spot of the MBH.

Draupadee Cheer Haran
Although many people believe that Draupadee Cheer Haran never took place, it is an extrapolation later, but even if it occurred, it is really a great black spot on the whole women community. There is no right to anybody to take off a woman's clothes in public. Whoever does it, he is indeed some kind of devil. Although There is  no evidence of any kind of insult or atrocities mentioned in MBH, so it cannot be said with surety that as a king Duryodhan was a very cruel king, but his all actions towards Paandav were not really very agreeable from the very beginning till he died. But all these actions can be conveniently related to his jealousy feeling with Paandav. If he had been declared the King of Hastinaapur, perhaps all this would not have taken place at all. He said - "Since Draupadee is my slave now, I can do whatever I want to do with her." It is fine, but did he do this with his any other maid till then? So it was just a bad logic he presented, in fact all these events were the reflections of his jealousy with Paandav for not being declared as the king of Hastinaapur because of them; and this jealousy was so intense that he could fall to any extent to destroy them.

Episode of Abhimanyu
People take this incident as a black spot of MBH, but I don't think it was. It was the bravery of Abhimanyu that he went to Chakra Vyooh in spite of not knowing to come out from there. And even Drone's action was justified that he did not allow anybody to go in with him - everything is fair in love and war. But it is the point of severe cruelty that six Mahaarathee together fought with him and killed him. Once he was in the Vyooh, it means that he was ready to fight. War rules were already broken by Paandav, so why not Kaurav should also break it? This is not the way that when it is your chance to kill people by deceit, you are happy that "now Bheeshm has fallen", but when your turn comes, you complain about it - "why they all fought together with Abhimanyu and killed him?" or "why Jayadrath did not allow the help to reach him?" - that is why I will kill Jayadrath.



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